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Media contacts:
Laurian Krell
European Tech Tour
+41 22 544 60 62
[email protected]
Call for Applications for 2010 Medtech Summit: Deadline is July,23 2010
Lausanne, Switzerland, July 6, 2010 – The European Tech Tour today announced the 2010
Medtech Summit will be held September 29-30 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Medtech Summit will
pair the most promising early and later stage growth companies with representatives from leading
cross-border venture capital and global corporate firms. The Funds that will be present at the Tour
represent over €10 billion worth of investment capital.
Companies from the Medtech industry segment based in Europe, including Israel, Turkey and Russia
can register to compete to become one of 25 finalists. Finalists will be chosen from a pool of over 250
applicants. The application deadline is July 23, 2010.
Bill Muirhead, who is currently a board member for Valtronic Technologies, a group that is active in the
subcontracting market for OEM companies in the medtech fields as well as Chairman and co-founder
of Ayanda Biosystems, a biotech company, will serve as the President of ETT 2010 Medtech Summit.
Mr. Muirhead will be joined by venture capitalist Antoine Papiernik , Managing Partner at Sofinnova,
who will serve as Vice President of the Selection Committee.
Bill Muirhead commented “The Medtech Summit 2010 will be a great opportunity to showcase the best
in emerging Medtech companies from across Europe“.
He added “The event comes at a time where financing companies from seed through to pre-IPO is
becoming more and more challenging, following the climate created by first the banking crisis and now
by the eurozone debt crisis. Having the opportunity to bring together the best in class Medtech
companies with investors from both the venture capital and corporate world, is a great platform to
make things happen.“
Jean-Marc Soustre, CEO of the ETT, commented: “This is the second edition of the Medtech Summit
following the success of our first in 2008. Medtech is now a significant industry focus in Europe, with a
capital intensive and complex ecosystem. With the support of all players, the ETT proposes a unique
format to understand the underlying drivers in this industry and to efficiently identify and leverage
existing business opportunities.”
Applicants can register for the Tour at
As part of the process applicants must submit a company profile, business plan and draft presentation together with
the registration form.
Selection criteria
Applicants will be assessed on the uniqueness of their technology, the strength of their business
model, vision, capability to execute on the business plan and the quality and track record of their
management. Submissions will be reviewed by the selection committee, which is comprised of 20
senior business leaders from various backgrounds including venture capital, technology, research and
economic promotion.
Rewards for finalists
The selected 25 finalists will have twenty minutes to present their business plans to high level
investors from the global venture capital and technology industry, service providers and academics. In
addition, they will benefit from networking opportunities, local and international media exposure and
potential opportunities to secure funding.
About the European Tech Tour
The European Tech Tour Association (ETT) was founded in Geneva in 1998 in response to the
growing interest in emerging technology companies in various European regions. ETT is an
independent, not-for-profit organisation composed of key contributors to the high technology industry.
The Association recognises that continued prosperity in Europe lies in its ability to transform today's
innovative projects into tomorrow's global technology leaders. For further information, please visit
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Finalists to present their companies to venture capital and investment firms
representing €10 billion in investment funding
Lausanne, Switzerland, August 24, 2010 – The European Tech Tour Association
today announced that more than 100 early and later growth stage Medtech
companies are vying to participate in the 2nd Medtech Summit to be held in
Lausanne on September 29-30. During the event, 25 selected companies will have
an opportunity to present their technologies to industry players and representatives
from leading cross-border venture capital and global investment firms representing
more than €10 billion in investment capital.
“We expect the 2010 Medtech Summit to generate funding opportunities for
participating companies,” said Bill Muirhead, President of the 2010 Medtech Summit
and Chairman and co-founder of biotech company, Ayanda Biosystems. “At the last
event, after the Summit Selection Committee selected CoreValve, a cardiovascular
device company, as the Medtech Innovation award winner at the Entrepreneur of the
Year ceremony, Medtronic acquired it a few months later for US $700+ million.
Several other participants also went on to secure funding for further growth and
This year, Medtech applicants represent 17 European countries and 12 different
Medtech industry segments. Finalists will be selected by a panel of European
Medtech experts and venture capital and investment firms in early September.
Antoine Papiernik, Managing Partner at Sofinnova Partners, commented: “The
Medtech Summit is a key forum for identifying the best emerging European Medtech
technologies and providing the investment capital to bring these technologies to
market. The 2010 event is particularly important because it comes in the wake of the
recent economic crisis. Participation in this event can help promising Medtech
companies find the financial resources that are hard to secure in this climate.”
Steve Oesterle, the Senior Vice President for Medicine and Technology from
Medtronic, the gold sponsor for the event, will deliver the keynote speech, which will
also feature a visit to their world-class medical manufacturing facility in Tolochenaz,
Switzerland. Other participating sponsors include Sofinnova, Morgan Lewis, Swiss
Medtech, Canton de Vaud, Credit Suisse, Entrepreneurs Fund, NeoMed and
Valtronic Technologies.
Although applications to present at the 2010 Medtech Summit have now closed,
spaces are still available for delegates. For more information and to register, please
Selected companies present to venture capital and investment firms
representing €10 billion in investment funding as medtech market continues to
look for innovation
Lausanne, Switzerland, September 29, 2010 – Bill Muirhead, President of the
Medtech Summit, Antoine Papiernik, Vice President of the Selection Committee, and
the 21 international members of the Selection Committee of the Medtech Summit
announced today which 24 innovative medtech companies will present, at the event
held this afternoon and tomorrow in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The companies are: Advanced Cardiac Therapies (D), AeroSurgical (IRL), ANM (D),
BMeye (NL), Capella (IRL), CeQur (CH), Diagnoplex (CH), EBS Technologies (D),
EOS Imaging (F), Facet Solutions (D), Forth Photonics (UK), Gynesonics
(USA),Hepa Wash (D), implanet (F), invendo medical (D), Miracor Medical Systems
(A), NiTi Surgical Solutions (IL), Personal MedSystems (D), ReCor Medical (F),
Sabirmedical (SP), Sapiens (NL), Sensimed (CH), Stanmore Implants (UK),
SuperSonic Imagine(F).
“These companies represent some of the most exciting technology in Europe and
Israel at the moment.” said Bill Muirhead, President of the 2010 Medtech Summit and
Chairman and co-founder of biotech company Ayanda Biosystems. “We believe we
have selected the most promising technologies which can potentially deliver
significant patient benefit in a cost efficient manner to impact global healthcare.
Overall, the companies selected represent a great geographic spread and all stages
of growth from seed to pre-IPO stage, and have huge potential for further growth.”
This year, the presenting companies come from 10 different countries in Europe and
Israel and represent numerous medtech industry segments including; cardiology,
diagnostics and monitoring, drug delivery devices, health IT, medical intervention
devices, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopaedic. A delegation of over 100 leading
industry players and representatives from cross-border venture capital and global
investment firms are attending the event with a view of supporting these young
European companies in their goal of expanding internationally.
“We believe that the market is eager to finance promising medical device ventures,
despite the general drought in the financing climate. There are exceptional projects in
Europe, as is demonstrated by the line-up of companies presenting at the summit,
and with valuations at the right level, we feel it is a good moment to invest.” states
Antoine Papiernik, VP Selection committee and Managing Partner at Sofinnova.
Media contacts:
Laurian Harry
European Tech Tour
+41 22 544 60 62
[email protected]
Lukasz M. Bochenek
Genevensis Healthcare Communications
+41 22 365 99 51
[email protected]
Company Logo
Company overview
ACT technology transfers a currently
“blind” uncontrolled AF ablation
procedure in a real-time controlled AF RF
ablation with real-time lesion control.
Stage: Clinical/Pre CE
CEO: Peter van der Sluis
AeroSurgicals mission is to use its
sophisticated nebulising technology to
deliver therapeutics into the peritoneal
cavity during surgery to address current
unmet needs such as curtailing post
operative pain in laparoscopic
Stage: Start-up
CEO: Nevan Elam
Adaptive Neuromodulation GmbH has
developed the next generation platform in
the neuromodulation field with an
innovative stimulation approach called
Coordinated Reset (CR).
Stage: Expansion
CEO: Claus Martini, PhD
BMEYE BV is the premier provider and will
set the standard of non-invasive, beat-tobeat, user friendly cardiovascular
monitoring systems, to improve patient
care and reduce healthcare cost.
Stage: Start-up
CEO: Rob de Ree
Cappella will establish itself as the leader in
the global coronary bifurcation stenting
market segment. Cappella aims to
become the preferred two-stent product;
shifting provisional clinical practice to the
deliberate and earlier protection of the
sidebranch ostium (point at which the
sidebranch connects to the main vessel).
Stage: Early Commercialization
CEO: Dr. Art Rosenthal
CeQur is an insulin delivery device
company, developing and
commercializing a small, discrete,
disposable patch-on infuser for people with
Type 2 diabetes.
Stage: Late stage development / Precommercial
CEO: James Peterson
Diagnoplex mission is to bring on the
market economic, performant and
scalable non-invasive cancer screening
assays. To do so, the Company is
developing a non-invasive colorectal
cancer test, named Colox, which can be
routinely performed from peripheral blood
Stage: Early stage
CEO: Stavros Therianos
EBS develops a unique non-invasive brain
stimulation device to treat patient’s
individual functional disorders of the brain.
The mission is to improve neurological
functions after stroke, head injury,
glaucoma, amblyopia, and pain.
Stage: Early stage
CEO: Kornelia Sabel
EOS misson is to take global leadership in
orthopedic imaging by establishing a new
gold standard modality that will improve
diagnostic, outcome and follow up of
osteoarticular pathologies and subsequent
Stage: Expansion
CEO: Marie Meynadier, PhD
Facet Solutions’ mission is to develop a
motion restoring alternative to spinal fusion
for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis
and spondylolisthesis. The goal is to
achieve better pain relief than fusion while
maintaining physiologic motion of the
lumbar spine.
Stage: Expansion
CEO: Geoff Pardo
Forth Photonics is committed to saving lives
by improving the early detection and
diagnosis of disease.
Stage: International Expansion
CEO: Alastair Atkinson
Gynesonics is developing a uterine
preserving incisionless treatment for
symptomatic uterine fibroids, preventing
the current treatment of hysterectomy.
Stage: Clinical Stage
CEO: Darrin Uecker
Hepa Wash is dedicated to the
development and commercialization of its
innovative liver support therapy that will
significantly enhance the survival of
patients with liver disease.
Stage: Early stage
CEO: PD Dr. med. Bernhard Kreymann
IMPLANET’s objective is to respond to the
need of the targeted markets: reducing
health budgets / increasing patient
population and regulatory and safety
concerns / providing new services for
Patient, Surgeon and Staff.
Stage: Expansion
invendo medical is a developer of novel,
disposable medical endoscopy products
for gastroenterology with unparalleled user
and patient benefits.
Stage: Start-up
CEO: Berthold Hackl
Miracor has developed a new and possibly
disruptive technology to improve
outcomes in acute coronary syndrome,
heart failure and cardiac surgery patients.
Stage: Commercialization
CEO: Jon H. Hoem
NITI’s mission is to become a world leading
provider of innovative surgical solutions for
the GI tract focused on improving patients’
quality of life.
Stage: Commercialization\ Sales
CEO: Itay Itzhaky
St. Louis
Personal MedSystems mission is to directly
empower high-risk cardiovascular disease
patients gain certainty about their
condition and in case of serious cardiac
events gain time to reduce the severity of
the outcome or potentially to save their
Stage: Pre Market Stage
CEO: Felix Brand
ReCor Medical aims to revolutionize the
treatment of cardiac valve insufficiency.
Stage: Early
CEO: Mano Iyer
Sabirmedical is a research start-up aiming
to provide solutions for hemodynamic
monitoring, modeling and diagnosing its
diseases associated (i.e. hypertension,
shock, sepsis, diabetes and so on).
Stage: Early Stage
CEO: COO acting as CEO, Victo García
Sapiens contributes to the growth of the
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) market by
supplying therapy solutions with superior
therapeutic performance and better
clinical ease-of-use.
Stage: Seed
CEO: Sjaak Deckers, PhD, MBA
Sensimed is a Swiss company with its
principal focus on design, development,
and commercialization of integrated
micro-systems for medical devices.
Stage: Pre-sales
CEO: Jean-Marc Wismer
Stanmore Implants is a rapidly-growing
orthopaedic company, focused on saving
and restoring the function of limbs and
Stage: Pre-IPO
CEO: Dr Paul Unwin
Supersonic’s mission is to deliver to market
a revolutionary ultra fast ultrasound system
capable of visualizing palpable and nonpalpable masses in organs, focusing on
breast lesions as a first application
Stage: Expansion/Development Stage
CEO: Jacques Souquet, Ph.D.

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