Security Update Nr. 30, 2/2004 - English



Security Update Nr. 30, 2/2004 - English
Number 30 – 2 / 2004
English Edition
Gilgen changes with the times
China’s growth engine gains momentum
Floating on wellness cloud nine
Fitfor the future
To remain competitive, a company has to
be flexible and ever ready to embrace new ideas.
In this issue of Security Update, we would
like to show you how the portrayed companies
handle this essential challenge and remain
fit for the future.
Let’s start in-house: Over the course of
decades, Gilgen has transformed itself from a
regionally anchored business to a key building
block within an international corporation.
Today, strategically defined steps at the
Kaba Group are geared towards benefiting from
change in China or harnessing opportunities
that originate from new needs in the Near East.
The articles that deal with the renovation
of well-known hotels in France, Switzerland,
and the USA illustrate how yesterday’s heritage
can inspire fascinating innovations. And the
fact that change also spawns new security
needs comes to the fore in articles describing
the management of pedestrian flows at
the Port of Dover, at Stockholm airport, or
in large sports stadiums.
Jean-François Wulpillier
Please note that due to country-specific
constraints or marketing considerations, some
of the Kaba Group products and systems may
not be available in every market.
We hope you enjoy the articles!
J.-F. Wulpillier and the editorial team
Parés pour l’avenir
Pour qu’une entreprise reste compétitive, elle doit
être capable
d’adaptation et
rester toujours
ouverte à l’innovation. Dans cette
édition de Security
Update, nous vous
montrons comment
les entreprises
dont nous parlons
se posent ces
questions essentielles et se préparent pour l’avenir.
chez nous: au cours
des décennies,
Gilgen a passé du
statut d’une entreprise familiale
régionale au rang
de composant
important d’un
groupe mondial.
Aujourd’hui, les
étapes stratégiques
fixées par le groupe
Kaba servent à
profiter de la
mutation en Chine
ou encore à tirer
parti des nouveaux
besoins du
Les articles sur les
rénovations d’hôtels
connus en France,
en Suisse ou en
Amérique montrent
la nouveauté fascinante qui peut
surgir de l’héritage
du passé. Et les
articles sur la
gestion des flux de
personnes au
port de Douvres,
à l’aéroport de
Stockholm ou dans
de grands stades
de football confirment que le changement appelle
aussi de nouveaux
besoins de sécurité.
Vous comprendrez
qu’en raison des
exigences spécifiques aux pays ou
de considérations
commerciales, les
produits et systèmes du groupe
Kaba ne sont pas
tous disponibles
sur l’ensemble des
Nous vous
souhaitons une
lecture plaisante!
J.-F. Wulpillier
et l’équipe
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is published in spring and autumn
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and German (21 000 copies)
15th year
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4 Gilgen changes with the times
Jean-François Wulpillier
Volker Bachmann
Andrea Fischer
Markus Imholz
Carole Leubler
Jürg Nyffenegger
Joachim Schmidt
6 Floating on wellness cloud nine
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9 Where design
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16 China’s growth engine
gains momentum
7 Reducing workloads
8 High-end technology
from Silicon Saxony
10 Innovative turnstiles for
Euro 2004 stadium
11 Production technology:
Trumpf holds the trump cards
26 Passageways fit to size
27 Bedanet 9105 now with PIN
27 Streamlining the sales
28 The elegant ETM door drive
28 Double-knob cylinder
12 Upscale comfort
29 Bedanet now opens doors, too
13 Wagner puts pizzazz in pizzas
29 SMS trouble tickets
14 A new star is born
15 Time & attendance management
a competitive advantage
18 Contactless security
30 New branch office
in Dubai
19 Mobile phones in Egypt
Cover photo
Page de couverture
Production at Siltronic AG, one
of the world market leaders
in wafers made of hyperpure silicon
(see page 8)
Production chez Siltronic AG, un
des leaders mondiaux du marché
des tranches (wafers) en silicium
pur (page 8)
20 Functionally fissured
21 In the service of science
31 Last but not least
22 Identification by fingerprint
31 Trade shows of interest
23 Pedestrian flow
and crowd management
24 Hotel security
into the 21st century
25 Major convention center
relies on mechatronics
changes with the times
About a year ago, Jakob Gilgen was appointed head of the
Door Systems Division. He likes to reminisce about the
evolution of Gilgen AG from its stature as a small company
in Schwarzenburg to a key unit of the Kaba Group and
what happened along the way.
Jakob Gilgen
COO Door Systems Division
Security Update (SU)
Mr. Gilgen, you represent the
second generation of the
company’s founders. Can you
tell us how it all began?
SU In 1996, Kaba acquired
Jakob Gilgen (JG) My father,
Jakob Gilgen, was an engineer
employed by the Post Office. He
soon realized that a market for
automatic gates and doors was
opening up, so in 1961, he founded
his own company and started
building the first drive systems in
the garage of his house in Schwarzenburg. From these modest
beginnings, his company transformed itself into a business
specialized in materials handling
and drive technologies. It grew
steadily, and thirty years later, it had
about 600 employees and generated some CHF 100 million in sales.
the doors segment of the Gilgen
Group. In this organization,
you became the managing director
of Kaba Gilgen AG. What was
the key change for you and your
JG For me personally, the
year 1993 was a turning point
because the management of the
company was entrusted to me.
When we joined the Kaba Group
in 1996, we saw promising
market synergies that still manifest
themselves today. In turn, Kaba
obtained a portfolio of automatic
doors that complemented the Kaba
Gallenschütz security door line.
It’s not surprising that the first step
was initiated by Kaba, since it
had already formulated its «Total
Access» vision twelve years before.
It is within the framework of this
vision that Kaba Gilgen, which
remained a non-centrally managed
unit, would henceforth play a
key role.
From the ingenious initial idea of the cone
(for speed variation) to the complete value chain
SU In all these years, you have
managed and expanded Kaba
Gilgen AG very successfully. The
company now has sales centers
throughout Europe. What are the
megatrends for security and
automatic doors in these markets?
JG The emphasis is shifting to
functionality and thus to the principle that a product should be as
simple and as good as the customer wants it to be. In general, we
see considerable potential in the
domain of high-security doors,
inside doors, and pedestrian flows.
At the same time, we are focusing
more actively on the modernization
market. On the one hand, customer
service is gearing up to accommodate competitive products, but
on the other, there is a risk that
companies from similar areas will
penetrate into our core business.
SU How is the Door Systems
Division positioned in this context?
JG Kaba Door Systems operates in the mid- to upper-price
segments and, thanks to the comprehensive product line, is excellently positioned. We are a servicedriven company, and our focus
lies in direct distribution. With
this approach, we can control the
entire value-added chain and
can build the largest possible
installed base while pursuing the
interesting aftermarket business –
customer service and upgrades or
au gré du temps
retrofits. By committing OEMs
(Original Equipment Manufacturer)
and VARs (Value Added Reseller),
we want to optimize our market
penetration, cover the entire market, and increase our production
SU Now that you are a member of the Kaba Group’s Executive
Committee, your focus will have
shifted. What did you concentrate
on during your first year as COO of
the Door Systems Division?
JG Basically, our intention was
to create a platform for the successful future of the Door Systems
Division outside Switzerland as
well. We implemented many instant
measures in problem units and
can confirm that the turnaround
is well underway.
Depuis 1961,
Gilgen AG a passé
du rang de petite
entreprise de
spécialisée dans les
portes automatiques à un maillon
important du
groupe Kaba. Du
fait de l’entrée dans
le groupe Kaba
en 1996, Gilgen a
bénéficié de synergies qui déploient
leurs effets encore
De son côté, Kaba
a obtenu un portefeuille de portes
automatiques, qui
est venu compléter
le secteur des
portes de sécurité
de Kaba Gallenschütz. Jakob
Gilgen, le fils du
fondateur, dirige
depuis un an la
division Door
Systems. Sous sa
direction, les difficultés rencontrées
dans les unités à
problèmes sont en
voie de résolution,
si bien que la division est parée pour
les futurs succès.
SU Does your work leave
you enough time for your family
and your hobbies?
JG My job gives me great
pleasure. Nonetheless, I need a
good work /life balance, and the
time I spend with my wife and our
three children is very important
to me. To stay fit, I frequently play
tennis or hit the slopes on skis.
on wellness cloud nine
People who want to unwind and relax
in an exclusive setting will find what they need
in the heart of Interlaken. The new oasis of
tranquillity at the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel
will wipe away worries, daily hectic, and stress.
For the past twelve years, guests
from all over the world have loved
being pampered at the spacious
health club of the famous wellness
and spa hotel. Here, fitness and
beauty meld harmoniously. Now
this haven of well-being has been
crowned with the inauguration of an
exclusive annex building. In cooperation with Susan Harmsworth,
founder and CEO of the Londonbased E’SPA International company,
the hotel has created an exceptional venue: an oasis of peace,
beauty, and well-being.
The agenda is clear: deep
relaxation for mind, body,
and soul. More than 15 experts
pamper guests with an eclectic
selection of Western and Eastern
After having implemented the
impressive indoor pool facility,
acclaimed Zurich-based architects
Behles + Partner succeeded
in designing a wellness zone that
eloquently interprets the holistic
concept of the spa.
The annex building is graced
with precious materials, sensuous
forms, soft mood lighting, and a
sleek layout. The automatic sliding
doors supplied by Kaba Gilgen
blend perfectly with the aesthetic
environment, offering the ultimate
in convenience. As if moved by
magic, these doors open silently to
those who seek a realm of physical
and spiritual well-being.
[email protected]
Flotter sur la vague
L’oasis de wellness
agrandie de l’hôtel
de luxe VictoriaJungfrau à Interlaken permet d’oublier les soucis et
le stress quotidien
et offre une relaxation unique. Plus
de 15 experts ont
pour mission de
procurer aux clients
une détente maximale pour le corps,
l’esprit et l’âme
par des méthodes
de traitement
aussi bien orientales qu’occidentales.
Des portes coulissantes automatiques de Kaba Gilgen s’insèrent
dans cette ambiance esthétique.
The AutoTime time and
labor management system
has enabled Dassault
Falcon Jet Corp to reduce
cost accounting and payroll
workloads, gain real time
data and interface with other
software. The system was
implemented at their Little
Rock facilities during a recent
expansion project.
Dassault Falcon Jet Corp, Little
Rock, the main completion center
for all Falcon jets worldwide, has
virtually doubled in size, after a
recent three-year expansion project.
Current production models are
manufactured in France and then
flown in “green” condition to the
completion center where optional
avionics and a custom interior
are installed and the exterior is
The company collects time
and labor data, validates work
orders and provides control to the
shop floor with the company’s
AutoTime time and labor management system. The system is very
easy to use. Employees start the
day by clocking in on a Kaba
Benzing terminal directly to a work
order. When they clock to the
next work order, they automatically
stop the previous work order. At
the end of the day, employees swipe
their badges through the terminal
and clock out.
AutoTime is used as a time
and attendance, labor distribution
and material movement system.
It complements the functionality of
the aviation company’s HMS project
management software, CORRIDOR
aviation services software and
Total HR Human Resources and
Payroll suite. It provides real time
shop floor data collection and
accurate labor information. The
system also supports bi-directional
data transmission that validates
and prevents errors at the interface
level. It further validates production
orders and operations against
data retrieved from the other software suites.
Gestion efficace
du personnel
La production de
base du Falcon
Jet bien connu se
fait en France.
Ensuite, ces avions
sont complétés et
préparés pour la
vente à Little Rock,
Arkansas, dans un
complexe de
bâtiments récemment et fortement
agrandi. Le système
de gestion des
temps et des personnes AutoTime
permet à la Dassault
Falcon Jet Corp
d’obtenir des informations sur le
temps de travail et
de collecter des
données en temps
réel. Des terminaux
Kaba Benzing contribuent à un déroulement efficace.
[email protected]
High-end technology
from Silicon Saxony
Siltronic AG, among the world’s foremost
producers of wafers made of hyperpure silicon
for the chip industry, says it is one of the
few leading high-volume makers of 300 mm
wafers outside Japan.
de pointe
de Silicon Saxony
Siltronic, dont le
siège principal
est à Munich, est
un des leaders
mondiaux du marché des tranches
(wafers) en silicium
pur. Pratiquement
tous les grands
fabricants de puces
électroniques sont
clients de Siltronic,
car les tranches
de silicium constituent la base de
la microélectronique actuelle.
Des badges Legic
sont utilisés dans
la nouvelle et ultramoderne usine
de Freiberg (Saxe)
pour le contrôle
d’accès et la saisie
des temps.
Headquartered in Munich,
Siltronic is one of the world market
leaders in wafers made of hyperpure silicon. The company operates
production sites in Europe, the USA,
and in Asia Pacific.
Silicon wafers are the foundation
of modern microelectronics. They
are used for computers, mobile
telephones, DVD players, navigation
systems, and much more. No
wonder nearly all large chip manufacturers are Siltronic customers.
The company’s plant in the
Saxon town of Freiberg, near
Dresden, produces 150 mm wafers
and has one of the world’s most
advanced crucible pulling furnaces
for 200 mm silicon monocrystals.
Since mid-2004, the company has
also been producing next-generation 300 mm wafers in Freiberg,
using a new production line representing an investment of over
EUR 400 million.
The introduction of 300 mm
wafers to replace the previous
generation of 200 mm discs makes
it possible to produce 2.25 times
the number of chips per wafer, thus
reducing the manufacturing cost
by as much as 30 %.
Siltronic opted for Legic badges
for access control as well as
time & attendance applications.
The same media can also be
used to manage cashless purchases at vending machines. The
Legic cards are printed on-site
by the integrated Kaba card and
badge generation system. The
authorization profiles are allocated
via the Kaba exos 8300 basic
software which is interfaced to the
SAP system and simultaneously
monitors door states.
[email protected]
Where design
meets functionality
The appeal of the Opus Zug
development is based
on the balanced interplay
of aesthetics and contemporary space design, a
superb infrastructure, plenty
of light, and a safe yet
thoroughly flexible access
The center of Zug has been
extended with Opus, an attractive
piece of urban architecture. The
project is composed of eight fivestory buildings of different sizes
grouped around an atrium. It is the
first milestone in the reutilization of
the industrial zone formerly occupied by Landis & Gyr.
Jörg Sidler, senior project manager of Karl Steiner AG, the general
contractor chosen to turn Opus
into reality, is well pleased: “The
building is well accepted by the tenants. The issue was to implement
a highly modern infrastructure with
a state-of-the-art building technology concept and complex, tenant-specific interiors. At the same
time, we had to fulfill sophisticated
requirements with respect to security and flexibility.”
The customer-specific implementation of Kaba’s «Total Access»
philosophy addressed these requirements and allowed the builders to
entrust a single partner with the
entire security scheme. Kaba AG
installed the Kaba exos 8300
access control system, a mechanical Kaba star locking system,
and electronic Kaba elolegic cylinders. Kaba Gilgen supplied a number of sliding doors. Additionally,
Kaba’s Legic technology makes it
possible for tenants to operate
all beverage and snack dispensers,
as well as copiers. Access authorization profiles can be changed
quickly, thanks to the electronic
Kaba elolegic cylinders, assuring
the utmost in flexibility, for instance,
in the event of tenancy changes.
[email protected]
Lorsque design
et fonctionnalité
Avec Opus, le
centre de la ville de
Zoug et plus précisément le périmètre
Landis & Gyr, s’est
enrichi d’un ensemble esthétique.
Le projet regroupe
huit bâtiments
autour d’une cour
intérieure et réunit
des concepts
techniques ultramodernes et porteurs d’avenir. Une
mise en œuvre
spécifique au client
de la philosophie
«Total Access» a
permis aux maîtres
de l’ouvrage de
réaliser leur dispositif de sécurité
avec un seul
partenaire: Kaba.
Innovative turnstiles
for Euro 2004 stadium
This summer, the beautiful, history-steeped university town of Coimbra
in northern Portugal was one of the venues of the 2004 European
Soccer Championships. The thoroughly renovated stadium was equipped
with innovative Kaba turnstiles.
Torniquetes inovadores para o estádio do
Campeonato Europeu de Futebol 2004
innovants pour
l’Euro 04
Le championnat
d’Europe de football a eu lieu du
12 juin au 4 juillet
dans neuf villes
portugaises. La ville
universitaire de
Coimbra riche en
histoire a réalisé
pour l’occasion un
complexe de divertissement moderne,
constitué d’un
stade, d’un centre
commercial, de
restaurants et de
cinémas. Kaba
Gallenschütz a contribué au succès
de ce grand événement avec 34 tourniquets doubles
spécialement développés pour les
stades de sport.
De 12 de Junho a
4 de Julho de 2004
realizou-se o Campeonato Europeu
de Futebol em
nove cidades portuguesa. A cidade
universitária de
Coimbra, plena
de história, causou
impressão com
o seu moderno
complexo recreativo
constituído pelo
estádio, centro
comercial, restaurantes e cinemas.
A Kaba Gallenschütz contribuiu
para o sucesso
deste importante
evento com 34 torniquetes duplos,
para os estádios
Nine Portuguese cities hosted
UEFA’s European Soccer Championships from 12 June to 4 July 2004.
In anticipation of this sports extravaganza, the city council of Coimbra
approved an overall budget of
EUR 36 million for the rehabilitation
and modernization of its stadium.
The small and rather modest
1940s facility was transformed into
a modern sports complex with
a shopping center, restaurants,
movie theaters, and offices.
Its heart is the revamped “Estadio
Cidade de Coimbra” that seats
30 000 spectators.
A total of 34 double turnstiles
were installed at all entrances to
handle access control. This newgeneration turnstile was developed explicitly for sports stadiums
and recreational centers that
accommodate major events. The
very first units were installed in
the “AufSchalke” arena in Germany.
The special turnstile column, with
just six bars per segment, ensures
that crowds can only enter single
file. At the same time, the units
enable fast and comfortable passage, allowing unrestricted eye
contact with the checkpoint personnel. The pedestrian guidance
element is a lockable door. When
the doors are open, the card
readers are easy to operate – no
one can press forward by shoving and pushing. When the doors
are closed, the card readers are
on the inside, protected against
vandalism and the weather.
[email protected]
Trumpf holds
the trump cards
The Trumpf Group is among the world’s leading providers of
production technology solutions. Innovations pioneered by Trumpf
define the technical benchmark and give users access to
new manufacturing processes and productivity enhancements.
In the medical technology segment, Trumpf offers systems
solutions for operating theaters
and intensive care stations.
Fabrication innovante chez Trumpf
Le groupe Trumpf
fait partie des
entreprises mondiales de pointe en
matière de technique de fabrication.
Ses innovations
marquent les standards techniques
dans les domaines
d’usinage des tôles
et de matériaux,
la technique laser
et médicale ainsi
que l’électronique.
Des lecteurs Legic
règlent l’accès aux
bâtiments aussi
bien au siège principal de Ditzingen
(Allemagne du Sud)
que dans les succursales européennes. Pour la saisie
des temps, on
utilise des terminaux Kaba Benzing.
The Trumpf Group’s 5800
employees generate annual sales
in the magnitude of EUR 1.2 billion
with machine tools for punching,
nibbling, forming, and bending
as well as laser and medical technology and electronics.
Trumpf is the world market and
technology leader in lasers and
laser systems for production technology. The product line includes
high-power CO2 lasers as well as
lamp and diode pumped solid-state
lasers, laser marking systems, and
multi-axis laser systems.
In the domain of industrial electronics, the company manufactures
high and medium frequency generators for plasma-based surface
treatment applications, for inductively heating a wide range of materials, and for CO2 laser excitation.
Access control at Trumpf’s
headquarters in Ditzingen, a city in
southern Germany, as well as at
the Group’s European subsidiaries,
is handled by Legic, mainly
with Bedanet 9105 series readers.
Time & attendance is recorded
by Bedanet 9380 terminals supplied
by Kaba Benzing. These devices
transfer certified data to the SAP
system. The Internet compatible
units are equipped with color
touch screens driven by a multilingual user guidance system,
making them ideal for worldwide
[email protected]
One of the landmarks of the Mediterranean hotel industry celebrated its
renaissance in early 2004 after a
meticulous and thorough renovation.
The hotel was originally built in
1929 by Charles and Marcel Dalmas,
two architects from Nice.
The new Palais de la Méditerranée, a “city resort” that was once
a temple of the arts and a casino
in the roaring twenties, enjoys
an ideal position facing the sea on
the prestigious Promenade des
Anglais in Nice. It now offers its
guests the most sophisticated
services and high-tech amenities
in a setting worthy of the luxury
hotel sector. In addition to the
majestic swimming pool heated all
year round, the hotel’s guests
have access to saunas, hammams,
and fitness centers. All bedrooms
feature automatic minibars as well
as flat video screens with ADSL and
Wifi connections. The Palais has
enhanced the security of its premises and guests by opting for locks
operated by Kaba magnetic cards.
The 188 bedrooms and 12 suites
of the nine-floor hotel are equipped
with mechanical Kaba solitaire 710-II
Ultra locks. This superb access control system permits high-performance control and management of all
the access points to the hotel,
offering guests both convenience
and state-of-the-art security. The
interior architect chose a bright
chrome finish, combining style and
elegance, to reflect the hotel’s philosophy of comfort and the contemporary ambiance of the premises.
[email protected]
haut de gamme
Le Palais de la
conçu en 1929 par
les architectes
Charles et Marcel
Dalmas sur un
emplacement niçois
très mondain, a
retrouvé tout son
lustre après une
rénovation approfondie. A part de
nombreux raffinements techniques,
les 188 chambres
et les 12 suites
de cet hôtel de luxe
bénéficient de serrures Kaba solitaire
710-ll, qui se fondent harmonieusement dans l’image
d’ensemble exclusive et qui veillent à
un accès sûr.
puts pizzazz in pizzas
The Wagner “Steinofen-Pizza” belongs to the
most popular deep-frozen products found
in Germany’s stores. With an extensive variety
of pizzas and snacks, the family-owned company,
based in the Saarland region, has climbed
to the top of its league.
Wagner is headquartered
in Nonnweiler /Braunshausen in
Saarland and operates a second
commercial bakery in Nonnweiler/Otzenhausen. The company
is one of Europe’s largest makers
of deep-frozen pizzas. Thanks
to high quality standards, ongoing
innovation, a systematic branding
policy, and the clear differentiation
of its products, the privately owned
enterprise has captured a market
share of about 33 % in Germany
alone. Today, its workforce numbers
about 1100 persons.
The product line of this traditional
deep-frozen food specialist ranges
from the bestselling classic “Steinofen-Pizza” and the premium “La
Pizza” product to “Unsere Natur”, a
pizza with all-organic ingredients.
The company also distributes snacksize pizzas such as Piccolinis –
the salami variety of this product
ranks second among all deepfrozen pizzas sold in Germany.
At Wagner, time & attendance
is handled with Kaba Benzing’s
B-COMM for R/3 ERP subsystem,
which is totally integrated within
the company’s existing SAP
software. A unique aspect is that
time recording is coupled with
a shift-defined access control system. “Access is governed by the
employee’s personal shift schedule,
which is managed by the SAP system, and any scheduling exceptions
that may have been agreed upon,”
said Peter Kessler, head of IT at
Wagner. “Thus, staff members can
only enter the facilities if they have
been assigned to work during the
respective time window,” he added.
[email protected]
Wagner fait entrer
la pizza au salon
La «SteinofenPizza» de l’entreprise familiale
Wagner est un des
produits les plus
représentés dans
les congélateurs
des ménages allemands. L’entreprise
sarroise a en effet
atteint une part
de marché de 33 %
rien qu’en Allemagne, avec
1100 collaborateurs
et une grande
variété de pizzas
et de snacks.
Les temps de travail sont saisis par
le sous-système
B-COMM pour
R/3 ERP de Kaba
A new star
is born
Nihon Kaba has been distributing Kaba star cylinders as
well as Kaba OEM cylinders for several years. There is
evidence that large Japanese customers now prefer Kaba star.
This product has become a synonym for high security.
Mori Trust Co. Ltd, located
in downtown Tokyo, is one of the
largest urban development and
building management companies
in Japan. They have constructed
50 office buildings, 9 condominiums
and 3 hotels in the Tokyo area.
Mori Trust also deals with new
urban development projects such
as the Marunouchi Trust Tower
and the Tokyo Shiodome Building.
From the start of these two
major projects, Mori Trust considered using Kaba star cylinders.
They will now install 2800 such
cylinders at the Marunouchi Trust
Tower and 2500 cylinders in
the Tokyo Shiodome Building.
NK Building Management is
another large building management group that is located in downtown Tokyo. Around 50 buildings,
especially luxury condominiums
under the brand name Manor,
are in their portfolio. NK Building
Management recently started a
project to replace existing cylinders
with Kaba star cylinders. After
completion, more than 6000 Kaba
star cylinders will be installed.
The Kaba star key has a huge
number of distinctions and can
be integrated into large and complex master key systems. General
constructors, architects and
building management companies
want to ensure high security
solutions and the convenience of
a master key system. Kaba star
is therefore one of the most suitable
and valued solutions in Japan.
[email protected]
Une star est née
La société de distribution japonaise
Nihon Kaba offre
depuis des années
des cylindres Kaba
star tout comme
des cylindres OEM
de la maison Kaba.
Il existe maintenant
des indices donnant à penser que
Kaba star deviendra bientôt le produit préférentiel de
grandes entreprises
générales ou de
sociétés d’administration. C’est ainsi
que dans un proche
avenir, plusieurs
milliers de cylindres Kaba star
seront montés dans
de grands projets
à Tokyo.
Time & attendance
a competitive advantage
Founded in 1855 in the southern German town
of Lenningen, Scheufelen GmbH produces
high-grade paper that is exported to more than
80 countries. It has always been a familyowned enterprise; today, the fourth generation is
at the helm.
With some 900 employees,
Scheufelen GmbH generates sales
of about EUR 250 million. The
Lenningen paper mill manufactures
about 270 000 metric tons of paper
per year. It specializes in wood-free,
coated premium and art paper in
sheet and web formats. Scheufelen
serves customers around the world.
A well-organized warehouse cuts
delivery times, and processes are
effectively supported with an SAP
When the SAP HR module was
introduced, it became necessary to
replace the existing time recording
system. The paper mill’s IT specialists wanted an SAP subsystem
that would allow rapid migration –
and found it: the B-COMM for
R/3 ERP solution by Kaba Benzing.
“The transition was very smooth,”
said deputy IT manager and
SAP liaison officer Gerd Pfeiffer.
The initial installation involved five
time & attendance recording
terminals, later complemented by
an access control terminal for
the IT department. Commenting
on his experience with the
solution, Pfeiffer added: “One of
its advantages is that it can be
discreetly expanded with minimal effort. The system is running
without a hitch and requires virtually no maintenance.”
Compétitivité par
la gestion des temps
La fabrique de
papier Scheufelen,
fondée en 1855,
produit annuellement près de
270 000 tonnes de
papier, spécialement des papiers
couchés sans bois
de première qualité, en feuilles et
en rouleaux. Le
processus de production est assisté
par un système
SAP. Le système
de saisie des temps
actuel a été rénové
avec l’introduction
du module SAP HR
et le sous-système SAP B-COMM
pour R/3 ERP de
Kaba Benzing a été
[email protected]
China’s growth engine
gains momentum
China’s economy is growing at a breathtaking pace. The security market
offers numerous opportunities as well. Kaba first ventured into the
People’s Republic more than ten years ago and has gradually expanded
its activities since then. Thanks to the contract for the subway in
Hong Kong as a reference, Kaba has been able to gain greater exposure
and is now poised to participate in this huge country’s growth.
Le moteur de
croissance chinois
dope Kaba
L’économie chinoise continue à
progresser à toute
vitesse. Et il ne fait
pas s’attendre à
une fin prématurée
de ce boom,
car avec un revenu
par habitant de
USD 1000, la Chine
fait encore partie
des pays en voie
de développement.
De nombreuses
chances s’offrent
également sur le
marché de la sécurité. Kaba a fait
ses premiers pas
dans ce pays gigan-
tesque il y a déjà
dix ans et y a graduellement étendu
ses activités. Grâce
à un mandat de
référence pour
le métro de Hong
Kong, Kaba a
réussi à atteindre
un degré de notoriété suffisant et à
enregistrer une
croissance lucrative. Kaba prévoit
la mise en place
d’une organisation
de marché propre
en Chine au cours
de 2004–2005.
Najing Road then and now
The Chinese economy is the
world’s growth engine. With
1.3 billion inhabitants, the world’s
most populated country is posting
growth rates that European countries can only dream of. In the last
25 years, China’s gross domestic
product (GDP) has advanced
by an average of 8 % a year. This
Chinese economic marvel is the
outcome of a reform and openness
policy that was launched in 1978
and has since been systematically
pursued. The core of the policy
is to gradually transform the country
into a free-market economy.
An end to the boom is not
in sight. After all, with an average
annual per-capita income of
just around USD 1000, China
still ranks among the developing
countries. Additionally, no other
country attracts more foreign direct
investments than China. In 2002,
for example, USD 53 billion flowed
into the People’s Republic.
Platform screen doors for enhanced
safety and comfort. Standard components
are manufactured in China.
It is understandable that Swiss
companies want to actively participate in the Chinese boom. In 2003,
about 300 Swiss companies were
represented there, with 600 subsidiaries employing 40 000 people.
Kaba has had a presence in China
since 1990 and inaugurated its
own distribution structure in Hong
Kong in 1998.
Currently, automatic platform
screen doors are among Kaba’s
most important products in
China. In the medium term, many
projects will be implemented in
Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou,
Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, and
Tianjin. The order volume is in
the magnitude of CHF 600 million,
of which about 50 % involves
the modernization of existing rail
stations. The importance of automatic doors in the rapidly growing
domain of public transportation
is undisputed. They offer passengers enhanced safety and comfort,
and for operators, they improve
operating efficiency and save costs.
Since the year 2000, Kaba has
equipped 74 platforms at 30 subway stations in Hong Kong with a
total of 3000 platform screen
doors. So far, such door systems
have been commissioned on
41 platforms. Kaba succeeded in
fulfilling all of the customer’s
specifications with respect to deadlines, quality, functionality, and
availability. The core components,
about 40% of the contract volume,
are made in Switzerland, while
standard components are manufactured in China.
Kaba’s goal is to establish its
own market organization in China in
the course of financial 2004/2005,
mainly promoting the Door Systems Division’s products. In a second phase, further activities will
be launched. A production center
is gradually being established in
China to serve the Asian markets.
This local presence will allow
Kaba to optimize processes and
pricing structures. Kaba intends
to rely on both direct and indirect
distribution channels.
To be successful in China, a
company must adjust to local circumstances. Even though a good
product is mandatory, the top
priority is on forging personal relations, building confidence, and
understanding cultural values that
differ totally from European ones.
Chinese buyers prefer pragmatic,
often spontaneous business
processes, which is not always
easy for Europeans to understand.
And finally, some dangers loom
on the horizon for companies doing
business in China, including the
risk of an overheating economy,
significant environmental and energy
problems, and other suddenly
occurring obstacles such as the
recent SARS epidemic.
Multi-faceted China
[email protected]
Dover is not only one of the world’s largest harbors for ferries
and cruise ships, it is also one of Great Britain’s key points
for arrivals and departures. Accordingly, considerable emphasis
is placed on security. The port authorities rely on an access
control system based on Legic technology.
Since the era of the Roman
Empire, Dover has been an important gateway for traffic across the
English Channel. The port handles
14.7 million passengers, 4.4 million
trucks and cars, as well as about
19 million metric tons of freight each
year. Dover is one of the world’s
foremost seaports.
The administration, maintenance,
and development of the port lies
in the hands of the Dover Harbour
Board, a body created by King
James I in 1606. Overall, 6700 persons work within the port prem-
ises and in the administrative and
regulatory agencies. Subcontractors
account for about 3000 people.
Additionally, the Dover Harbour
Board issues port access permits
for some 60 000 persons.
Debbie Lawler, the project
manager of the Dover Harbour
Board, points out: “The solution
with a unique master token
supports the configuration of a
highly sophisticated security
and control concept. At the same
time, Legic’s multi-application
technology gives us plenty of elbow
room for the system’s ongoing
[email protected]
As one of Great Britain’s busiest
border-crossing points, the port
needs an effective access control
system to monitor inbound and
outbound traffic. Different security
zones with precisely defined
access authorization profiles have
been created within the perimeter
of the port.
sans contact
Depuis l’époque
des Romains,
Douvres sert de
point de départ
à la traversée de la
Manche. Douvres
est à présent non
seulement un des
plus grands ports
pour les bacs et
les bateaux de croisière, mais aussi
l’un des principaux
points d’entrée
et de sortie de
La sécurité y a
donc une importance particulière.
Les autorités
portuaires font
confiance à un système de contrôle
d’accès basé sur la
technologie Legic.
Mobile phones
in Egypt
Vodafone is pioneering the expansion
of mobile phone coverage in Egypt.
The number of subscribers is
rising steadily. Recently, the company
commissioned a state-of-the-art
access control system to secure its
Vodafone Egypt was established
in November 1998 as an international consortium under the name
of Misrfone Telecommunications
S.A.E. Since then, Vodafone Egypt,
with 1900 employees, has been
the driving force in evolving nationwide mobile communications.
Only 8 % of all Egyptians own a
mobile telephone, yet Vodafone
Egypt is currently serving 2.9 million
subscribers. With this impressive
market share, the company has
beaten all growth expectations
since it began operations. Vodafone
Egypt’s network now covers 98 %
of the populated area, and its
customers benefit from roaming
agreements with 228 operators in
96 countries on 6 continents.
Always on the lookout for innovation, Vodafone Egypt invited
bids for a flexible obsolescenceproof access control system
with the latest technical features
to thoroughly secure its facilities.
The project specified a computerbased physical access control
system including mechanical and
electronic peripherals, to protect
the company’s premises as well as
the entrances to its headquarters
in “6th of October City”.
Vodafone Egypt has now found
ideal long-term partners, with Kaba
Benzing and Kaba Gallenschütz for
hardware, Core International (Ireland)
as the software developer, and
ISI Egypt as the systems integrator.
[email protected]
Téléphonie mobile
en Egypte
Vodafone met progressivement en
place la téléphonie
mobile en Egypte.
Même si 8 % seulement de la population utilise un
téléphone portable,
l’entreprise compte
plus de 2,9 millions
d’abonnés – et
la tendance est à
la hausse. Un système de contrôle
d’accès répondant à l’état le plus
récent de la
technique assure
la sécurité dans
l’enceinte du
siège social. Kaba
Benzing et Kaba
Gallenschütz ont
fourni les terminaux
et les tourniquets.
fissured architecture
The Basel-based Schaulager is neither a museum nor
an art warehouse: it is “a different kind of space for art”.
Moreover, the space is the heart of an equally voluminous
and functional structure. It creates an ambiance
for experimentation, a place to see and think about
art in new ways.
fonctionelle et osée
Le Schaulager de
Bâle, développé
par les architectesvedettes Herzog &
de Meuron, est
un lieu exceptionnel. On y stocke
de l’art, qui peut
également être
visité, si bien que
ce complexe immobilier anguleux
est à la fois un
musée et un lieu
Kaba Gilgen a fourni
la grande porte à
battant de 11x4 m,
qui assure la réception sans problème des objets
d’art livrés.
In German, “Schau” means
“looking” and “Lager” means “warehouse”. The name Schaulager is
appropriate. The building houses a
repository of art that can be looked
at, making it, in effect, sort of a
combination between a museum
and a storage facility.
With the Schaulager Basel’s art
scene is enriched by yet another
attraction. The bulky, ochre-colored
building complex looks like an alien
from another world. Apart from their
aesthetic effect, the thick walls
ensure that the works of art can be
stored in a balanced indoor climate.
To safeguard this atmosphere,
the structure has windows only at
the entrance, in the offices, and
in the seminar rooms. From the outside, they appear to be oversized
horizontal fissures in the façade.
Inside, however, the windows have
absolutely ordinary sizes and
The landmark building, designed
by Basel star architects Herzog & de
Meuron, is open to the public only
during the summer months, when it
features a major exhibition. For
the rest of the year, it is a venue
for specialists involved in research
and restoration projects. It also
accommodates the extensive collection of the Emanuel Hoffmann
The smooth delivery of valuable works of art relies on
an automated 11×4 m segmented
door supplied by Kaba Gilgen.
The drive units that power each
of the 2300 kg segments are elegantly concealed in the ceiling
to preserve the architectural appeal
of the building.
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In the service
of science
Built in the years 1950–1960,
the university lies on the site of an
ancient abbey. The underlying
principle to which its architect
Edouard Albert subscribes is that
of transparency: every point at
Jussieu must afford a vista over the
surrounding urban areas. André
Malraux’s desire to integrate art into
this university setting took shape
through cooperation with a number
of prestigious artists.
According to Dean Marc Zamanski, the University
of Jussieu was designed to symbolize the “embodiment
of scientific thought in the very heart of Paris”.
In all, 45 000 students, 3800
research scientists and teachers,
and 3000 administrative and
technical staff take part in the life
of this vast university complex.
In 1974, the University acquired
prestigious sponsors when it
adopted the official title of “Université Pierre et Marie Curie”.
It endeavours to perpetuate their
scientific heritage on a daily basis.
Today the largest scientific and
medical complex in France enjoys
exceptional academic prestige
in every area of research. The
many prizes and medals regularly
awarded to its researchers and
the numerous international joint
ventures and exchanges maintained
by it, bear witness to this fact.
The flexibility of the Kaba elolegic
system and the broad spectrum
of innovative, high-performance
solutions are responsible for winning
the contract for the equipping of
1000 campus doors with 400 Kaba
elolegic locks and 600 Kaba elolegic
compact cylinders with remote
Elolegic centers. The customer
ordered the time versions of all these
products. Jussieu has become a
showcase for the integration of
Kaba products within the scope of
the «Total Access» strategy.
[email protected]
Au service
de la science
L’Université de
Jussieu, au
cœur de Paris,
accueille près
de 45 000 étudiants,
3800 enseignants
et 3000 personnes
dans ses secteurs
technique et administratif. Jussieu
est ainsi non seulement un centre
de recherche scientifique et médical
important, mais
aussi un lieu de
grand rayonnement
intellectuel. Les
serrures et cylindres
Kaba elolegic installés sur le campus
y remplissent leur
tâche sans faillir.
by fingerprint
The biometric approach to identifying people is
becoming increasingly popular. At its new
headquarters near Ingolstadt, the automotive
supplier Schabmüller controls access with a
biometric fingerprint system.
par empreinte
Le recours à la
biométrie pour
l’identification des
personnes est un
procédé de plus en
plus apprécié.
Spécialement aux
USA, mais aussi
et toujours plus en
Allemagne, les
décideurs voient
dans la biométrie
une solution intéressante pour la saisie
des temps de travail ou le contrôle
d’accès. C’est le
cas également chez
Schabmüller, qui
utilise un système
d’analyse d’empreintes digitales
dans son nouveau
bâtiment principal
près d’Ingolstadt.
Many companies are exploring
the benefits of biometric devices,
particularly in the USA. More and
more decision-makers are coming to the conclusion that it makes
sense to abandon badges and
instead use fingers as a medium
for tracking time & attendance or
for governing access.
In Germany, the fingerprint
paradigm already has many followers as well, including Schabmüller
Automobiltechnik GmbH in Grossmehring/Ingolstadt, a mediumsized German maker of auto parts.
From modest beginnings, the
company has gradually evolved to
become a successful automotive
subcontractor and now employs
135 persons.
Strict security requirements were
specified for the company’s new
headquarters. The main entrance is
used by employees and customers
alike, so it is important that only
authorized persons can gain access
to the individual zones. “We looked
at biometrics because we felt
that distributing cards or key chains
to employees was a hassle,” says
Herbert Fürst, production manager
at Schabmüller’s module assembly
plant. After evaluating several
systems, a decision was made in
favor of Kaba Benzing’s Bedanet
9120 FP biometry terminal. It will
run the Bedatime.ZUTRITT software
developed by Bavaria Zeitsysteme GmbH, a value-adding Kaba
Benzing reseller.
[email protected]
and crowd
Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport handles 18.3 million
passengers a year, making it Scandinavia’s busiest hub.
Kaba one-way corridors systematically guide arriving
passengers to their allocated sectors.
For several years, construction
activity has been brisk at Arlanda
Airport. After completion of the
project, air traffic will be handled by
two terminals, North and South.
Gestion de flux
de personnes
Avec 18,3 millions
de voyageurs par
année, Arlanda
(Stockholm) est le
plus important
aéroport de Scandinavie. A la transition air /sol, les
passagers arrivants
sont acheminés par
des sas à capteurs
spéciaux Kaba Gallenschütz vers les
zones «Schengen»
ou «non-Schengen» selon leur provenance. Un système de détection
raffiné veille à ce
que des personnes
non autorisées ne
puissent pas passer du côté sol au
côté air.
The Schengen Treaty, ratified
in 1995, created a pan-European
convention for arrivals and
departures. Inbound passengers
in Arlanda are guided to the
“Schengen” or “Non-Schengen”
zones of the terminal, depending
on their country of origin. The
issue is to prevent the two pedestrian flows from mixing.
For this purpose, Kaba Gallenschütz developed a one-way
corridor. It assures a fast and safe
transition from the air side to the
land side of the airport. The modular system consists of a passageway configured into various safety
zones with two full-height and two
waist-height swing doors. When
a passenger moves from the air side
to the land side, these four swingdoor units automatically open in
succession. The doors close when
the pedestrian flow stops. The
system also guarantees obstaclefree passage for wheelchairs.
A sophisticated array of sensors
prevents unauthorized persons
from moving from the land to the
air side.
Overall, seven Kaba one-way
corridors have been installed
at Arlanda, along with a Talos
revolving door and an Orthos Line
personal interlock featuring an
emergency escape-route function.
[email protected]
Hotel security
into the 21st century
The Hotel San Carlos, located
in downtown Phoenix, Arizona
opened its doors 76 years
ago on 20 May 1928. This
stylish, boutique hotel
with the ambience of Italian
Renaissance has, throughout
the years, catered to the
elite and famous personalities
of their time.
The hotel’s guests have included
some of Hollywood’s most famous
stars like Clarke Gable, Humphrey
Bogart, Marilyn Monroe and
Mae West. With prominent political
figures, sports stars and the rich
and famous, it was quite the place
to be seen. The hotel has suites
named after the stars that stayed
there. The most popular room being
the Mae West suite.
After major renovations in 2003,
the Hotel San Carlos has recaptured its original elegance. As the
only historic hotel in downtown
Phoenix, it is the pivotal structure
in the planned revitalization of
this area.
This historic luxury hotel faced
a major challenge last year when
upgrading their locking system.
How to find an electronic lock that
would not interfere with the historic décor yet bring hotel security
into the 21st century?
The Hotel San Carlos chose the
Generation E-760 lock from Kaba
Lodging Systems for its ease of
use, security features and unique
ability to blend with the décor of
the historic hotel.
Bruce M. Barnes, the General
Manager of the hotel, said: “we
have been absolutely satisfied with
the product. When the locks were
installed, the installers and company representatives were a delight
to work with and the service has
been outstanding. We have had
absolutely no trouble with any of
the locks and our front office staff
rave about the efficiency of the
Generation E-760 locking system”.
[email protected]
Sécurité hôtelière
du 21e siècle
L’hôtel San Carlos
à Phoenix, Arizona,
a ouvert pour la
première fois ses
portes en 1928.
Cet hôtel élégant
en style Renaissance italienne a
sans cesse été un
point d’attraction
pour des personnalités connues et
des stars de Hollywood. Après de
gros travaux de
transformation en
2003, l’hôtel a
retrouvé toute sa
grandeur passée.
Les serrures
E-760 remplissent
les exigences de
la sécurité.
Major convention
relies oncenter
The ICC Berlin is a key player in the international congress
and convention arena and a landmark in the German
capital. Every year it hosts about half a million visitors from
all over the world.
Its architecture, the technical
infrastructure, and the ability
to combine halls 1 and 2 in the ICC
Berlin (Internationales Congress
Centrum) open up new dimensions
in convention hosting. More than
9000 guests can simultaneously
observe the action on the multifunctional stage between the two
halls. The center can accommodate any type of event, thanks to
variable partitioning and innovative
Le maxi-centre
de congrès mise sur
la mécatronique
Hall 2 of the ICC Berlin is
unmatched in terms of versatility.
The technology that makes this
possible is unique. Within moments,
the grandstand that comfortably
seats 1480 people can be raised
to a parking position under the
ceiling – at the touch of a button.
This transforms the hall into a
spacious 2500 m 2 venue for major
exhibitions, large-scale events,
and memorable festivities.
For a building complex of this
size, given the requirements
imposed on exterior and interior
architecture, the integration of
the locking system was a major
criterion. In the early 1990s, when
mechatronics had just had its
debut, the ICC Berlin spontaneously
opted for Kaba nova technology.
Thanks to upward compatibility
across product generations, several
hundred doors are now equipped
with the Kaba nova and Kaba
elolegic systems. All other doors are
operated with Kaba quattro S, a
family of conventional mechanical
locking cylinders.
Le ICC Berlin
Congress Centrum)
attire chaque
année près d’un
demi-million de
visiteurs du monde
entier, venus
dans la métropole
allemande pour
des expositions,
des manifestations
ou des fêtes. Ses
exploitants attachent une grande
valeur à l’architecture et à la technique. Ils ont donc
fait équiper des
centaines de portes
avec Kaba elolegic,
qui complète le
système Kaba nova
déjà installé il y
a plus de dix ans.
Toutes les autres
portes sont commandées par des
cylindres de fermeture mécaniques
Kaba quattro S.
[email protected]
fit to size
sur mesure
La technologie de
porte coulissante
innovante SLX à
caisson d’entraînement caréné et
de conception
modulaire offre
de larges possibilités d’emploi avec
des dimensions
compactes. SLX
est parfait en combinaison avec le
système de profilés
minces PSX, dont
la construction
montant/pêne libre
constitue une
solution autonome,
avec possibilité
de montage d’une
The innovative SLX sliding-door
technology with enclosed drives
is based on a very compact, modular design concept and covers
a wide range of applications. Installation effort at the construction site
is reduced because of the possibility
of programming and controlling
the automatic doors via a Bluetooth
connection. The locked door can
be operated by the password-protected remote radio control BEDiX,
the pocket radio transmitter F-Key,
or a mobile phone. The latest
generation door sensor not only
generates the impulse that opens
the door but also assures user
protection in place of a conventional
light barrier. Thanks to its internal
CAN-Bus wiring (Controller Area
Network Bus), the system can be
conveniently upgraded to handle
additional functions.
The SLX sliding door drive is
perfectly matched for assembly
with the slender PSX profile system.
This sophisticated family of PSX
aluminum rails can be configured
into a free-standing post/transom
solution with an optional skylight or
transom window. The drive can
also be used with sliding elements
made of steel, wood, or plastic,
so it offers the planner a broad
spectrum of design opportunities.
[email protected]
Bedanet 9105 now with PIN
Bedanet 9105
maintenant avec NIP
Le sous-terminal
Legic 9105 pour
montage encastré
est désormais
livrable avec un
clavier NIP éclairé,
encore la sécurité.
Cet appareil
s’encastre dans
n’importe quelle
boîte UP 55 mm.
The flush-mounted Bedanet 9105
Legic subterminal is now available
with an illuminated PIN keypad. The
entry of an additional PIN (Personal
Identification Number) provides a
further enhancement of security.
The reader, which resembles a light
switch, will fit in any standard
55 mm flush-mount box. Since the
subterminal can read and manage
several different customer numbers,
it can also be configured for
stand-alone service, for instance
to govern access to parking lots or
underground parking garages.
The subterminal is equipped with
a sabotage contact, making it
suitable for outdoor use as well.
[email protected]
Streamlining the sales process
Kaba Gilgen has created three
software modules, called the Kaba
Door Office Solution, that simplify
the entire sales process in the new
installations segment while reducing
product and process complexity.
The solution is available as a standalone application or as integrated
The sales associate defines
the projects as well as the customer-specific configuration of an
automatic door. Using this information, the system generates the
calculations, the bid, and the order
confirmation. Afterwards, it automatically produces the data sheets,
the technical documentation, and
the parts lists for sales and production. An interface with the SAP/R3
system expedites the entire process
implementation phase.
[email protected]
Optimisation du
processus de vente
Avec Kaba Door
Office Solution,
Kaba Gilgen présente trois modules logiciels qui
simplifient tout le
processus de vente
des nouvelles installations et réduisent la complexité
de processus.
The elegant ETM door drive
Entraînement de
porte ETM
La porte coulissante automatique
pour l’intérieur
est mise en valeur
architectoniquement grâce au
design fonctionnel
et élégant de l’entraînement de porte
ETM. La souplesse
technique de ce
système garantit de
nombreuses possibilités d’utilisation.
The functional and elegant
design of the ETM door drive
vastly enhances the architectural
appeal of indoor-type automatic
sliding doors. Kaba Gilgen’s ETM
door opener guarantees barrierfree convenience and no-contact
hygiene in restaurants, hospitals,
offices, or private homes.
The technical flexibility of
the drive, with the open rail and
the simple interface, offers
planners ample latitude in design.
The attractively priced all-in-one
concept makes automatic doors
exceptionally interesting for many
new applications.
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Double-knob cylinder
Cylindre à bouton
La famille de produits Kaba elolegic
bien connue est
à présent complétée par un cylindre
à bouton double.
Il présente diverses
fonctions spéciales et sera disponible à partir du
printemps 2005.
The popular Kaba elolegic
product family is being expanded
with a double-knob cylinder.
Enhanced user convenience is
assured with a patent-pending
no-contact activation feature
combined with an illuminated ring
and a tone generator for visual
and acoustic signaling of authorized access. The double-knob
cylinder is sleekly designed and
very compact. The stand-alone
cylinder with integrated electronic
circuitry is ideal for easy retrofits
with a minimized assembly effort,
especially for thin doors. The Euro
profile double-knob cylinder is
scheduled to be launched in the
spring of 2005.
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Bedanet now opens doors, too
Bedanet ouvre
aussi les portes
Désormais, jusqu’à quatre sousterminaux peuvent
être raccordés
au terminal Bedanet 9360. Ce qui
permet de réaliser
de manière simple
et avantageuse
un système combiné d’autorisation
d’accès et de
saisie des temps.
Now that up to four subterminals
can be connected to the Bedanet
9360 terminal with the B Client HR 3
device software, it has become
easy to create a cost-effective
system that combines time & attendance recording with access control. Thus, apart from its main timerecording function, the Bedanet
9360 can also be used to control
doors. Serial host communication
via RS 485 is a new feature as
well, allowing the Bedanet 9360
to be conveniently integrated in
existing party-line cabling. The
Legic terminal is standard-equipped
with an Ethernet interface. It
is programmed in Java and can
manage 10 000 data records and
up to 50 000 events.
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SMS trouble tickets
Kaba Gilgen now communicates
with its service technicians via SMS
(Short Message Service). The trouble tickets are generated by the
SAP system at the Service Center.
The intervention details are sent to
the service technician’s cell phone
directly via SMS. The technician
can confirm receipt of the trouble
ticket with a single key. At the same
time, he can read the details concerning the nature of the problem,
information about the automatic
door type involved, and the necessary customer data.
This silent messaging approach
not only tells the technican where
to go and what to do, it also prevents
disturbances and enhances the
efficiency of the service intervention.
Additionally, the call center’s telephone lines remain open and free
for further customer calls.
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SMS d’annonce
de dérangement
Kaba Gilgen renseigne ses techniciens de service
par SMS. Après
la saisie du message de dérangement au centre
de service, le mandat d’intervention
avec toutes les
indications nécessaires est transmis
au technicien
via son téléphone
New branch office
in Dubai
The Middle East is a rapidly growing market
for security solutions and offers various
business opportunities. Kaba wants to play
a major role within the coming years
and is therefore opening a new branch office
in Dubai.
Nouveau bureau
à Dubaï
Le Moyen-Orient
est une région à
croissance rapide
et offre de nombreuses chances
dans le marché des
solutions de sécurité. Ces prochaines
années, beaucoup
de constructions
spectaculaires vont
faire sensation.
Pour profiter des
chances qui se
présentent, Kaba
ouvrira son propre
bureau en octobre
2004 dans la ville
de Dubaï en plein
Kaba presented its range of
products to the Arab World at the
Security & Safety Exhibition 2003
in Abu Dhabi. Visitors showed
immense interest in Kaba products.
As a consequence, Kaba will open
a new branch office in Dubai this
autumn in order to be able to serve
its Middle East customers locally.
The new Kaba branch office, located
at Dubai Internet City, will be
operational as of 1 October 2004.
The main products on offer will
be access control and time & attendance solutions.
The Middle East is currently
experiencing an incredible construction boom. In fact, the government of the United Arab Emirates
will invest USD 6 billion in building
projects over the coming years.
Spectacular building constructions
such as “Palm Island” and “The
World” are being watched with
interest all over the world. Within
the next five to seven years over
100 new luxury hotels will be built
in Dubai alone.
Dubai is politically stable and
efficiently administrated. Its government pursues a free and balanced
economic policy that has fostered
an excellent international reputation. Dubai has long been the
pre-eminent business centre in
the region. It has maintained this
position through openness and
the cultivation of an innovative and
entrepreneurial business culture.
With its selective assortment
of locking cylinders, access control
systems, safe locks and data collection terminals, Kaba can deliver
sustainable value to the growing
number of Middle East customers.
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Last but not least
Par ailleurs
Le traditionnel
workshop des
cadres de Kaba AG,
Wetzikon, a eu
lieu au printemps
2004 dans les
locaux de l’Office
fédéral du sport
(OFSPO) de Macolin. Le triple champion du monde
du lancer du boulet
Werner Günthör,
(second rang, 5e
depuis la gauche),
a guidé les cadres
à travers leurs
activités sportives.
The traditional management workshop organized by Kaba AG
Wetzikon took place in the spring of 2004. This year’s gettogether was held on the premises of the Swiss Sports School
in Magglingen in the canton of Bern. It was operated under
the auspices of the Swiss Federal Office for Sport (BASPO).
Werner Günthör, three-time world shot put champion (second
row, fifth from left) accompanied the management team through
the sports activities.
Trade shows of interest
Foires specialisées
27– 30 September 2004
ASIS (American Society
of Industrial Security),
Dallas, US
2–5 November 2004
Expoprotection, Paris, FR
5–8 October 2004
Security 2004, Essen, DE
17–20 November 2004
Sicurezza, Milan, IT
18–22 October 2004
Systems 2004, Munich, DE
20–24 November 2004
Big 5 Show 2004, Dubai, AE
23–27 October 2004
Equip’Hôtel, Paris, FR
15–17 January 2005
Intersec 2005, Dubai, AE
25–29 January 2005
Swissbau 2005, Basel, CH
17–22 January 2005
Bau 2005, Munich, DE
9–16 March 2005
CeBIT 2005, Hanover, DE

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