Guénolé Marchadour Academic background


Guénolé Marchadour Academic background
Guénolé Marchadour
Academic background
Born on January 25, 1983
Home Address :
91 rue Truffaut
75017 Paris
Cellphone : 0682222337
[email protected]
Degrees and scholarships
2008-2010 Scholarship of the
Japanese Ministry of Education
2007 Master degree (IEP-Lyon)
2005 IEP degree (IEP-Rennes)
 Languages
French (mother tongue)
English, Japanese, Portuguese
German (intermediary)
 Computing (Pack office)
 Driving licence (B)
From January 2013
Research assistant of the ANR (French National Research Agency)
« Sombrero » project, CESSP, University of Paris 1 La Sorbonne
April 2010 – March 2011
Research assistant, Global Center of Excellence, University of Tôhoku
(Sendai, Japan)
April 2008 – March 2010
Research student, University of Hôsei (Tokyo, Japan)
From 2007
Ph.D programme, Department of Political Science, University of Lyon 2
« ACCOMPLISH » ? Capturing social relations of sex, race and class in
the mobilizations of Brazilian migrants in Japan in the 2000s
September 2005 – September 2007
Master programme, Department of Political Science, Specialization on
contemporary Eastern Asia, Institute of Political Studies of Lyon
September 2001 – June 2005
IEP (Institute of Political Studies) programme, Politics and Society,
Institute of Political Studies of Rennes
August 2003 – July 2004
University exchange programme, Department of Political Science,
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Conferences, congresses and workshops
AFSP Congress, ST 11 Perspectives on ethnic and racial categorizations : public policy and mobilizations
(collective action / social movements) in national contexts, IEP of Paris, July, 10.
“A mutisited observation of ethnoracial categorizations in contemporary Japan. The category Nikkei in the
mobilizations of Brazilian migrants”
Workshop, “Observer les rapports sociaux de sexe. Questions de méthode”, CRAPUL, University of Lausanne,
december, 7.
“The methods to observe the social relations of sex based on a multisited fieldwork”
International conference, “Egalité hommes/femmes et articulation Travail/Famille : vers un nouveau modèle?”,
Paris, CNAM, October, 1.
“Education issue or care issue? Brazilian schools in Japan in the 2000s”
Academic Publications
“Nihon ni okeru burajirujin gakko to imin kazoku – esunikku mondai kara kea mondai he (Migrant families and
Brazilian schools in Japan – from the ethnic issue to the care issue)”, in: Takashi Miyajima (ed.), Tainichi
gaikôkujin ni okeru kazoku kiki to kodomo no shakaika ni sono eikyô no shakai gakuteki kenkyû, Tokyo, Research
report, p. 141-152.
“Strategies and trajectories of leaders among Brazilian migrants in Japan: the cases of Kawasaki and
Hamamatsu”, Dissertation of Master, IEP of Lyon, 165p.
“Urban violence in Brazil. The ways and the stakes of the mediatization through the case study of the regional
daily Zero Hora in Porto Alegre”, Dissertation of graduation, IEP of Rennes, 129p.

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