important dates for the diary….



important dates for the diary….
Friday 17 October, 2014
Issue 14, Week 2, Term 4
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Year 12 Donate “Street swags” to the Uniting Church Soup Kitchen
Their minds are firmly set on HSC exams, but Year 12 students at Orara High School have
spared a thought for those less fortunate on the Coffs Coast.
Senior students each year raise funds for charity and this year's selected cause is the Uniting
Church Soup Kitchen.
After a series of barbecues and student auction days, Year 12 raised funds to purchase street
swags which the Soup Kitchen committee and volunteers will distribute to the homeless next
The students felt the issue of homelessness was of great importance here in Coffs Harbour and
the benefit of their fundraising is that the funds will stay in the local area.
Tim Rodgers
Year 12 Advisor
Right: Year 12
students donate “Sleep
swags” to the dedicated
committee and
volunteers of the
Uniting Church Soup
The swags will be given
to people unfortunate
enough to find
themselves homeless
next winter.
P&C Meeting @ 6pm School library
11-18 Yr 12 IT & Hospitality Work Tng
Yr 12 Formal - Aanuka Resort
Yr 10 Formal - Opal Cove
Yr 6 into Yr 7 Orientation Day
HSC Results online
Presentation Day
Rewards Day Excursion
Last day for students Term 4
Staff Development Days
Opportunity, innovation and success
Page 2
From the Principal
Welcome Back
It’s nice to have students and staff
return after their well-deserved break.
I look forward to us all having a
demanding and productive Term 4.
Year 12
Our Year 12 students have made a good
start to the HSC commencing with their
English Exams on Monday 13 October.
I wish them and their families every
success and look forward to seeing
them at the Year 12 Formal on Friday
14 November at the Aanuka Resort.
Our next meeting will be held next
Monday 20 October commencing at 6pm
in the school library and new members
are most welcome.
I will be taking the opportunity to show
members an analysis of our NAPLAN
School Promotions Officer
An Expression of Interest is listed
elsewhere in the Newsletter for the
position of School Promotion Officer at
Orara High School.
Frank Stanton
Free Tutoring for Year 11 and 12
Orara High School offers students in
Years 11 and 12 free tutoring under
the HSC Tutorial Program.
The program is run by a specialist
teacher after school, at no cost to
Tutoring provides an opportunity for
students to catch up on any past work,
discuss any difficulties and improve
their exam technique.
Tutorials can be held individually or in
small groups. Students are encouraged
to see Mr Jeff James (PE Staffroom)
for further information.
Opportunity, innovation and success
Page 3
Police Remembrance Day 2014
Above: (L to R) School Vice Captain Liam Dunn, School Captain Shauna Manuel, President of the
Retired Police Officers Association Mr Tony Brown and School Captain Josh Hyson attended this
year’s Police Remembrance Day held in the October school holidays at Sawtell.
Diamond level award
100% Attendance - terms 1, 2, 3
Amani Ayelew
Tamara Perotti
Jessica Carr
Ally Trebilcock
Mia Carroll
Bonnie White
James Dixon
Caleb Lokpo
Amakou Makuer
Mykala Peters
Amakou Marial
Shanelle Simmons
Isabella Marshall
Somchai Tha
Madison Mills
Opportunity, innovation and success
Page 4
Term 3
Zack Newton-Crowe
Delgha Nourzaee
Kate Pengelly
Ali Ahmad Nourzaee
Mylaka Peters
Marian Assou
Galen Reilly-Martin
Efrem Ayelew
Nic Betts
Alexander Castell-Spence
Maya Chrisopoulos
Damon Cribb
Katarina Cuddy
Skhye Evans
Kenzie Shearman
Charmaine Shilling
Taamara Shooks
Kayla Simmons
Shanelle Simmons
Gurpreet Sin
Anna Fry
Jasmeet Singh
Benjamin Gowers
Ben Smith
Ebru Gunes
Tyler Spruce
Jessee Ireland
Sarah Stone
Jack Jenkins
Somchai Tha
Joel Livesey
Caleb Triplett
Caleb Lokpo
Shauna Manuel
Daniel Murrell
Sukhpreet Nagra
Raven White
Bonnie White
Bailey Whitley
Erin Willis
Jarian Nelson
Jimmy Nelson
Opportunity, innovation and success
R U Ok? Day
Talking about mental health issues is not
always an easy thing to do, but one national
initiative paves the way to making it simple.
R U Ok? Day encourages people to ask friends,
family and colleagues the question that simply
says you care.
In September, Orara High School students did
exactly that, asked R U Ok? The founder lost
his father to suicide and developed this cause
so that he could limit the amount of people
feeling this is the only option left.
The event was highlighted by Welfare staff at
Orara High School donning bright yellow shirts
for the occasion, helping students to
recognise; Year Advisors, Support Staff, Girls
and Boys Advisors and the two School
As further encouragement, students were
offered a small token if they could show they
had asked a friend if they were in fact okay.
There were plenty of laughs as the teachers
put up a good fight against the best Year 12
students could throw at them in a hotly
contested volleyball match. The jury is still
out on who actually won as teachers were
umpiring the match which appears somewhat
Overall the aim was to raise awareness that
you don’t have to be a mental health expert to
show you care. R U Ok details can be found at along with invaluable
resources and merchandise.
Why not set yourself the challenge to ask
someone tomorrow.
Kate March
School Counsellor
Page 5
Opportunity, innovation and success
Page 6
International Music Artists visit Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium
Students from Orara High School were invited to participate in a Didgeridoo and Guitar
workshop held at the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium on Monday 13 October.
The workshop featured performances by internationally acclaimed didgeridoo player William
Barton and the virtuoso guitarist Anthony Garcia.
Students were treated to their original compositions and given the opportunity to learn their
songwriting and performing techniques through a question and answer session, before being
invited to play onstage with the duo.
Above: (L to R) Orara High School student Bronson Lockwood, accompanies William Barton and Anthony Garcia,
internationally renowned music artists at Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium.
Orara High School, Coffs Harbour - now on Facebook
For updates on school
events, information and
photos, please “like” our
new Facebook page.
Year 7 - “Uni Opens Up Your World”
Thursday 20 November 2014
participating in
the UNI-BOUND program at Coffs Harbour campus for a “Uni
Southern Cross University will host Year 7 students
Opens Up Your World” experience.
Students start exploring future aspirations
through mixed media presentations by university staff and students and participate in handson discovery labs.
This visit provides an introduction to life at
university, interaction with university staff and
UNI-BOUND Mentors telling their stories
of getting into and studying at university, and
an opportunity to explore a university
campus. Transport to and from the event is
provided by the University.
Opportunity, innovation and success
CAPA Night
CAPA night was held in
week 8 of last term.
Involving the work of
students from Years 7
to 11, the evening
included displays of
visual art, dance,
drama, gymnastics,
drumming and music.
It was wonderful to have the Year 12 music
and dance students perform before their HSC
Dance is fast becoming a popular elective
thanks to the efforts of Orara High School
teacher Kristie Hood.
Well done to all students and staff who helped
in setting up, and thanks to the large number
of parents and friends who came to support
us. See you Term 1 next year!
Merryn Crocker
CAPA Faculty
Page 7
Opportunity, innovation and success
Page 8
Major Success at Country
Students Jade, Tui and Taamara
Shooks along with their younger
sister Kea have recently
competed in the Kaigan.Kan
Karate.Do Country Championships held at Singleton recently.
All girls achieved amazing
success on the day, collectively
bringing home a haul of twelve
Congratulations to the Shooks
Family on your outstanding
Right: (L to R) Sensi Ron Abela, Tui
Shooks, Jade Shooks, Taamara Shooks
and Sensi Tony Capararo with their haul
of winning trophies.
Expressions of interest are sought for the position of
School Promotions Officer at Orara High School.
Interested candidates are asked to submit a written
application of no more than two pages addressing the
following criteria:
Ability to liaise with staff, students, parents and
community organisations.
Experience in website management and in the use
of Microsoft Publisher or Adobe In Design is
Experience in working in schools is desirable.
Time management skills and the ability to meet
The position is for two days per week, and the
successful candidate will be paid at school
administrative officer award rates. The tenure is until
the end of the 2015 school year.
Please include contact details for yourself and two
Applications are to be handed to the school’s front
office by close of business Friday, 24 October.
Monday nights
6pm – 7.30pm
at Coramba Hall
Tuesday nights
6.30pm – 8.00pm
at Lowanna Hall
Beginners to Advanced
Children 8 years to Adults
Working with children accredited
MAIA Accredited
Master Instructor
Jim Walker - 5th Dan
0407 801 490
Email: [email protected]