HUSH? Not Enough! Speak Out — Japanese Speech



HUSH? Not Enough! Speak Out — Japanese Speech
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NO.6 APR. 2010
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Speak Out — Japanese Speech
Contest in CUC
The Cup of Dazhong product speech competition is held on April 10, 2010 in the 1500-people hall in the
laboratory building and succeeded all along. Fan Jiapeng from Beijing Foreign Studies University is awarded for
the first prize. The runner-up goes to Yang Yile, a girl from Communication University of China.
By Liu Gefei
The competitors of the speech competition are from
25 universities and colleges. And the 21 competitors,
5 primary and 16 advanced, from 13 universities and
colleges in Beijing and Tianjin are confident and welldressed.
The competition begins at one o’clock p.m. with
two lectures by the vice-principal of Communication
University of China and the president of Dazhong
product joint-stock company. They speak highly of the
significance of the competition to the donation and wish
the competitors would performance well.
Then in the still atmosphere, the elite competitors
give their excellent lectures.
At last, Fan Jiapeng from
Beijing Foreign Studies University wins the champion and
Yang Yile from the Communication University of China
followed. The third place is occupied by Hu Tengteng from
Beijing International Studies University.
This competition is sponsored jointly by the
Communication University of China and the Dazhong
product limited company, and assist by Beijing People’s
Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, CRI,
People China magazine companies, etc. Supported by the
communist youth league of the foreign language institute
and the students served as volunteers, the competition goes
along well.
HUSH? Not Enough!
The semi-finals of the 26th Spring of CUC was held on
Apr.9th in the auditorium of South campus, which at last
decided the list of people that are accepted into the final
contest on Apr. 30th.
After a set of exciting selections of the former three
contests, 50 people or more were given the chance of
showing themselves on the semi-finals’ stage. Everyone
had been so well prepared that we could see that the quality
of their performance really got improved. After the contest,
twelve people, who were the most excellent ones on both
singing skills and stage manners, were chosen to enter the
final battle.
According to the live reports, though there existed some
singers who were unsatisfying or actually not performing
so well, the contest seemed to be a successful and exciting
one. It was more like a party that both singers and audience
took part in and enjoyed than a competition.
“That’s the point.” says one of the audiences later, “The
most attractive thing is that we can take part in it and just
have fun.”
Spring of CUC is also an occasion in which the most
By Liu Gefei
distinctive tradition in the campus shows its magic
completely. The tradition, which is commonly
accepted as “HUSH”, encourages us students to
show our dislike to what is unsatisfying and to give
our handclaps to what we think is excellent. The
forms are various and kind of amusing, and that’s
why all the students could enjoy this party-like
contest, even the singers who are rejected by the
Being held once a year, Spring of CUC started
on Mar.30th this year and till now, it has held
four singing contests already. And as the most
affective and welcomed activity, Spring of CUC
has a long history of 26 years while still keeping
her fascination intactly. Every year it will bless the
outstanding singers in our school with fame and
honor, and play the role of exhibiting our campus
life and special culture.
Fan Jiapeng from Beijing Foreign Studies University
wins the champion and Yang Yile from the Communication
University of China followed. The third place is occupied
by Hu Tengteng from Beijing International Studies
Weed out the Old Successfully
to Bring forth the New
Shi Zhan Li Yi
modern citizens’ view, it is not so proper to add this manlike feeling to even such
a woman. In the newly shot film, fortunately, Zhao Wei defined the character more
sentimentally and sensitively. There is a scene that when she saw herself old and
emaciated in the mirror, Mulan burst into tears thinking that she had wasted her
gorgeous and precious youth on fighting against the enemies. This action is much
more reasonable, it tells us even women who are adamancy and of great success
have weakness and tenderness though they are often regarded as fish-blooded. This
consideration met the reality and successfully won highly appreciation from career
women and a great deal of box office earnings.
We must admit that it is hard for the director Ma Chucheng to realize this but
fortunately he managed. As a common ignorance of Chinese filmized production,
innovation of old materials is often replaced by techniques like just changing some
backgrounds and actors, which seemed to be neither fish nor fowl. What we should
know is that remaking a classic movie is not a process that we simply replicate
it, but one which needs creativity and the bravery of redefining. Only if we add
weltanschauungs and aesthetics which could stand for now day’s spirit to the
reproduced films can we reach the balance of commercial success and artistic value.
Though being argued heatedly and commonly by the critics, the film Hua Mulan
is unquestionably a box office smash. The new release was on the morning of
Nov.26th which was to be the first New Year blockbuster of 2010. As CCTV brief
news broadcasted five days later, it had earned more than 45 million just during the
five-day’s performance.
Hua Mulan has been remade for several times. It can fully reflect what the critics
said to the Hollywood’s redefining of Hitchcock’s Psycho — “The whole movie
turned out to be boring when everybody knew what had happened behind the
shower curtain.” It is really a tough task to bring forth something new from those
old and classic materials, and this is right the main difficulty of remaking a film. We
have to say that the director certainly took a great risk to remake the movie as the
story of Hua Mulan was widely known by us Chinese as well as being transformed
into many classic movies and dramas before.
But it was just the reason Hua Mulan succeeded that it weeded out the old to
bring forth the new. And this movie also made a breakthrough by paying more
attention to Hua Mulan, the special character’s psychology state and emotion
as a woman. Different from the traditional emphasis on Mulan’s heroic image,
this redefinition did not add the personality of a martial hero forcedly to her but
focus more on her weakness and perseverance of love. Take the description of her
returning home as an example, words in the ancient poem Paean of Mulan showed
her happiness of returning home from the battlefield directly, but according to
Russia's uphill climb
against terror
By Xing Guangcheng (China Daily)
After Monday's brutal suicide bombings in the subway stations of Moscow
shocked Russia and the world, the nation was rocked by two more suicide
bombings in Kizlyar, Dagestan, on Wednesday. At least 12 were killed and 23
wounded in the Wednesday attacks; the victims were mostly members of Russia's
security forces.Two more people were killed and a third was injured in an explosion
overnight Thursday in Caucasus region of Dagestan.
The Media of western countries hold a double standard on Russia's stance
against terrorism. On the one hand, they have decried the terrorist attacks. On the
other hand, they have condemned Russia's anti-terror operations in Chechnya.
The ambiguous attitude may complicate international efforts to fight terrorism and
impede their effectiveness.
Russia points to human
error in crash
Russian media reports said the Smolensk airfield is a former military air base that
lacks equipment for automatic landings.
The business daily Kommersant said Monday that about 50 military personnel
maintain the airport which is used only sporadically for official visits. It said the
airfield has no permanent traffic controllers, and they are brought from the city of
Tver when it's necessary.
Kommersant also said that that the pilots had been informed about the bad
weather in the area while the plane was still over Belarus, but the captain said he
would see conditions for himself and then make a decision.
Clearing Targets is the Key
——Speech girl shares experience with you
By Li Yi
Apr. 10th is the day for the Cup of Dazhong Product Speech Competition, and we fortunately got in touch with Yang Yile, the
runner-up of the contest, who is eager to share her happiness with us.
Yang is an outgoing girl who has a deep love in music and piano. She has
been studying Japanese in ICC of CUC since 2008, and she has taken part in
four Japanese Speech Contests since the last November.
When being asked about her feelings of win a second prize, Yang tells us
that she owes her accomplishment to her parents, “It is my parents that brought
me up and gave me the chance to receive education, and I can not be who I am
today without them. That’s why I always think of giving them a better life in the
future.” She also thinks that the reasons she could win are that she has a deep
love in Japanese and that she has her own ideas. But on the other hand, she still
feels pity about not getting the winner’s prize.
During her performance on stage, we see her confident and well-behaved
manners. Yang tells us that her method to improve personal stage manner is to
take active parts in contests, which is a convenient way to know and to shape
oneself. “And this college also gives me an environment in which I can easily
learn how to show myself properly and confidently.” Also she mentions that
the courage of showing oneself on stage for just once without considering the
consequence is important and apparently helpful.
“Actually the most important thing is that I clearly know my personality, and
I just did what my personality told me to. We can put it like this: If you don’t
know who you are or what your feeling is, how can you show yourself? ”She
Her experience of giving speeches shows that one of the secret of performing
successfully in a speech contest is to find sympathetic response. “If you want
others to understand and agree with you, you must find out what you and your
audience have in common, whether physical or mental.” Yang shares with us,
“But actually I am not successful on finding these sympathetic responses and
what I have to do is to treat myself as an exceptional and do my own speech.”
According to her words, a successful speech is an essay that can move
everyone whether by showing things the speaker and the audience have in
common or by showing one’s particular feeling and experience in order to build
a bridge of communication between the two. Obviously Yang chooses the later
method and gained her success.
As a big fan of Japanese cartoons, Yang becomes even more active when the
topics move on to her favorite Japanese. She often watches Japanese cartoons
and movies in daily life, and takes every chance to practice her oral Japanese
with her friends. These are the reason why she is not afraid to use Japanese to
communicate: love and practice. “I think it really helpful to learn Japanese; at
least I do so and benefit a lot.”Yang tells us, “Using Japanese in communication
is not an easy thing. You should change your words and tune when the person
you are talking to changes. This is apparently a tough task to come over, and I
can’t say that I do well enough on this stuff. But practice is always useful.”
“You can’t treat your examinations and scores as the main goal of your life.”
Speaking of campus life, Yang says firmly, “The campus life is so fabulous that
everyone should go out and see something different. As for me, I won’t spend
all my four years on speech contest, and I’d like to do many things and enjoy
my life. I am sure that I won’t regret doing so.”
At the end of our interesting interview, Yang declares that this contest is her
last one. “As I said just know, contest is only one aspect of my life. I really want
to have more aspects and have a more colorful life.” She says happily without
any regret.
Someone figures success is for people who are ready to gain it. Yang is
obviously one of them. Whether speech contests or other things in her life, she
is always the one who cares about and prepares for. She says that she wants to
gain a more colorful and fabulous life, and we are definitely sure that she will
manage it one day!
Musician over the Wave
By Wu Tong
What would be the payment for holding on to one’s
love of piano? Beethoven or Mozart might not be a
proper example, but 1900 might be.
Just like what the title, Legend of 1900, told us,
his life was really a legend, and we know 1900’s
personality. He gave up his gorgeous future on land and
his valentine in NY. And he sacrifices his life finally. In a certain sense it is
because of his love of his piano rather than his fear of urban life which, as he
admitted, made him confused.
Some might think the movie boring when finished watching because of the
slow developing pace. Some even felt sleepy. But there were really something
sentimental, especially when it came to the end. Tears in
his eyes, Mark waved goodbye to 1900 and went upstairs.
1900 kept talking jokes but there was only sadness left.
Then the god-blessed music appeared from his fingers,
though he no longer owned a piano. This piece of music
is full of emotion――love, friendship, memories, belief
and so on, which would made every sensitive man burst
into tears.
Now you may answer the questions above. Love and
belief could surmount whatever limit, even the fear of
death. At least, I guess 1900 would agree.
Designers: Emily (伍娅恬) Melody(欧睿智)Claudia(李佳)
Du jeudi 4 au lundi 15 février
Festival réunissant des artistes étudiants ou
anciens étudiants de l'université Paris-Sorbonne.
Tarif plein : 10€, tarif réduit : 5€.
Vendredi 5 février à 21h
Réfectoire des Cordeliers
Bastien Lucas s’est autant pris de passion pour
le rock que pour la musique classique. Diplômé en
écriture au Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris,
il poursuit ses études de Musicologie à la Sorbonne.
Ses divers cursus et ses goûts éclectiques lui permett
ent d’affi rmer peu à peu son idéal artistique : proposer
une synthèse naturelle entre songwriting à l'anglaise,
variété française et composition classique rigoureuse.
En juin 2006, le Grand Prix Claude Lemesle lui est
décerné. Il reçoit en mai 2007 un coup de coeur de
l'Académie Charles Cros. Parmi la critique, Bertrand
Dicale le décrit comme un artiste passionnant, limpide
et lumineux.
Jeudi 4 février à 21h
Réfectoire des Cordeliers
Krys découvre sa vocation à 14 ans.
Une rencontre vient alors étayer cett e découverte
: celle de Laurent W. Boy, guitariste et compositeur,
avec qui elle commence à composer et à écrire. Les
Julian Hamm : au Galgen Himmel(maison forestière morceaux nés de cett e rencontre sont un mélange
qui porte en alsacien le nom de « Ciel du gibet » car d'infl uences diverses, allant de la Britpop à la
ils’y dressait pendant des siècles la potence du village musique folk en passant par le rock.
de la commune de La Petite Pierre) où est né Julian
Hamm,il n’y avait pas une présence humaine à moins
6 / Agenda Janvier -Mars 2010
de cinq kilomètres à la ronde.
En somme, rien ne le prédisposait à se lancer dans
Sam : Enlevé, coquin, tendre et décalé, l’univers de
une carrière artistique à Paris. C’est là pourtant qu’il
choisit de vivre et qu’il y fait ses premières scènes, à Sam est une friandise pour tout amateur de chanson
française bien écrite et arrangée avec élégance. Qu’il
l’Opa ou encore à la Bellevilloise.
Jean-Louis Foulquier le repère et l’invite à passer s’agisse d’amour ou de sexe, Sam l’écrit et le chante,
sur France Inter. En 2008 il fi nit d'enregistrer son sans niaiserie, sans mièvrerie, tour à tour sentimental
ou cru, mais toujours juste. Sam a joué en première
premier album avec des musiciensissus du reggae.
La musique qu'il a composée avec eux habille ses partie de Arthur H, Bensé, Adanowsky et remporté le
personnages,leur fait prendre forme ou chair, off grand concours lancé par la Grande Sophie en janvier
rant un cadre à la fois rock et électro, des couleurs 2009, en se produisant sur la scène de l’Alhambra. Il
a joué à la grande soirée des Sorbonnales, organisée
seventies à ses histoires, les irriguant de sang, mais
par la Sorbonne.
d'un sang vif, chaud et impétueux.
Tarif plein : 10€, tarif réduit : 5€.
Réfectoire des Cordeliers
Samedi 6 février à 21h
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