IB French 3 to IB French 4 summer study


IB French 3 to IB French 4 summer study
French IB – CTHS
PIB/IB Level 3 going onto PIB/IB 4
Travail d’été
DUE: First day of School
Travail de vacances pour la classe de Français 3 IB
Voici la liste des activités que vous devez faire pour aller en Français 4 IB. Vous devrez
présenter à votre professeur ce que vous avez fait à la rentrée. Bonnes vacances et bon
courage. Les étudiants de Français 4 Honneur peuvent compléter ces activités et recevoir
du crédit supplémentaire (extra-credit).
Reading-writing :
Le Petit Nicolas, available in the ARC
Read the whole book, write a summary in French for 10 chapters. Take notes about the
characters of the book as you’re reading it.
Le Petit Nicolas:
Le bouillon:
French movies you can find at Blockbuster/Hollywood video/your library/…
Attention ! these movies may not be rated. You need to seek parents approval before
watching them. M. Olsen-Dufour doesn’t guarantee that all these movies are appropriate to
all audience. You can watch a movie with friends from the class!
You must watch at least 2 French movies this summer and answer the following questions in French.
1. Who are the main characters? Describe each in a sentence or two: appearance, profession, personality
2. Summarize the film.
3. Cite two things you learned about French language or culture from watching this film. How is it different
in the US? If this film were made in the US, what might be done differently
4. Choose a theme that is important in the film and explain how it is presented

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