Mini Machine A Sous Hot Shot Progressive Jeux Roulette En Ligne



Mini Machine A Sous Hot Shot Progressive Jeux Roulette En Ligne
The Power of Five
Agenda 21 will open doors
Get Personal
• No one will change a vote unless there is a good reason
• 70-80% of Americans are unhappy about the economy. USE THAT
• You must get personal
• Pick an Agenda 21 issue and become an expert
• Advertise yourself – become a billboard with messages that elicit
an emotional response
• Show them the Pain, then show the Gain
• Memorize 30 sec talking points showing pain
• Leave card, flyer, DVD requiring a response, come to a meeting, meet for
coffee, lunch, group, library, church
Stop Preaching to the Choir
Train Tea Parties and all Groups to use the pillars of Agenda 21 to get to other
groups. Ie: Farm Bureaus, Cattlemen, Small Biz, Fisherman, STUDENTS,
foreclosure groups all have been hit by Agenda 21 regulations.
Have a forum in your community invite everyone.
Stick to the economy and property rights you will find a lot in common.
Once you become a person to them, they find it harder to discredit you.
Remember, they were trained in group - and can not deal with individuals (our
It is hard to call your neighbor a racist if he brings you a hammer or helps you out.
They can only deal in mass, their weakness is individualism and money.
Always be calm even when they get unhinged.
Always ask them "why" questions, they have no answer.
Get into other groups
Use Agenda 21 to contact: Ranchers, Cattleman, Fisherman, etc
Sample Script
Our group is studying the new regulations and we noticed
that a lot of these regulations hit your industry.
Do you feel the same? WFA, yes plus what they are.
Did you ever hear of EO 13575? WFA, usually no, what is that?
Could you explain it to me?
There are many more restrictions. How about if I meet with
you and if what I am saying is correct, would you let me meet
with your group?
Become a Lobbyist
• Lobbyists write the legislation
• Then meet with the officials at home, go to their committee
• Then go to the county, school bd and city meetings
• Then testify to push legislation
• Last August the American Legislative Exchange Council
(ALEC) held their annual meeting in New Orleans. ALEC is the
conservative corporate funded group who writes the model
legislation for lawmakers that later pops up during legislative
sessions all over the country. The annual meeting is a virtual cut
and paste-fest for Republican lawmakers everywhere.
Truth or Value
Truth is what can be proven
Value is a belief or opinion
Consensus is a trigger word that will make people blindly accept a value
without question. Consensus is usually based on lies since the group
agrees on the conclusion and creates the values to get there. The Elite
have mastered Consensus manipulation. Many people are incapable of
making a logical decision.
• A group of people agreeing on an opinion, not necessarily based on fact.
Example: Man Made Climate Change and Green House Gas are based
on consensus. There are no facts to support this conclusion.
Manipulated computer models were used.
Basic Ideology Differences
U.S. Declaration of Independence
Life Long Learning
Freedom breeds creativity and
All individuals deserve a broad base
factual education
Government Purpose:
Protect the unalienable rights of the
individual granted by God
You were born with rights
government exists to protect
them. You and the product of your
labor belong to you.
• Global Citizenship
UN Declaration of Human Rights
Limited Learning for Life Long Labor
No mention of Freedom in texts
It is a waste of resources to train
someone beyond their station in
Government Purpose:
Control individual for good of a global
community, rights granted by man
Government Grants, restricts or
withdraws your rights according to
its needs. You and the product of
your labor belong to the
Sample Legislation
Looking for sponsors for new Federal Agency legislation
No Federal Agency may put forth regulation without:
1. Proving true (not consensus) scientific evidence of necessity
2. Providing economic data (impact on financial -ROI and
3. A test market showing validity of product or regulation.
Set up committees and write legislation, bring to your
legislator, then get petitions signed to show numbers
70-80% of the population is unhappy
Why? They are unhappy about the economy. That is the unifying
If you want to bring Americans together then the only conversation is
the economy. Switch every conversation to the economy.
They have been indoctrinated about social issues and they will not
be moved unless you work one on one.
They have been trained to shout over you interrupt you and twist the
Always remain calm. Be the adult in the room. They are used to
being directed in a group, individual thought is difficult for them.
Never Let a Crisis go to Waste
Ask emotional questions and show you care:
How do you feel about the rising gas prices?
I am so upset, I don’t know whether to buy gas or food.
What is really bumming me out is all the lying.
America has so much oil and they keep saying we don’t
Wouldn’t it be great if we could drill and all the profit due the
Government went into a kitty as a dividend for We The People.
STOP Political Correctness
• Political correctness is censorship
• Call words by their correct name
• Stop letting the left control the conversation by
using their words.
misspeak, untrue, deceptive sentences are lies,
call them lies, Obama lies.
• Obama lies, why would anyone want a liar as a
role model for their children, let alone president?
• Talk about the morals of Religion and Politics
Stick to the Economy
Gas, Inflation, jobs, money are the issue everyone agrees, so let's
all stick to that issue.
Debt, spending should be the only issue of importance. The Left
has no answer, it is their weakness.
Where is the budget???
Everything else they will spin and the are a lot better than we are.
Keep jabbing at their weakness not their strength (use their own
Stop calling the Bush tax cuts, call them the Obama tax hikes.
Make buttons for people to wear, - NO BUDGET, NO BILLS .....
Food or Gas?
The 99% of Americans demand a budget and are upset at food and
gas prices, Use that information.
You will really mess them up that way.
American Business
• The fastest growing businesses in
America are created through network
• Network Marketing requires very little
• Network Marketing relies on warm markets
and people power to reach millions quickly
The Power of Five
An Expert is someone 50 miles away from their house with an attaché case.
Use a subject in Agenda 21 and become the expert
You can talk to 5 new people a week and ask each person to talk to 5 and so on
Become a Billboard
Wear an emotional Button
Your Car
Wear a Tee shirt
Design a button, car or shirt that will elicit an emotional response.
They must know you feel pain too. People will come up to you and
ask: what is Agenda 21; I like your button; I am not happy.
Create a Flyer
Leave on car,
church, Dr office
Any place
You can
30 Second Talking points for ObamaCare
Marketing is the way
• Become a walking billboard-No Budget, no
Bills or Food or Gas?
Buttons, shirts, yard signs, car signs, same message
Give out double folded biz cards with key economic
talking points.
Every person's job is to talk to 5 new people a week.
Then get those 5 people to talk to 5 people, etc.
Invite them to seminars about understanding the
economy and property rights.
They can be held in the Libraries. We can provide the
lessons and materials. [email protected]
Marketing ideas
The next few pages are buttons
Tee shirt Designs
Card or auto designs
Send us yours or choose one of ours
the Store on has the
samples as well
• Whatever you choose, do it.
• Victory is our only option, only you can help
Tee shirts available:
AgEnder: Cindy Youell, [email protected]
Snake Front and Octopus Back
Buy one of our or create your own
$1 each, volume discounts available
[email protected]
Agenda21Today Store
We are one,
are you
are one.
Tallahassee Mayor John Marks
Leon County and the City of Tallahassee are a United
Nations/ICLEI/Agenda 21 community. ICLEI is a UN affiliated NGO
marketing to local governments for one world government. The EPA and
environmental groups are working with the UN to take away your
individual property rights, water rights, farming rights, fishing rights, and
educating your children to accept this. Anyone knowing location of the
above person should contact him and advise that he should cancel all ties
with these organizations. Membership with these organization is believed
to be a violation of the Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution.
Leave Cards all over, give them out
To order cards contact:
AgEnder, Tammy Kobza
[email protected]
This Land WAS Your Land...
American Citizens
What does the UN’s Agenda 21 mean for
your private property rights?
happened to
our Freedoms?
How Agenda 21
and “Sustainable
have impacted
your life...
Goodbye, Liberty!
Hello, Agenda 21...
How did we not see this coming?!
Who knows what is best
for you – the UN or You?
The Founders thought you did.

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