Séminaire scientifique
de l’Institut de recherche en santé publique de l’Université de Montréal
en collaboration avec le Pôle de recherche sur l’Inde et l’Asie du Sud du CÉRIUM
Conférencière invitée :
Dr. Lingam Lakshmi
Shastri Indo-Canadian Visiting Scholar
Dr. Lakshmi is Dean, Research & Development and Professor of Women Studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences
in Mumbai, India. Her research interests include the social and gender-specific implications of health sector reforms and
other macro economic policies; urban poverty and women livelihoods; studying women and other social movements in
the period of globalization; understanding women health and reproductive rights; and exploring issues of culture,
women identity and agency. She has undertaken several research projects and published extensively on gender, health,
development; structural adjustment & urban poverty; micro credit & women empowerment and public policies. She is
on the Curriculum Advisory Boards of several Women Studies Departments in Indian Universities as well as Technical
and Ethical Advisory Board member of NGOs. In addition to her outstanding teaching and research activities, she has
contributed to gender and equity mainstreaming activities of Government departments in a number of states in India.
Women's health in India: Emergent Issues & Challenges to Public Health
Provision of health care services implicitly factor in the understanding of social and economic disadvantage and vulnerability. However, the
understanding of gender as an important contributor for poor/negative health outcomes has still not been addressed in public health
programmes. Focus on women still continues to be women-specific and maternal health oriented.
This talk attempts to throw light on understanding the gender issues in society that throw fresh challenges to health care services delivery.
Le lundi 28 mars 2011, de 12h à 13h
Pavillon Marguerite d’Youville – Salle 3030
Carte du campus

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