programme 2015-16


programme 2015-16
Ressources sur Toulouse
Epreuve de Theme
Commune aux deux ENS de Lyon et Cachan, elle
consiste en la traduction en anglais d’un texte de
fiction française d’environ 400 mots. Elle est dotée
d’un coefficient 2. Pour s’y préparer, il faut
maîtriser la grammaire et le vocabulaire. Les outils
bibliographiques suivants sont préconisés:
• une bonne grammaire (Persec chez Ophrys par
• un bon dictionnaire bilingue (Robert & Collins
• Annie Sussel et al, Le Vocabulaire de l'Anglais,
Hachette Sup, 3ème édition 2013 (obligatoire)
• F. Grellet, Initiation au thème anglais, Hachette
Librairies anglophones
The Bookshop, rue Lakanal.
Ombres Blanches livres étrangers, rue Mirepoix.
Gibert, rue du Taur. (occasions et neuf)
CDI du lycée ; CDI du Lycée Fermat
Bibliothèque municipale de Toulouse
rue de
Périgord ;(et médiathèques: J. Cabanis, Empalot)
Bibliothèque Universitaire Toulouse Jean Jaurèsl
Centre de Ressources de Langues de TJJ
La section jeune de l’association France-EtatsUnis, très active, organise de nombreuses sorties.
[email protected]
Ghosts and the difficulties attendant on finding
one's place are the red line threading its way
through this year's set texts. They are varied
but provide rich food for thought on many
Programme Lyon - Cachan
ENS Lyon
a) Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, ed. J. Paul Hunter,
Norton Edition, 2nd edition, 2012, ISBN :
b) William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Arden edition,
Third series, eds. Neil Taylor & Anne Thompson,
2006, ISBN : 9781904271338.
c) Langston Hughes, Selected Poems, (1959)
Serpent’s Tail, 1999, ISBN : 9781852421274.
Sections à étudier: “Afro-American
Fragments” (p. 3-14), “Shadow of the Blues” (p.
33-46), “Words like Freedom” (p. 275-297); ainsi
que les poèmes “Daybreak in Alabama” (p. 157);
“Mulatto” (p. 160-161); “Dream Boogie” (p. 221),
“Theme for English B” (p. 247-248);
“Deferred” (p. 252-254).
You are expected to have read all set texts by
the start of the school year.
ENS Cachan
There is no set syllabus. All English-language
literature is fair game. In order to prepare, read
as extensively as you can. There are several good
anthologies of English & American literature
available on the market. Do not worry: universal
knowledge is impossible in this crowded field!
In addition to the set texts above, you are
expected to purchase either M. H. Abrams, A
Glossary of Literary Terms, Boston, Wadsworth,
2005 or F. Grellet, A Handbook of Literary Terms,
Paris, Hachette, 1996 or 2009.
Further Reading:
Frankenstein : the Norton edition comes with a
very rich secondary literature selection which
should be amply sufficient.
Hamlet: We are working from the long text(Q2).
At this stage I want you to read the introduction
& text in the following order : 1. pp. 43-53; 2. pp.
59-74. 3. Read the play 4. pp. 36-43; 5. pp. 17-36;
6. pp. 95-122
Try to catch a performance either on stage or on
DVD. (see website for recommandations)
Langston Hughes: Frédéric Sylvanise, Langston
Hughes poète jazz, poète blues, Paris, ENS éditions,
2009 ; more generally The Norton Anthology of
African-American Literature (CDI). Online
resources (exhibitions, recordings etc) on my
website (
ENS Lyon
British & American culture and civilisation as
seen through the press
In addition to the resources handed out in the
common bibliography, do not forget to become
familiar with:
The Economist, Time, Newsweek, Prospect, The New
Statesman, The Atlantic, U.S. News & World Report,
The New York Times, The Independent, The Guardian,
The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times: all
available online.
The BBC (; National
Public Radio ( to listen
online or to download podcasts
ENS Cachan
"Les politiques sociales aux Etats-Unis et en
Les références données pour Lyon conviennent