Vernissage : le Jeudi 13 Septembre à 19h


Vernissage : le Jeudi 13 Septembre à 19h
Communique de Presse
Gabriela Spector
Vernissage : le Jeudi 13 Septembre à 19h
Exposition du 13 Septembre au 9 Octobre 2012
Maison de l'Argentine
Maison de l 'Argentine
Cité Internationale Universitaire de
Paris (CIUP)
27 A Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris
“Mother Earth – Maps” is a project which I have been working on for
many years. It grows out of my “Maps of Memory” project that has been
presented in many museums, cultural centers and galleries and deals
with similar themes. From time to time the project is enriched and embellished with new works that utilize new, original materials such as geographic maps. Most recently these additions have also incorporated
anatomic maps through new techniques which I devised. The underlying
themes are identity, migration and the continuously evolving and transforming world.
Accès : RER B & T3 Cité Universitaire
Horaires : mardi à vendredi
de 10h à 13h et de 14h à 19h
Fermé les weekends et jours fériés.
Contact : Agustina Primo
Programmation culturelle
Maison de l’Argentine (CIUP)
[email protected]
01 44 16 29 01
This place from which we come is like a mother's womb. It is part of us
and it imparts on us its traces. Our planet’s geography becomes our own
anatomy. I start from the macrocosm, large-size maps of 210 x 180 cm
on which I position figures that walk, run and move. I present these figures, whose bodies are created by the contours of geographic maps, as
links between broad territories and the intimate, integral anatomic maps
of individuals. I construct sculptures using molds covered by geographic
maps creating a sense of the journey, of peregrination.
This exhibition will take place in Paris with the support of Miguel Angel
Estrella, founder of the Musica Esperanza Foundation, a humanitarian
organization with over 50 offices around the world that promotes the
importance of arts in social communication. The exhibit is also supported by Unesco and the Argentine Embassy, which is providing space
within the Maison de l'Argentine on the beautiful campus of the Cité Universitarie.
Gabriela Spector is an Argentine-Suisse citizen with Hebrew roots. Her grandparents arrived in Argentina from Russia
and Poland at the beginning of the 1990s. After completing her studies at the Fine Arts University 20 years ago, her
inherited passion for arts and for travel brought her back to Europe where she now lives with her family, although she
returns from time to time to South America. Spector’s first maps-focused exhibition was held in year 2000 and it was
dedicated to her grandparents.