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Le Casino Winpalace - Maple Heights Lanes
About Your Party
3 hour party
Unlimited bowling
Free shoe rental
Unlimited soft drinks
Blank table set-up
Bring in all of your own food
When do you offer whole house parties?
Whole house parties are offered Fridays from 6 pm to 9 pm and 10 pm to 1 am; Saturdays from 6 pm
to 9 pm and 10 pm to 1 am; and Sundays from 5 pm to 8 pm or 6 pm to 9 pm. Party availability
varies by the season. The winter months, particularly Febuary through May are very busy. Sunday
parties are not available during the summer.
How far in advance should you book a whole house party?
Typically, most whole house parties are booked six to eight weeks in advance. This allows ample
time to sell tickets, print fliers, and advertise for your event.
What is the cost of a whole house party?
$600 for standard lighting and $660 for cosmic bowling (effective April 2016).
Is there a deposit?
Yes. $100 is the mandatory deposit and we ask that all deposits be made in person. We cannot
accept credit card deposits over the phone. Cash, check, Visa, or Mastercard are accepted.
When is the balance due?
Balance is due the day of the party.
If our party decides on cosmic bowling, how long is the cosmic bowling show?
There will be 90 minutes of standard light and 90 of cosmic lights.
What is the capacity of the bowling center?
The total capacity is 110 people. This counts people seated on the back concourse and in the bar area.
You can fit 72 bowlers (6 people per lane) comfortably.
How early can our group enter the bowling center and begin setting up before the party?
Typically, all parties are granted one hour of set up time.
Do you have free Wi-Fi?
Maple Heights Lanes
15809 Libby Road
About Your Party
What is a blank table set-up?
With every whole house party, we provide twelve running feet of tables for food service. We provide
a table cover and electrical, but it is the responsibility of the party to provide whatever means are
necessary to heat and serve their own food. This would include crock pots, chafers, and warmers.
Do we need to provide a DJ?
No. We have a house-operated sound system with a rather extensive music library. The sound system
does have an auxiliary audio jack tie-in (3.5mm) which can accommodate an MP3 player or mobile
device. Be advised that you must have a pre-established playlist on your device. Our system still has
the capability to play CDs as well. The house reserves the right, though, to stop playing any music
containing obscenities or objectionable lyrics.
Do we need to provide security?
Can we sell tickets?
Yes. The price of your tickets is at the discretion of your organization. The house has no mandate on
the price of tickets. But the average price of tickets for a whole house party is typically between $10
and $15 per person.
What if we need extra tables for food or a table at the door to check tickets?
Not a problem. Ask any of the staffers for an extra table and one will be provided.
Can we purchase an additional hour or can we book a four-hour party?
It is the house’s policy to not book any parties over three hours in length.
Is the bar included in the rental of the bowling center?
No. We do not offer exclusive rights to the bar with any party as the bar is often used for karaoke or
pocket billiards tournaments. There is no cover charge to enter the bar should one of these events be
going on.
Can we run a bar tab?
No. For all whole house parties, it is a cash bar.
Can we shoot pool?
Yes. But be aware that the bar may be booked for an event. Also, the house has a strict 21 and over
policy on entering the bar, no exceptions.
Maple Heights Lanes
15809 Libby Road
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Maple Heights Lanes
15809 Libby Road

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