StoreWay™ Optima3600



StoreWay™ Optima3600
Mid-range storage
StoreWay™ Optima3600
The ideal solution for entreprise environments
StoreWay Optima3600 offers availability
and performance adapted to the critical
requirements of entreprise applications
State of the art technology
• Fibre Channel 8Gb/s, iSCSI 1 or
10Gb/s, or mixed FC/iSCSI 1/10 Gb/s
host connections
• SAS 6Gb/s back-end with up to 384
drives, 2.5’’ or 3.5’’ form factor
• Support of multi-tier storage with
SSD, SAS and NL-SAS drives
• High performance for high level
applications with SSD cache support
• Complete software offer with thin
provisioning, snapshot, local and
remote replication, performance
optimization, virtual cache
Optima3600 offers up to date host connectivity
with Fibre Channel 8Gb/s or iSCSI 1 Gb/s or
10Gb/s or combo FC/iSCSI 1 or 10 Gb/s. The
support of the latest SSD, SAS and NL-SAS disk
drives, connected through 8x SAS 6Gb/s links,
brings a great flexibility to build performant
and/or highly capacitive solutions.
Optima3600, based on latest Intel processor
chips, takes benefit of their high IO level
and low power consumption. SSD drives improve
IO/s performance and reduce response time of
transactional applications.
High availability and reliability
Full redundant architecture with dual RAID
controllers, mirrored cache, dual power
supplies and fans, makes Optima3600 a high
available storage system. Cache continuity is
guaranteed and controllers, disk drives, power
supplies can be hot swapped undisruptively.
Optima3600 active-active asymmetrical
architecture guarantees the operation in case
of data path failure (host bus adapter cable,
controller). Optima3600 tolerates a single
disk failure in RAID-1/10, RAID-5/50 and a
double disk failure in RAID-6 or RAID Triple
Super-Phoenix self healing technology reduces
the number of disk drive replacement by
repairing and recovering from suspected drive
Optimized and virtualized
Thin Provisioning optimizes utilisation of
available storage by sharing virtual pools
between the applications. The management of
thresholds at LUN and pool level allows to
plan dynamic disk extensions.
Virtual Cache Partitioning garantees
performance of an application by allocating
cache segments to it and preventing other
applications to share the same cache space.
SSD cache significantly improves performance
of random applications by moving hot data to
SSD drives. SSD cache allows a reduction of
the number of SAS drives required to reach
high performance of OLTP applications.
Data Allocation Optimisation also improves
performance by moving dynamically blocks of
data from low cost to high speed pools or viceversa according to defined policies.
Power Saver optimizes the energy consumption
by slowing down or stopping non used drives.
Typically backup on disks applications are
candidates for use of this feature, limiting
disk power consumption to the backup window.
Performance management
Performance Monitor displays in real time the
performance of Optima3600. Performance
Navigator analyzes the evolution in the time
of these performances and predicts future
saturations. Performance Optimizer detects
bottlenecks and manages data migration to
unloaded pools to balance the disks load and
optimize the behaviour of the Optima3600.
Virtualized environments
Optima3600 is well fitted to VMware or
Microsoft Hyper-V virtualized environments. It
is VMware certified and supports new vStorage
APIs for Array Integration (vAAI) which
improve the performance of operations in a
VMware environment.
Ease of installation and
Optima3600 embeds Storage Manager Express
which eases the installation, configuration
and management in the network infrastructure.
The automatic discovery of the FC or iSCSI
connections, the ease of pools/LUNs creation,
the immediate use of the created volumes allow
a quick start of the exploitation.
Optima3600 External Storage Manager, in
addition to Storage Manager Express, manages
all Optima optional software : snapshots,
local or remote replication, performance
monitoring and optimizer, power consumption,
WORM. The External Manager, common to the
whole Optima range, manages all storage arrays
of a data center from a central point. It runs
on a Windows or Linux physical server or
virtual machine.
Migration from an existing storage to
Optima3600 is easily achieved off-line by a
Data Migration feature included in Optima2600.
It allows a quick start of the exploitation
of the new storage with the existing data.
Optima3600 connectivity ensures
interoperability with Windows, Linux, HP-UX,
Solaris, AIX and VMware. Server data access is
secured by Storeway Multipath software
available for Windows, Linux, VMware and AIX.
Services and Support
Bull provides professional services for an
optimal operation.
StoreWay™ Optima3600
Technical Specifications
Rack chassis version
Power consumption (basic chassis)
Power consumption (add-on disk encl.)
Total Storage Capacity
Disk modules (hot swap)
RAID capability
Interface to host
Max number of port to host
Interface to disks
Power Supply Redundancy
Fan Redundancy
4U base including controllers, add
2U disks drawers;
12x3.5’’ slots drawer or 24x2.5’’
slots drawer; maximum 384 disks
(whatever the drawer type)
Up to 460 TB SAS or 1.5 PB NL-SAS
3 to 384 disks (12x3.5’’ or
24x2.5’’ per drawer)
RAID0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and Triple
8 Gb/s Fibre Channel or 1 Gb/s iSCSI
or 10Gb/s iSCSI
8/16x FC, 4/8x iSCSCI 1Gb/s or
10Gb/s, or 8FC + 4 iSCSI 1 or 10Gb/S
8 SAS 6Gb/s links
Operating constraints
Cache memory per RAID controller/SP
Cache memory configurability
Hot-Plug Power Supply
Battery Backup (BBU ou SPS)
Host Management
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2003
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Other OS
Dual FC 8G, dual iSCSI 1Gb or 10Gb,
dual combo FC+iSCSI 1/10Gb
6GB/12GB/24GB per controller (48GB
max total)
BBU for copy of cache in flash on
the controller in case of power down
LAN TCP/IP, FC SES, snmp, email events
Hard Disk Drives 10Krpm
Hard Disk Drives 15 Krpm
Solid State Drives
Yes including WSFC clusters and
Hyper V
Yes including WSFC clusters
Yes including MSCS clusters
RHEL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7
RHEL6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5
AIX 5.3, 6.1, 7.1 including ARF for
AIX, HP-UX11i, Oracle Solaris 10, 11
VMware ESX/ESXi 4.0, 4.1, ESXi5.0,
5.1, 5.5, GCOS8
Regulatory compliance
Standard warranty
Warranty extension
Hard Disk Drives 7.2Krpm
5-40°C, 10%-80%
RAID controller /SP
510 W max (340W in idle mode)
310W max (160W in idle mode)
DAC : 2 plugs, DE : 2 plugs AC100 à
240V; 50/60 Hz
3 Years, Parts only (CRU) for
Bull Global Care : bronze, silver or
gold (according to localisation)
2,5’’ : 1TB ; 3,5’’ : 1TB , 2TB,
3TB, 4TB
2,5’’ : 300 GB, 450 GB, 600GB,
900GB, 1.2TB
2,5’’ : 300 GB
2,5’’ and 3.5’’ : 200GB and 800GB
StoreWay Optima Manager
StoreWay Multipath for Windows and
StoreWay Multipath for VMware
StoreWay Multipath for AIX
LUN mapping/Multi-server storage accessYes
Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitor, Performance
Navigator, Performance Optimizer,
Performance Monitor Suite,
Performance Optimizer Suite
Snap Shot
Dynamic snap volume (included with
Local Data Replication)
Local Data Replication
Local data replication (option)
Remote Data Replication
Remote data replication/Consistency,
Data Migration (options)
Thin Provisioning, Power Saver
(included with hardware)
SSD cache, Virtual Cache
Partitioning, SQL replication,
Volume WORM , SecureEraser (options)
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Storage Management
Multi-path Management
Size of Cabinet chassis (HxWxD)
Size of Rack chassis (HxWxD)
Disk Array Controller Unit
Extension module rack size (HxWxD)
Disk Array Controller Unit
Disk Enclosure Controller Unit
Height standard EIA
Disk Array Controller Unit
Disk Enclosure Controller Unit
173 x 480 x 540 mm
86,5 x 480 x 540 mm
4U or 4 EIA
2U or 2 EIA
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