Colloque à Florence en Italie - La Commission des Cadrans solaires



Colloque à Florence en Italie - La Commission des Cadrans solaires
Colloque à Florence en Italie
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Bonjour, Voici une annonce qui pourrait vous intéresser. J'aimerais bien y aller, mais … bonne fin de semaine,
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Objet : CSTHA - AHSTC -- Scientific Instruments
Dear colleagues, the announcement below may be
of interest:
The participants will have the opportunity to visit the newly
renovated halls of the Museo Galileo, the recently restored
19th-century physics cabinet of the Fondazione Scienza e
Tecnica, the collection of surveying, geodetic and meteorological instruments of the Istituto Geografico Militare, as
well as the Tribuna di Galileo, the wax anatomical cabinet
and the recently refurbished astronomical tower of La Specola, the zoological section of the Florence Natural History
Museum. An excursion will be organized to Arezzo, where
the participants will have the opportunity to visit the Museo
dei Mezzi di Comunicazione as well as one of the most
important Italian private collection of scientific instruments.
Please visit the conference website for details: http://www.
XXIX Symposium of the Scientific Instrument Commission
Florence, 4-9 October 2010
Sponsored and organized by: Istituto e Museo di Storia
della Scienza (Museo Galileo), Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica
Conference website:
The Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza and the Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica are very pleased to host the
XXIX Symposium of the Scientific Instrument Commission
of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science (Division History of Science and Technology) in October 2010. The Symposium is open to anyone interested in
the history, preservation, documentation of use of scientific
instruments. Scholars, curators, collectors are welcomed and
students are especially encouraged to attend.
Sara J. Schechner,
Secretary of the IUHPS Scientific Instrument Commission
Sara J. Schechner, Ph.D.
David P. Wheatland Curator of the Collection of Historical
Scientific Instruments
Department of the History of Science, Harvard University
Science Center 251c, 1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA
02138 Tel: 617-496-9542 | Fax: 617-4965932 | [email protected]
T H E M E ……………………………… . .
The primary theme for the conference will be "Instruments
on display". We encourage you to submit papers about how
instruments have been presented in scientific collections,
museums and permanent and temporary exhibitions in past
and more recent time. Did didactic, scientific, celebrative,
propagandistic and rhetorical considerations significantly
influence the manner of displaying instruments? How were
instruments presented in a Wunderkammer of the Renaissance, in a 18th-century cabinet or in a 19th-century exhibition? How and why are they shown in contemporary science
museums? We hope that these and other questions will give
rise to interesting papers and discussions at our meeting.
Le Gnomoniste
Sara J. Schechner
Livre rare de
1610, de Galileo Galilei,
NUNCIUS, Annonce sur les
rédigé grâce à
sa lunette astronomique.
Volume XVII numéro 1, mars 2010

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