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res, rei (f.) - The Latin Library
Lingua Latina Vocabulary V (Chap. 14-16)
res, rei (f.) thing, matter, affair
apertus, -a, -um, open
clausus, -a, -um, closed
sordidus, -a, -um, dirty, soiled
purus, -a, -um, clean, pure
nudus, -a, -um, bare, naked
togatus, -a, -um, wearing a toga
dexter, -ra, -rum, right
sinister, -ra, -rum, left
omnis, -e, each; all
cubo, -are, to lie down, recline
vigilo, -are, to stay awake, watch
excito, -are, to arouse, provoke, incite
valeo, -ere, -ui, to be well
surgo, -ere, surrexi, surrectum, to
affero, -ere, attuli, allatum, to bring
to, carry to
lavo, -are, to wash
mergo, -ere, mersi, mersum, to sink;
soleo, -ere, solitus sum, to be
accustomed to
frigeo, -ere, to be cold
posco, -ere, poposci, poscitum, to
request, demand
vestio, -ire, to dress, clothe
induo, -ere, -ui, indutum, to put on,
gero, -ere, gessi, gestum, to do, act;
wear; carry; wage (war)
inquit, he says
uterque, utraque, utrumque, each
neuter, -tra, -trum, neither
alter, altera, alterum, one (of two); the
other; another
uter, utra, utrum, which?
mihi, to me, for me (dative)
tibi, to you, for you (dative)
mecum, with me
tecum, with you
secum, with himself, herself, etc.
nihil (indecl.) nothing
quomodo, how
hodie (adv.) today
adhuc (adv.) still, yet
primum (adv.) first
deinde (adv.) then, next
praeter + acc., beyond, past, except
an, or
ludus, -i (m.) school; game
magister, -tri (m.) teacher
discipulus, -i (m.) student
virga, -ae (f.) rod, switch
sella, -ae (f.) seat
ianua, -ae (f.) door
verum, -i (n.) truth
tergum, -i (n.) back
malum, -i (n.) a bad thing
lectulus, -i (m.) bed, cot
severus, -a, -um, harsh
tacitus, -a, -um, silent
verus, -a, -um, true
posterior, -ioris, next, later, back
inferior, -ioris, lower
prior, -ioris, earlier
punio, -ire, -ivi, -itum, to punish
consido, -ere, -i, to sit down
exclamo, -are, to shout out
desino, -ere, -ii, to cease (+ inf.)
redeo, -ire, -ii, to go back
reddo, -ere, -didi, -ditum, to give
recito, -are, to say aloud
licet, it is allowed
ego, I
tu, you
nos, we
vos, you (pl.)
nondum, not yet
statim, immediately
tum, then
quid? what?, why?
domi, at home
antequam (conj.) before
at, but
si, if
nisi, if not, except
oriens, -ientis, east; rising
occidens, -entis, west; falling
septentriones, -um ( north
altum, -i, sea, the deep
tonitrus, -us (m.) thunder
fulgur, -uris (n.) lightning
situs, -a, -um, located, situated
superus, -a, -um, upper
inferus, -a, -um, lower
maritimus, -a, -um, maritime, sea
tranquillus, -a, -um, calm
turbidus, -a, -um, disturbed, wild
contrarius, -a, -um, contrary, opposite,
serenus, -a, -um, clear, serene
ater, atra, atrum, black
intersum, -esse, -fui, to be between
appello, -are, to call
navigo, -are, to sail
influo, -ere, -fluxi, to flow into
opperior, -iri, opertus sum, to await
flo, -are, to blow
turbo, -are, to stir up, disturb
impleo, -ere, -evi, -etum, to fill up
egredior, -i, egressus sum, to go out
guberno, -are, to govern, steer
orior, -iri, ortus sum, to arise
occido, -ere, -cidi, -casum, to fall
conscendo, -ere, -i, to climb onto,
board (ship, horse, etc.)
proficiscor, -i, profectus sum, to set
out, depart, embark
sequor, -i, secutus sum, to follow
cerno, -ere, crevi, cretum, to discern,
distinguish; decide
laetor, -ari, to rejoice
vereor, -eri, veritus sum, to revere,
fear, respect
intueor, -eri, intuitus sum, to gaze
labor, -i, lapsus sum, to slip, fall
complector, -i, complexus sum, to
consolor, -ari, consolatus sum, to
console, comfort
loquor, -i, locutus sum, to speak
invoco, -are, to call upon
iacto, -are, to toss (back and forth)
haurio, -ire, hausi, haustum, to drain,
draw out
servo, -are, to save, preserve
conor, -ari, conatus sum, to try
fio, fieri, factus sum, to become, be
paulum, a little
semper, always
simul, at the same time
vix, scarcely, hardly
praeterea, besides, moreover
iterum, again
sive, or
vero, in truth, really
propter + acc. on account of

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