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Tristesse deluxe - Galerie Tristesse
Tristesse deluxe
Galerie Tristesse deluxe, Karl-Marx-Allee 137, Berlin-Friedrichshain, mob.+49-163-2841165
Öffnungszeiten Mi.-Fr. 12.00-20.00 Uhr / Sa.& So. 14.00-20.00 Uhr
„Hope it from the top, to the very last drop!“
Veenom starts as artistic director jr by the age of 21. In 2001, he meets the founders of the
parisian collective „9eme Concept“ and he joins the team. Back then, supported by the group,
he looks for his own pictural style and develops his skills through artworks or collaborations.
Illustrations, advertising, exhibitions, he hates to do the same thing twice but he loves to eat
His „naïf“ universe explores erotic dreams and B-movies‘ nightmares. He finds inspiration into
sexy pinup‘s from the 50‘s, underground comics from the 60‘s, cartoon characters from the
70‘s, punk covers from the 80‘s, but also old tales and weird myths of popular culture. Fantasy
and coldsweat, his painting is a true translation of his feelings.
Veenom was born in 1977. He lives and works in Paris.
- Welcome On Board (France 2002)
- Sang 9 (Galerie Magda Danysz - Paris 2002)
- Le labyrinthe (France 2003)
- Element Reality Models (Europe 2003-2004)
- Comme à la maison (the Lazy Dog - Paris 2003)
- Bleu Cerise (Galerie W - Paris 2004)
- Sang 9 (*Centre d‘art en l‘Ile - Genève CH. *La Santa - Barcelona SP. *Kitchen Gallery- Paris 2005)
- Une Nuit (Paris 2005)
- Peccadilles (the Lazy Dog - Paris 2006)
- Livraison Express (La caserne - 2007)
He works with:
360°, Agnès B
Beyouk, Carhartt
Clark Magazine,
Cleverkids, Desperados
Dockers, Element,
Nike, Fr, MTV, Fr
Poketo, Reef, Rpm mag,
Sixpack, Wad

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