French Sales Mission (RMI) - March 2014



French Sales Mission (RMI) - March 2014
2014 French Mission
Executive Summary
March 19-21, 2014
Rocky Mountain International
Kim Birrell, Senior Marketing Manager
2232 Dell Range Blvd, Ste. 101
Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82009, USA
Ph: (307) 637-4977 • Fax: (307) 634-8334
Email: [email protected]
French Mission
March 19-21, 2014
Paris, France
Maureen Droz of South Dakota, Marlee Iverson of Montana, James Scoon of Wyoming, Kim Birrell of RMI-US (also
representing Idaho). We were led on this mission by Hervé Duxin.
The states traveled to Paris for two days of meetings and trainings held on March 20-21. We met with tour
operators in their offices and 14 leads resulted. The VIP Dinner hosted by our region with trade and media was
held on March 20 at Restaurant LR, a well known Paris restaurant that is frequented by French celebrities. We
were pleased that about 40 tour ops and media attended. Denver and Minneapolis/Saint Paul/Bloomington
sponsored the event. Participants were eager to attend and expressed a genuine love for our region.
Most meetings were with companies who carry our product already so we were able to cement those established
relationships. We met with product managers in order to provide updates on new product and we did trainings
about the region for new and existing sales staff. We were impressed by the knowledge most product managers
already have about our region; there were many requests for additional attractions or hotels that would fit into
existing programs or would expand routes in our region.
The format of this mission is effective in the French market because most product managers are unable to easily
get away from their offices. They appreciate when our states can visit them in person to provide assistance with
itineraries, product or training for staff.
Notable Trade Developments:
Comptoir – Isabelle Weber – Isabelle tells us bookings to our region are better than last year. She feels people
want to travel this year. Their specific needs focus on family friendly ranches in our region and activities
between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.
Jetset Voyages – Charles Julien – Charles said demand for our region has increased and there is more demand for
ranches, especially in Montana.
La Maison des Etats-Unis – David Chaumeil, Maureen Lachant – Maureen has recently joined La Maison as
Development Manager. She is making changes to better equip their sales team with support.
Le Cercle des Vacances – Romain Chereau – They get at least one request each week for their trip arriving in
Denver and traveling to Wyoming and South Dakota. They find good availability inside Yellowstone and are
looking at YNP gateways for additional product. They are always looking for new activities and locations that
would be interesting to their clients.
Thomas Cook / Jet Tours - Anaik LeGuellanff – Anaik has recently taken over US production and is excited to
learn about our region. Thomas Cook recently eliminated FITs but still offer escorted tours.
Visiteurs - Laureline Branswick – Laureline has recently moved into product manager position after the departure
of Eric Savournin, with whom she worked closely. She is developing more of our region’s product.
West Forever – Fabian Baranes – this new operator wants to develop more motorcycle tours in our region. He
wants to develop themed trips, and includes ranch stays as part of an add-on. He is very excited about the
variety of product our region offers.
French Mission 2014
Notable Media Developments:
Olivier Thomas, freelance journalist – Olivier is focusing more on covering politics than tourism, but is still
enchanted by our region and has ideas for future projects.
Other media who attended the VIP Dinner in Paris expressed interest in our states or reminisced about their
visits here. Some of those attending were Claire David-Tartane who has visited our region for tv productions,
Marc Bainaud of New Western who has written about our region, Claude Granveaud who writes about golfing,
and Stephane Litas who has written about cowboys and horse related events in our region like the Denver Stock
Show. They are still exploring ways to give our region media coverage. Our French office will explore these
possibilities for fams in the future.
As this market matures, tour operators have become familiar with many less well-known products in our four
states, important because the travel trade business is extremely competitive in France. It is essential to be
able to offer trips that are different and unique from what other operators or agents sell. Because the trade
continues to see a demand from their clients for destinations that are less exposed, they recognize the value of
our region to bring them additional business.
Interest in our region remains strong in France particularly because tour operators have developed their
knowledge of our region’s attractions and activities that are so appealing to their clients. Travelers are looking
for unique and authentic destinations to vacation in and our region fits this bill perfectly. Despite declining
economic conditions in France and the burden of increased taxes to all French citizens during recent years, the
French are determined to travel to escape everyday worries and concerns. They love the romance of the West,
the lure of cowboy culture and the open spaces our region offers.
We anticipate visitation figures from the US Department of Commerce, OTTI, will show increased visitation from
France in 2013. Figures through November 2013 show visitation increased by 3%. The tour operators we met
with confirm strong and even increasing interest in travel to our region. We expect this trend to continue.
Many thanks to Hervé and Olivier for organizing such an effective marketing activity.
Respectfully submitted,
Kim Birrell
Senior Marketing Manager
Rocky Mountain International
French Mission 2014
French Mission Leads
Beatrice Leproux-Gillet
Olivier Thomas, Photographer
Annick Pierre, Nadege Peccavet, Sophie
CARVALHO, Delphine Bertheuil
Tour Operator
Compagnies du Monde
Nora Gherras
Tour Operator
Comptoir des Etats Unis
Isabelle Weber, Veronique Boisdenghien
Travel Agency
CRIV-Lariviere Voyages (Quebec
Veronique Amsellem, Christine FrenanolezCastille
Tour Operator
EFH Group - Partir Aux
Barbara Livney
Tour Operator
Jetset Voyages/Equinoxiales
Charles Julien, Valérie Heurtel
Tour Operator
La MAISON Des Etats Unis
Maureen Lachant, David Chaumei
Tour Operator
Le Cercle des Vacances
Romain Chéreau
Tour Operator
MICE Finder
Dominique Plaissetty
Online Booking
Thomas Cook & Jet Tours
Anaik LeGuellanff
Tour Operator
Laureline Branswick
Tour Operator
Fabien Baranes
Tour Operator
French Mission 2014
French Mission Notes
Beatrice Leproux-Gillet
70 rue de Paris
92100 Boulogne
Olivier Thomas, Photographer
13 rue des Lilas
95320 Saint Leu La Foret
Postal Code
011 33 1 46 05 73 44
Postal Code
011-33-01 39 60 09 49
011-33-06 80 02 64 79 (mobile)
[email protected] (unsub from CC)
Company Profile
[email protected]
Company Profile
FRMISS14: Bea attended VIP Dinner. She writes for a
Belgian publication - Victoire Magazine, a weekly lifestyle
publication. We discussed her interest in writing about
Idaho and South Dakota characters, also Hemingway.
States pls follow up with interesting ideas you may have.
FRMISS13: Bea attended the VIP Dinner in Paris. She
recently had an article and photos published in l'Eventment
Magazine in Belgium and is asking for support from our
region. She doesn't know Joelle Dessard so I said I'd put
the two of them in touch with each other so Joelle can
gather more info and determine if this is something our
region should consider. RMI-Benelux pls followup.
FR04/12: Since several months, we are helping Béatrice to
prepare a Press Trip in the Real America Region. At this
date, I had to put on hold the preparation as Béatrice has
no real dates and itinerary clarified. I’ll be back as soon as
Béatrice comes back with clear ideas.
FR03/12: I am still working with Beatrice to prepare this
project that will include Olivier Thomas as Photographer.
FR02/12: Beatrice Leproux still needs to confirm with
Cheval D'Aventures her dates so we can launch the
process. We are working on a regular base on ideas. We
determined on the phone this trip to be around June'12
FR01/12: Béatrice is considering coming to the region this
spring. I created synergy between LEPROUX and
ATALANTE for a project that would generate articles in
several French and Belgium magazines. I am following up
with both contacts.
FR12/11: Olivier is considering coming back to SD for his
two projects: - The Buffalo Round Up, not as a
photographer but for a film. Thomas is now trained to film
on the top of his photographer’s skills. He is the best seller
in Europe for the Buffalo Round; his articles were sold in
France and all over the old continent:
- A ride with the First Nation People in December’12 for a
photography exposition and a book.
His partner; Béatrice LeProux, is a writer. She is, on her
FRMISS14: Met Olivier at VIP Dinnner. He focuses mainly
on politics these days but is interested in the McCain
Company, the largest producer of frozen potatoes in the
world. ID pls followup with any info you may have.
FR09/13: We had a talk with Olivier Thomas who is
launching a new Website dedicated to landscapes in the
Many photos were shot during the participations of Thomas
at the Buffalo Round Up in SOUTH DAKOTA. Olivier is still
thinking of participating to the celebration of the battle of
WOUNDED KNEE with the First Nation people; I am
following up with that.
FR03/13: Olivier Thomas is Free Lance Photographer. I
put him in contact with MAISONS DES ETATS UNIS so
he can (maybe) set up an exposition about the Buffalo
Round Up.
FRMISS13: Olivier attended the VIP dinner in Paris. No
specific plans to visit our region although he has a few
ideas. He talked about how difficult it is for journalists to
get support.
FR01/13: I met with Olivier Thomas, Photographer, who is
now launching a new web site to present and sell on line
his photos: Olivier is
interested for new subjects to be linked to the RMI Region.
He is still working on the project in South Dakota.
FR05/12: Olivier Thomas sent a video of photos he shot at
the Buffalo Round Up in SD. These photos are just great.
He wishes now to be able to sell these images as much as
FR12/11: Olivier is considering coming back to SD for his
two projects: - The Buffalo Round Up, not as a
photographer but for a film. Thomas is now trained to film
on the top of his photographer’s skills. He is the best seller
in Europe for the Buffalo Round; his articles were sold in
France and all over the old continent:
- A ride with the First Nation People in December’12 for a
French Mission 2014
Tour Operator
Tour Operator
Compagnie des Etats Unis Compagnies du Monde
Annick Pierre, Nadege Peccavet, Sophie Carvalho, Delphine
14 Place Denfert-Rochereau
75014 Paris
Postal Code
Nora Gherras, product manager, Virginie Gines, assistant to
Centre d'Affaires Paris-Trocadero
75016 Paris
Postal Code
011-331 4322 6565
011-33-1-4320 0488
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Company Profile
Specialized operator, offer fly drives, motorcoach. Very familiar with
our region.
FRMISS14: States trained 5 people and presented what's
new. Business to our region going well. RMI-France pls
followup if anything additional is needed.
FR05/13: Annick Pierre, General Manager for
BACKROADS, is reporting excellent bookings for the RMI
Region this season. This little Tour Operating Company is
very successful on the French Market. They have returning
customers who are mainly families.
RU13: Nadège Peccavet attended
FR01/13: Sophie Carvalho is reporting a very good
business even with the huge construction process that is
right beside their Travel Agency. This company has mostly
repeaters who are trusting them. Clients come back every
year to prepare their new vacation plan. The Tour Operator
is sending someone to the Round Up with Pre and Post
FR08/12: Annick Pierre, Manager at Backroads, is
reporting a significant increase of business for the Real
America Region. Backroads changed their sales staff
recently. Your French Rep gave a presentation and Marine
(one of the new Sales) will come to the Mega Fam. For
information, this company is facing major construction
program near by their door, which could impact negatively
their sales. However, they have a very loyal clientele who is
buying their vacations at this tour operator every year.
MegaFam12: ൗ
Ms. Marine Barrault, Denver pre
FR07/12: I attended to BACKROADS in order to make a
presentation to the new sales persons that just arrived.
Many questions and interest came out of this moment in
the office of this Tour Operator that sells mainly to families.
One of the Sales Persons will be part of the MegaFam!
FR06/12: I had a meeting with Annick Pierre at Backroads
who is reporting a good season for the RMI Region. She
had a big turn over of staff these last months, which is very
unusual for this Tour Operating Company. Your French
Representative will come early July to make another
presentation to the new sales persons.
+331 55 35 05 05
011 33 1 55 35 33 42
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Company Profile
In early 2012 this company was sold to a Swiss group, but interest in
product from our region remains high.
Work with RMHTours.
FRMISS14: States did trainings on the region in their
offices for 6 people. They do not offer much winter product.
RMI-US will send RMI quarterly newsletter to 4 people in
office as requested. RMI-France pls followup with Nora
upon her return.
FR01/14: COMPAGNIE DU MONDE is planning to change
address but still does not know when and where they will
be. Since the company was purchased from Jean-Alexis
Pougatch, the company is facing several concerns. Staff
Management is one of them. This situation impacts
negatively the results. Our Receptive Tour Operators need
to double check good payment.
FR10/13: We worked on a Fam Trip for Compagnie des
Etats Unis. Nora Gherras and team traveled to South
Dakota and Wyoming. We had to face the concern of the
government shutdown that prevented the team to visit the
Parks. Nora and your French Office adapted the itinerary
and everyone came back very happy with this trip. Many
thanks to everybody for your help on this project!
FR08/13: We met with Nora Gheras, Product Manager,
who is reporting increase of bookings for the RMI Region.
As this success is now confirmed, Nora is preparing a
customized fam trip for her sales staff. We are currently
working on this project.
FR06/13: We met the new CEO of Compagnies Du Monde.
Jean-Alexis Pougatch sold this company a year ago. The
management (originally from Switzerland) took time to
figure out the French Market. David Leguide is now in
charge. Leguide is interested in developing opportunities of
co-marketing with regions and RMI in particular. We are
following up with the management of this company as well
as Nora Gherras, Product Manager.
PW13: Our scheduled appointment with Jean-Alexis
Pougatch was canceled by him. RMI-France pls followup
with him.
FRMISS13: Met with Nora. Did trainings for staff and
reviewed what's new. Business to our region is going well.
French Mission 2014
Travel Agency
Tour Operator
Comptoir des Etats Unis
CRIV-Lariviere Voyages (Quebec Travel)
Isabelle Weber, Veronique Boisdenghien, Ibtissem Mamoudy,
6 rue Saint-Victor
75005 Paris
Postal Code
Sylvie Borel, Manuella Prou, Elodie Sonnet, Veronique Amsellem
12, rue Mozart
92587 Clichy Cedex
Postal Code
011-33(0)153 1021 70
011-33(0)153 10 4774
011 33 1 53 10 47 94
011-33-153 1047 71
[email protected] (blocked cc),
[email protected]
[email protected]
011-33-141 40 3265
011-33-141 40 3252
[email protected]
[email protected]
Company Profile
Company Profile
They sell fly drive and tailor made product in our region. Work with
FRMISS14: Met with Isabelle and Veronique. States
presented what's new. Summer is 2/3 sold already so this
is better than 2013. 2013 was good but not great for them.
They feel people want to travel this year and it's not in the
middle of a crisis like last year was.
Requested to know about ranches that will welcome
French families. Visited a SD ranch last year and even
thought the ranch knew in advance they were coming, they
were not welcomed. States pls recommend a few select
ranches for 2-3 night stays. They need more knowledge
about what there is to do between GNP and YNP and
Seattle. Marlee will provide itineraries for traveling
between these areas on both east and west side of GNP.
They welcome ideas for families and people who want
interesting activities, to see small towns in our region.
Mentioned Triple Creek and Rockin Z ranches. They have
a blog so are looking for French speaking people who want
to communicate their experiences or provide photos.
Hervé pls followup to see that requested info is provided.
Discussed the direct flight to SLC but the fact that Alamo
and Avis have no cars available. Discussed Cody as
possible alternative arrival spot - James will followup on
rental cars available at this location.
FRMISS13: Met Isabelle and Veronique for lunch. All
going extremely well for our region. They want to develop
winter product in Yellowstone, but it's hard for them to visit
in winter because Jan-April is top time for bookings. They
need images of our region to prepare a slide show for
clients on iPad. RMI-France will follow up. Isabelle will not
attend Powwow this year. Idaho pls send electronic
version of your what's new.
FR01/13: We invited Isabelle Weber, who is the Product
Manager for Comptoir, to the Round Up. Isabelle is not
able to come as spring is the peak season for her company
like many others in this business. She is reporting already
an excellent beginning for this year with an increase of
bookings for the RMI region.
Offer motorcycle tours, fly drives.
Work with RMHTours. Christine attended two Roundups.
FRMISS14: Met with Veronique and Christine. Business is
about the same as last year so they can't complain. They
have some new product: motorcycle group with a French
guide - one itinerary which includes MT and WY. Also SLC
with YNP is new product this year. They promote
motorcycle tours but only on their website. Also offer car
tours which are not on their website. States presented
what's new. Discussed how we can coop to promote
motorcycle tours. Hervé will discuss this further with Sylvie
PW13: Met with Veronique Ansellem. Christine attended 2
Roundups and this was very helpful to them. They need
itineraries for Harley bikers. Their tours start either in SLC
or DEN. Their ID tour does not sell well because people are
unfamiliar with this state - they need to advertise it. She is
unfamiliar with stops/attractions between Cheyenne and
Rapid CIty so Kim reviewed Fort Laramie, Guernsey,
Territorial Prison in Laramie and Snowy Range driving
route, also CFD in Cheyenne.
RMI-France pls send images of Cheyenne and list of
ranches in region.
RU13: Christine Fernandes Castillo attended
FR05/11: Véronique requested our help to create an
itinerary for her clients. We also organized shipment of
brochures to them for SD and WY. This group will be
traveling with Harley Davidson bikes through the RMI
region. For your information, Véronique is pregnant and
ready to leave during this summer. She will be back “as
soon as possible.” Sylvie Borel, General Manager, will take
over during that time.
FRMISS11: Met with Veronique. They are doing more with
our region and selling it more. People have already visited
Grand Canyon and some other western national parks and
now want to visit somewhere new so our region is in
demand more. States did updates on region and
distributed materials. They have a new itinerary developed
with RMHT: it includes Denver, Laramie, Rock Springs,
French Mission 2014
Tour Operator
Tour Operator
EFH Group - Partir Aux Amériques
Jetset Voyages/Equinoxiales
Barbara Livney, area manager USA, Canada, Bahamas; Erez
94 Rue Lafayette
Postal Code 75010
+331 75 00 15 26
33 0175 00152
Charles Julien, Valérie Heurtel, Jérôme Thomman, Laetitia
41/45 rue Galilee
75116 Paris
Postal Code
33 0175 442073
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Company Profile
Company Profile
Extremely active in online promotion & social media (FB). Sophisticated
website app tracks what has been viewed, enabling followup contact with
potential travelers. Barbara was formerly with Thomas Cook and very familiar
with our region. No product in TRIP Rpts yet although they do have product
in our region (WY, SD).
FRMISS14: Met with Barbara and discussed what's new in
each state. RMI-France pls send electronic version of
French MT guide to Barbara - she likes this a lot because it
costs a lot to ship paper guides to clients. Barbara
requested video (or send a link to video) from each state to
show on You Tube on their website - needs short videos, 3
minutes is longest they can use. They call their video
section "Faux pas Reve" which means something similar to
don't dream. They do a lot of advertising on Facebook and
have over 11,000 friends and can post about our region.
They have a couple tours in our region: a fly drive starting
DEN and ending SLC which includes Deadwood, Sheridan,
Cody, YNP and Jackson. Another DEN tour includes WY.
They use RMHTours for fly drives and Go West for
escorted tours.
FR02/14: Barbara Livney, Product Manager at PARTIR
AUX AMERIQUES, is confirming participation of her
company at the Show RANDO – NATURE. They will be
with your French Representative on the booth during the
entire Show providing ways to potential travelers to attend
to our Region.
FR06/13: We met with Erez Bousso, the CEO of Partir Aux
Ameriques, and Barbara Livney, Product Manager. This
company has 2 offices; 1 in TEL AVIV and 1 in PARIS.
Bousso is interested in developing co-marketing actions
with your French Office. As a matter of fact, Partir Aux
Ameriques paid for Matthieu Pelloli’s airline tickets to come
to South Dakota.
FR05/13: Partir Aux Ameriques is planning to become one
of the big actors of the French Tourism Industry. They are
ready to produce and work with you French Office on
selected Press Fams. I called Barbara Livney to propose a
partnership for the Press Project with Le Parisien: Partir
Aux Ameriques will pay for the air ticket for Matthieu Pelloli.
FR04/13: Barbara Livney is launching a partnership with a
French Radio OUI FM to highlight their product in
CHICAGO. They are giving away 5 nights and Airplane
Proactive and very knowledgeable about our region. Fly drives,
motorcoach and packages in our region.
FRMISS14: Met with Charles and Valerie. They have more
requests for our region than usual. MT ranches are more in
demand than in the past, also ID. They have some
requests for a new route which includes ID with OR and
WA. Also their DEN to SLC route includes WY and either
MT or SD. They still have bookings for Goosewing Ranch.
Have now combined their North America and Latin America
brochure so had to cut some pages but were able to
maintain our region's coverage in this brochure. They had
to cut all a la carte hotels for all regions so created small
packages to include some of these. They have a 2 nt GNP
package as well as packages for ID and SD. Their staff has
good knowledge of our region so they tend to work well
with suppliers on packages. It makes it easier for travel
agencies and clients when they offer packages. They have
more requests for ranches but shorter stays are in demand
due to the cost of a full week's stay.
They always need new images and video so if states have
any please send. Discussed Megafam - June might be a
better month for them but September is still a good time.
Gave us Express article published March 19 about
Goosewing Ranch.
MegaFam13: Pauline Fayon
FR05/13: Valerie Heurtel is interested in sending someone
at the MegaFam this year as the RMI Region is selling very
well again this season! She also might be interested to
participate to the next Round Up if agenda allows.
FR03/13: We had a meeting with Charles Julien, Product
Manager, who is telling us sales for the RMI Region are
increasing. They have more requests for Ranches this
year. The average length of stay is two weeks. Following
the Meeting we had at JETSET, Vanessa Laine is coming
back with the Press Project she introduced. We sent the
questionnaire and now wait for Vanessa's answers. Your
French office is following up.
FRMISS13: Met with Charles and Vanessa Lainé, Media
communications. Vanessa also attended the VIP dinner in
French Mission 2014
Tour Operator
Tour Operator
La Maison Des Etats Unis
Le Cercle des Vacances
Maureen Lachant, David Chaumeil, Mr. Luiz Ferreira, Mr. Bertrand
3 rue Cassette
75006 Paris
Postal Code
011-33-153-63 1343(Raphäel)
Rose-Marie Farrugia, President, Romain Chéreau, Product
4, rue Gomboust
75001 Paris
Postal Code
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Company Profile
Still print a catalog. Product also on website. Most clients request
customized itineraries.
Work with RMHTours.
FRMISS14: States provided trainings for 4 people. Met
with David and Maureen Lachant. They have seen more
interest in our region recently, more than UT and AZ. They
are setting up additional support for their sales staff which
includes video and powerpoints to give them stronger sales
arguments to their clients. RMI-France will provide detailed
ranch info about our region.
Discussed groups with Maureen: their clients are friends
and associations who want to visit unique destinations. Avg
15 to 20 pax. Discussed working with media: if Maison
takes care of air the region could provide lodging. Maureen
explained that the company owner decides who will go on a
press trip. They work with the Press Attaché at Le Figaro.
Also discussed possible future art exhibit in their gallery
featuring our region, ideas such as Calamity Jane,
characters of the West.
FR01/14: David Chaumeil, Product Manager at MAISON
DES ETATS UNIS, is reporting excellent perspective for
the coming season. He will send Amandine Corneilla to the
Round Up.
FR12/13: Good News - Maureen Lachant, former Product
Manager at KUONI, is back in the tourism industry.
Maureen just signed up to become the Development
Manager at MAISON DES ETATS UNIS. She will work with
David Chaumeil who is the Product Manager.
FR11/13: We are working closely with MAISON DES
ETATS UNIS on production for next year. Luiz Ferreira is
preparing exposition of photos with presentations to create
happening about the Parks, Nature and History. We
connected Luiz with Françoise Perriot who is a writer and
speaker. The event will happen early next year. This will
bring more visibility to our Region. MAISON DES ETATS
UNIS is reporting increasing interest for the coming year.
FR07/13: David Chaumeil, Product Manager, is reporting a
+30% to the USA this summer! The RMI region is, again
this year, increasing number of visitors from this tour
+331 77 45 65 70
011-33(0)142 61 6881
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Company Profile
Mostly fly drives and some scheduled tours. Work with RMHTours.
Do not sell winter product.
FRMISS14: Met with Romain. He said they try to add new
product every year. This year added DEN trip to SD and
WY. They get at least one request for this program each
week. They are finding availability inside YNP which is
great, usually use Grant or Lake area.
Discussed new CDG to Chicago and Cody flights. James
pls provide details about exactly which dates this Cody
flight operates.
They use Alamo, Hertz and Avis - James pls find out if
these are all located at Cody airport and if can drop off cars
in Jackson and Cody. They need a tour op contract with
car rental companies.
Requests new activities and hotels in our region - states
discussed this with Romain. James pls provide details
about what is included in new Twilight Tour in YNP. Also
discussed where to stop between RMNP and Rapid City suggestions were Guernsey Trail Ruts, Terry Bison Ranch.
They will have a new website by the end of this year so
requested new images. These must be panoramic, for
example with people viewing scenery. States pls send
FR02/14: Romain Chereau, Product Manager at LE
CERCLE DES VACANCES, is telling me this coming
season is very West … They have increase of requests for
the RMI Region. They have to hire more staff.
FR03/13: Romain Chereau is reporting a great season to
come for the USA and the RMI Region in general. A video
(Montana) is currently aired in the main office. Your French
office sent the RMI video. One of the sales persons would
like to visit our region during the summer.
FRMISS13: Met with Romain and states reviewed what's
new, he is interested in new hotels. Romain also attended
the VIP Dinner in Paris. Hervé gave Romain the new 4
state video.
They have good expectations for this summer's bookings.
Hope to have more bookings after vacations end, starting
next week. The direct flight to SLC helps them sell the
French Mission 2014
Online Booking Portal
Tour Operator
MICE Finder
Monsieur Dominique Plaissetty
9, rue Emile Allez
Paris 75017
Thomas Cook & Jet Tours
Anaik LeGuellanff, product manager (Stephane Michel & Yohann
92-98 Boulevard Victor Hugo
92115 Clichy Cedex
Postal Code
Postal Code
+331 58 05 34 00
[email protected]
Company Profile
011-33(0)176-77 7175 (Barb)
011-33-176-77-7176 (Yohann)
011-33 147 397 764
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Company Profile
In late 2013 TC stopped FIT production and closed this dept. Johann
Robert and Stephane Michel left the company. Groups are still
strong, plan to include fly drives in future.
Uses Go West.
FRMISS14: Met Dominique at the VIP Dinner with French
Mission. He is very knowledgeable about MICE market.
has been in tourism for 35 yrs. Discussed possible
meeting with states on Friday (which did not take place).
RMI-France pls followup with him about our region.
FR10/13: Dominique Plaissetty is the General Manager of He was hired by the IPW Organizers
to set up a lunch in November to gather the deciders of the
MICE Industry. The goal is to attract these companies to
the IPW and to CHICAGO. Your French Rep is invited to
this lunch to give a speech about CHICAGO. I’ll report this
event in November.
FR01/13: I met Dominique Plaissetty, General Manager for
MICE FINDER. This Company has 2 activities; 1. A web
Site ; Dedicated to MICE, this web
site is visited by a million persons every year. 500 potential
buyers are looking the web site every day…
2. Organizing seminars and incentive for small business
groups. This Agency organizes 10 to 15 groups per year.
Plaissetty explains that Business Travelers are spending at
least 3 times what a leisure Traveler would spend during a
trip. We have an option to have a full page on www. for a discounted price. This page to be
fully customizable by us. This is possible to add photos,
videos and every information that would help potential
MICE Buyers to select our Region. For information; MICE
Market is so important that Pow Wow Organizers do not
charge the deciders to attend to this event!
FRMISS14: Met with Anaik. She has never visited our
region. They do escorted tours only now but plan to
include fly drives next summer. States presented
overviews of the region. They have one escorted tour in
our region: Den to Black Hills, Cody, YNP, Jackson and out
SLC. This has 2 departures: the Sept one is full and the
other is in August. She is hoping to set up additional
departures for 2015. Anaik will send a pdf of this tour.
James pointed out Sept road closures within YNP. They
work with Go West. Discussed press fam cooperative
ideas. RMI-France pls followup on this.
FR01/14: THOMAS COOK stopped their FIT Production
but keeps the Group production. Anaïk Le Gellanff is in
charge of this production. I am in contact with her to assist
as she is discovering the USA. She may be part of the
coming Round Up.
FR11/13: Now that Yohann Robert and Stéphane Michel
are out of THOMAS COOK as there is no more FIT for the
moment, we contacted the new Product Manager for all
other production to the USA. This is Anaik LeGuellanff. A
meeting is planned for early next year.
FR10/13: Thomas Cook is closing this month their FIT
Department. Yohann Robert and Stéphane Michel are
leaving in November. KUONI is planning to purchase the
travel agencies.
FR09/13: The news arrived after a long time of rumors…
THOMAS COOK is stopping production of FIT. Yohann
Robert and Stéphane Michel are no longer working.
FR05/13: Thomas Cook is still waiting for decision about
the production. Will the Tour Operator keep their product
managers inside the company or will they “externalize” this
department? The question is still there for the moment
which is not very comfortable for the Product Managers.
FR03/13: Yohann Robert, Product Manager at Thomas
Cook is launching the new version of their Catalogue Au
coeur du Monde which is an upscale Catalogue. They also
publish a very upscale catalogue (Secret) managed by
French Mission 2014
Tour Operator
Tour Operator
Laureline Branswick, (Eric Savournin -left company in Jan 2014)
43 rue de la Chaussée d'Antin
75009 Paris
Postal Code
33 156020223
Fabien Baranes, Dominique DILLENBOURG
4 Impasse Joffre
67202 Wolffisheim
Postal Code
011-33 388 688 900
011-33 388 686 855
[email protected]
Company Profile
Laureline has taken over as product manager because Eric left the
company (and the tourism industry.) Fly drives and packages.
Use RMHTours and New World Travel.
FRMISS14: Met with Laureline, product manager. The
states trained 4 people. They have little ranch product and
no winter product and are developing our region's product.
AZ and UT are their main west coast product and are better
sellers than our region. James will find out exactly what the
Twiilight Tour in YNP encompasses. They use RMHTours
and New World Travel.
FR01/14: Eric Savournin, VISITEURS, is no longer working
in the Tourism Industry. He decided to leave VISITEURS
this month. His former assistant, Laureline is now taking
over the production in this company.
FR10/13: I met Eric Savournin, Product Manager at
VISITEURS, who is preparing his new catalogue. We spent
time to go through several points in order to have maximum
products in this catalogue.
FR03/13: Eric Savournin, Product Manager at Visiteurs, is
telling us they have a 40% increase of business to the
USA! 1200 pax/year. This benefits the RMI Region a lot.
DELTA changed their connection to Jackson Hole which is
much better!
FRMISS13: Met with Eric. Business has increased by
40%. Every trip is up but the most increases are for
second trips. It's easier to get to Jackson from SLC now
plus they find availability on these flights. The travel
agencies they work with know this, plus they can take an
Alamo car and drop wherever they want. They sent about
1,000 pax last year. They are very specialized and offer a
la carte. He finds it unusual this spring to find availability in
YNP (3 nts avail). He finds that many receptives do not
have availability in YNP. They sell West Yellowstone and
Gardiner less often. Working with Gary is easy and he
appreciates that. The states reviewed what's new. Idaho
pls send electronic version of your what's new.
FR01/13: Eric Savournin is reporting a 35% increase of
business this year! Visiteurs started US Production from
scratch. They now sells around 1500 pax/year. This is quite
a success as Eric started to produce for the USA only 3
Company Profile
New to our region. Specialize in motorcycle tours.
FRMISS14: Met with Fabian Baranes. He bought this
company 3 yrs ago. They work with Eagle Rider and do
trips to South Africa, Australia, very few trips in Europe, and
are interested in our region. They have a YNP trip but
generally do not go to northern US states, have trips along
West Coast and into Canada. They have a one yr old tour
which travels from SLC or DEN and hits all four of our
states. Clients attend Sturgis Bike Week but this is less
popular than their classic tour.
They have 13 guides. Fabian has not been to our region.
His trips encompass about 200 miles per day, generally 2
to 3 week trips with 10 to 12 bikes and 18 to 22 people. His
trips that include or cross US/Canada are complicated and
time consuming to organize so he prefers to make US
specific trips. They do include some one night ranch stays
and include Ranch at Ucross for this.
He needs themes for trips, such as couples, lots of ideas
were discussed: Guernsey/Casper pioneer trails, Flaming
Gorge, SD ideas including Pierre along river and Black Hills
attractions, routes into WY, ID ideas connecting C d'A,
Spokane, Hells Canyon, Boise, McCall, SV, Craters
through Teton Valley to YNP, and connecting MT and ID.
RMI-France pls send him Scenic Byways guide.
He wants to know the best roads and attractions for his
clients to see to make each day on their trip special.
Marlee will send him a book on motorcycle routes. We
discussed GNP and the area between GNP and YNP. He
created a calendar of events surrounding the Sturgis Rally.
Also discussed scenic byways in the region.
FR11/12: Fabien Baranes is the new owner of a company
that is specialized in motor biking. WEST FOREVER has a
large network of clients that is linked with Harley Davidson.
They have a large selection of products that include our
FR12/11: I met Fabien Baranes, the new Owner of West
Forever. They specialize in renting motorcycles (mostly
Harley Davidson) to passionate travelers. They already
French Mission 2014
Rocky Mountain International
2232 Dell Range Blvd, Ste. 101
Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82009, USA
Ph: (307) 637-4977 • Fax: (307) 634-8334
Email: [email protected]