::::: Prices 2011 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
If accommodation in dormitory :
The all inclusive price « Cévennes 2011 »
120 € per head
Child under 16
Additional meal
11 € (before Thursday evening or after Sunday 14.00)
Additional breakfast
5 € (before Thursday evening or after Sunday 14.00)
Additional night
week-end « all inclusive price »
80 € (From Friday 18.0 to Sunday 14.00)
If accommodation outside : (hotels, cottages or campsites : booking and cost at your personal expense)
All inclusive price for Couple
160 €
The all inclusive price for single
120 € per head
Deadline for registration : 30th May 2011.
All your questions on [email protected] or at (33)
::::::Accommodation in Méjannes Le Clap ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Hotels and gîtes
« Auberge Le Baguenaudier ». Phone : (33)
« Résidence Le Méjannes » : Bedrooms and flats from 2 to 8 peoples.
Web Site : Phone : (33) or (33)
« Le Mas des Garrigues » (House of Provence in la Lecque, Lussan, 8 kms) : Bedrooms and gîte
Web Site : Phone : (33)
« Hotel Arnac » (in St Ambroix, 15 kms). Phone : (33)
« Sweet Home » Phone (33) 06 11 16 66 80. Email : [email protected]
Campsites, mobil-homes and chalets…
« Les Dolmens » : Mobil-homes and chalets from 4 peoples and more.
Web Site : Phone : (33)
« Résidence Les Calades » : Chalets for 4 peoples.
Web Site : Phone : (33) or (33)
Bed & Breakfast
« La Pensée du Jour » : Web Site : Phone (33) or
« Lou Quinsou » (Restaurant in St Jean de Maruéjols, 10 kms). Phone : (33)
Registration :
Do you want other addresses ? Please contact the Tourist Bureau of Méjannes Le Clap at (33) Web Site :
Aumônerie protestante aux
47, rue de Clichy
75311 PARIS cedex 9
The International Military Protestant
Convention (the « RIMP »)…
In 1951 a few Protestant soldiers decided to meet ath
« the Musée du Désert », high place of French
Protestantism, to share their faith in Christ and their
attachment to God.
Time passing by, this meeting became the International
Military Protestant Convention (RIMP), place of sharing,
renewal, and growth in faith for military Christians from
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark,
Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Hungary,
Poland, America, Canada, Ivory Cost, Czech Republic,
Lettonia, Slovenia, and of course France (home country
and overseas). Today, the “RIMP” gathers just about 500
protestant soldiers coming from 20 different countries.
This year, our meditation is based on the Theme :
::::: Information :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
This event is authorized by the French Ministry of the
Defence, it is under the auspices of the Chief of the
French armies staff. We wait for all people, militaries or
civilians of Defence ministries from all countries.
The Convention will take place at the “Espace Gard
Découvertes” of Méjannes Le Clap (Gard) from Thursday
23. June, welcome from 18.00, to Sunday 26. June,
leaving at 14.00. All information, the detailed
programme, the workshops, Church services and hymns
will be written in a welcome file given at your arrival.
The Convention is a military event and rather takes place
in uniform (current service cloth or battle-dress). On
Sunday morning : “summer” sortie cloth (short-sleeved
For all participants accommodated in dormitory, sheets
are given. Hotels and campsites in the surroundings of
the Centre offer facilities for those who want more
comfort but at their own expenses (see page 4 all
accommodated outside pay 160 €.
Méjannes Le Clap : 30 kms from Alès, one hour from
Nîmes. A shuttle between the railway station of Nîmes
and Méjannes Le Clap is planned on Thursday at 18.00
(buses on parking “Arrivée”). The shuttle back to
Nîmes will leave Anduze on Sunday at 14.30.
::: Programme ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Accommodation in dormitory : without
extra fee ! See other possibilities of outside
Thursday 23. June
accommodation , page 4…
All meals are included in the « all inclusive price ». The badge « Meals » is given at the welcome desk.
Shuttle from Nîmes railway
station : 18.00 !
From 18.30
Dinner (two services)
Opening Church Service
End of evening…
Nations’ Village : please think to bring specialities to share during this
opportunity (tastings, local souvenirs, traditional costumes, s.o).
Friday 24. June
Guided tours and concerts are included in the « package »
Buses departure
To Mialet
Mialet :
Church service
Under the oaks
picnic in Mialet !
« Discovery route »
Friendship feast !
and visit of the Musée du Désert
Take your Bible and your music instrument !
Friendship feast : think of it from that moment !
Saturday 25.June
Worship service
Méjannes Le Clap :
Sunday 26. June ____________________________________________________________________
Buses departure to
official church service
9.45 : procession
of the delegations
to the Temple
After : Aperitif on the
square of the Temple
Concert on the square
of the village !
After 14.00
Leaving !…
Shuttle to the Nîmes railway
station : 14h30 !

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