ANIMALS (Fiche vocabulaire, 6ème


ANIMALS (Fiche vocabulaire, 6ème
ANIMALS (Fiche vocabulaire, 6ème-3ème)
Pets/Animals you choose to have at home:
A cat
A guinea pig
A kitten (He/She/It purrs -ronronne)
A mouse (2 mice)
A dog A puppy (He/She/It barks-aboie)
A bird
A wolf (Fantasy: A werewolf)
A frog
A bear
A squirrel
* A vulture
A hedgehog
An owl
A mole
A bat
Farm animals:
A chicken
A hen
A cock, A rooster
A horse A mare (une jument) A foal (un poulain)
A chick
A donkey
A duck
A pig
A peacock
A sheep (mouton) A lamb (agneau)
A cow (The farmer milks the cow once a day)
An ox (boeuf)
A goat
; A bull (taureau)
In the water
A shark
A turtle
A whale
A fish ("There are plenty more fish in the sea")
* A seal (phoque)
A jellyfish
A walrus
*A lobster
A penguin
A crab
Far away
A tiger
A monkey ("You cheeky monkey!" "No monkey business!")
*A lion
A kangaroo
* A leopard
A koala (bear)
A hyena
A parrot
A coyote
A snake
An elephant
A crocodile ( Nursery song: "Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream and if you see a crocodile, don't
a zebra
A giraffe
A platypus
A hippo(potamus)
forget to scream!")
A dragonfly
A ladybird
A fly (Tongue twister: "A fly flies but flies fly")
A beetle (scarabée)
A wasp
An ant
A mosquito
A spider
A bee (Bees make honey. They live in a beehive)
Going further
1/ Tell us more!
What's your favourite animal?
If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be?
I would be a ... because it is …
Animals can be/look:
cute (mignon); dangerous (dangereux); aggressive; poisonous (venimeux); scary (font peur)
Listen to Marion: She tells about animals in Australia (
2/ Idioms
a) Human=animal: (He/She is)
as brave as a lion ( be very brave)
as busy as a bee ( be extremely busy)
an early bird ( rises up early)
an odd/rare bird ( an eccentric person)
a night owl ( a person who goes to bed very late at night)
a scapegoat ( a person who is punished for the crimes of others)
a rat ( a person who betrays to further his own interests)
a lone wolf ( a person who likes to be independent)
a sly fox ( a very experienced/clever person)
a shark ( a person who trick people out of their money)
a mole ( a person who secretly reveals secrte information)
b) Images
You can't teach an old dog new tricks (adapting to new conditions is difficult for old people)
"Copy-cat!" (someone/ a child who imitates someone else's behaviour)
"Hold your horses!"(≈Wait a moment!)
It's a whale of a job! (a wonderful job)
I killed 2 birds with a stone (doing 1 thing but achieving 2 results)
I have butterflies (in my tummy) (feeling nervous before an important event)
c) Objects
We played snakes and ladders yesterday (a board game)
She's wearing a turtle neck (pull col roulé)
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