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to View and Tonya`s Soirée Playsheet
How to Cultivate a
Beautiful Mind
A Note from Tonya
I have a question for you:
Do you ever feel like you’ve let your mind go? Perhaps, it’s feeling like you simply have nothing interesting to
talk about at a dinner party. Or, you just feel blah when it comes to conversation.
Trust me, you are not alone.
When once asked at a dinner party in the South of France, “Tonya, what are you passionate about?”
I was absolutely appalled at what came out of my mouth.
Because I didn’t have an answer.
Nothing. Plus rien. Nada.
That shock gave me the fuel I needed to change things in my life. That desire, coupled with a plan, was a lifechanger.
I left that dinner on a mission: To become a worldly woman who could discuss Voltaire, speak another
language and never, ever feel out of place again. In other words, I no longer wanted to be the most boring girl
at the table.
You see, I had spent so much of my time taking care of others, trying to fix myself and on the hampster wheel
of life that I didn’t have room or time to cultivate my own mind.
Can you relate?
Here’s the truth:
You weren’t born to just pay bills, obsess over yourself and then die.
Oh, no, ma chérie.
There’s a beautiful world out there that is calling for you to dive in, explore and learn about the worldly things
of life.
Oh yes, my Bon Vivant.
A true Bon Vivant immerses herself into The Arts and Language and things beyond the daily grind. Even
beyond her years as a co-ed, she continues to stay in tune with the classics and even new passions; she
continues to evolve and grow, especially as her desires change and deepen, as they always do….especially
when she consistently cultivates her beautiful mind.
Let’s cultivate more knowledge and appreciation about the Arts and Language together, shall we?
© 2015 - Tonya Leigh | French Kiss Life, Inc. |
I. PART ONE : What are my Passions and how can I Cultivate them?
Here are some of the key categories that fall under “The Arts”:
literature & language -- for instance: poetry, novels and short stories, and epics;
performing arts – among them music, dance, and theatre;
culinary arts -- such as baking, chocolatiering, and winemaking;
media arts -- like photography and cinematography, and visual arts – including drawing, painting, and
(1) What are my Passions and how can I cultivate them?
(2) How can I dive deeper into these subjects?
(3) Action plan to make this a reality.
© 2015 - Tonya Leigh | French Kiss Life, Inc. |
II. PART TWO: Parlez-vous Français
Llyane Stanfield has been my personal French Language Coach in the past, and what I love about her is that
she’s patient, knowledgeable and extremely passionate about the French language. Allow yourself to make
mistakes, be curious and practice, practice, practice!!!
The lesson below is courtesy of ©J'Ouellette - a Division of Motivis Ltd.
Llyane Stanfield is a Parisian French language coach, and founder of the J’Ouellette® French
Method – an organic method using techniques that are employed by the world’s finest linguists.
She travels between Toronto, New York and Paris, while teaching French via Skype in more than
15 countries. She is a French language coach for busy traveling professionals, and has
produced an unprecedented Intensive Program and French Pronunciation Master Class , as well
as other visual and teaching materials. Her unique methods produce a quantum leap in
confidence and pronunciation, and a short session with her is the perfect start to brush up your
French (whatever your level!) at the start of your Paris trip. Click here to download “7 Little
Known Tricks to Mastering Parisian French”.
The most important phrases to know when in Paris
Hello, Madam/Sir (Good Day):
Do you speak English?:
Excuse me, Madam/Sir?:
Thank you very much:
The bill, please [at the restaurant]:
One ticket, please:
A pack of metro tickets, please:
How do I get to X station?:
Bonjour, (Madame, Monsieur).
Parlez-vous anglais?
Excusez-moi (Madame, Monsieur)?
Merci beaucoup.
L’addition, s’il vous plaît !
Un billet, s'il vous plaît.
Un carnet, s'il vous plaît.
Comment aller à la station X, s'il vous plaît?
Some phrases you might want to be careful of how you say them…...
I am hungry:
OUI: J’ai faim [I have hunger]
NON: Je suis faim [I am hunger]
I am done:
OUI: J’ai fini [I finished]
NON: Je suis fini [I am dead = I am finished ]
To kiss someone on the cheek
OUI: Je te fais la bise
NON: Je te baise [baiser = to f*ck]
OUI: des conservateurs
NON: des préservatifs [préservatif = condom]
I'm hot (it's hot in here)
OUI: J'ai chaud
NON: Je suis chaude (être chaud = to
be horny)
I am excited (I am excited about…)
OUI: Je suis impatiente.
NON: Je suis excitée. [être excitée = to be aroused/horny]
A friend introduced me to...
OUI: Une amie m'a parlé de… [a friend introduced me to... a topic]
Une amie m'a présentée à [a friend introduced me to... a person]
NON: Une amie m'a introduit… [introduire = to insert]
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