Tutorial T.2.1. Trigger sounds with sensors in Ableton Live 6



Tutorial T.2.1. Trigger sounds with sensors in Ableton Live 6
Tutorial T.2.1.
Trigger sounds with sensors in Ableton Live 6
Subject: With this tutorial 2.1., you will learn how to trigger samples in Ableton Live
with sensors. For this tutorial, we have used a position sensor at input 1 and a pressure sensor at input 2 of your Eobody2.
To connect your Eobody2 to your computer, refer to tutorial T. 0.1. First Steps
To configure MIDI in Ableton Live 6, refer to Tutorial T.1.2.
step 1
Formating the message type in Eobody2 USB8 SensorBox editor
To trigger events, you need to generate note on or program
change from your sensor signal. Open the editor, click on check
current parameters to display the parameters per default.
In this example, a continuous controller is connected to input 1 to
modulate a parameter as described in Tutorial 1.1. There is no
special settings for this inputs. A pressure sensor has been
connected to input 2. Pressure sensors are continuous controllers.
When not used, it sends 0 and approx.125 at its maximum. To
trigger a note, select “note on” in type. Now only note on/off will be
sent. If a value is higher than 80, a note on will be generated.
Below 20, a note off will be sent. These 2 parameters can be
ajusted to have more sensibility. Make sure that the note on
threshold is always higher than the note off threshold.
Click on save parameters to save your configuration. Quit the
editor. Note that on a PC, you need to configure your Eobody2
on the editor before opening Live as it seems that they can not
share the same MIDI interface.
step 2
step 3
Configure Ableton Live MIDI (refer to T. 1.2. step2)
Trigger samples with your pressure sensor
Click on the sample you want to trigger and stimulate the sensor.
Quit MIDI automation. Stimulating your sensor will trigger your
sample at the next played measure. If you want to play your
trigger your sample only once, don’t forget to desactivate the loop
button in the sample parameters.
In the MIDI mapping, you can read the note CC and the selected
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