CEI 1 1/7


CEI 1 1/7
Student copy
Host Family co-ordinator - Maxine Maxwell tel 01704 550922
Group name –CEI Southport
Dates – 1.7.16 - 14.7.16
Lessons are held at Southport College, Pennington Building, Mornington Rd. Mon- Fri at 9am until 12.30 with a
break between 11.00 and 11.30. Toilets are on the first floor for boys and second floor for girls. Please do not take
toilet breaks during the lessons.
Remember your travel pass every day- you may need it in the afternoons!
Half day excursions depart at 1pm, Full day excursions at 9am. (see below for any variations)
Both depart from Southport Station and return there for 6pm (see below for any variations*)
Evening activity (8-10pm)
Please remember your packed lunch every day, including Saturdays and departure day. Lunches can be eaten in the
refectory in the main college building, but only in areas for students, and yellow LANYARDS must be worn for
access to this area. Please respect this area and tidy up afterwards.
2nd July
Full day excursion to Manchester (9 – 6) Meet inside Southport train station
for 9am. Visit the Museum of Science and Industry. See full sized planes and
walk through sewers!! Then either free time to visit shops in Piccadilly or visit
the National Football museum.
Your Host family will meet you back at the college, Pennington Building for
6pm If your Host Family has arranged another time and place they will give
you a note.
3rd July
5th July
6th July
7th July
Day with Host Family- check with your family for the plan for the day.
Meet your group outside the Pennington Building Entrance. At 9.00 teachers
will meet your group and take you to the Welcome Meeting. You will then
take a written English test to determine which class level will be best for you
followed by a half hour break. Introduction and safety lessons followed by
lunch break.
After lunch in the refectory (remember to wear your lanyard at all times)
your group will have Orientation of Southport. Meet with your afternoon
supervisors at 1.30 and they will take you around the town centre and point
out places of importance. You will finish at Pennington building for 4.30
English lessons followed by mini-golf and outdoor sports with your leaders
1.30 - 4pm
English lessons followed by afternoon excursion to Liverpool by train at 1pm.
Explore the city and museums before meeting to travel back at 5pm to
Evening event in the Windsor Suite, Royal Clifton Hotel, Promenade (8-10)
with the Oxford Spanish students. Watch the Euro 2016 football or play cards
English lessons followed by the Photo Trail in Southport. Meet supervisors at
the Monument at 1.30, and see who can get all the answers to the quiz sheet
correct and win a prize! Collect another quiz sheet and set off in the opposite
direction. Who will you want in your team of 3 of 4?
8th July
English lessons followed by English lessons followed by "Tracking" in
Hesketh Park- learn how to lay a trail for others to follow using only Natures'
items. Then see which team follows the trail fastest and wins.
Or you can learn how to Salsa dance.
9th July
10th July
11th July
12th July
13th July
14th July
Full day excursion to Chester. (9- 6) You will travel to Chester by train with
Supervisors. (approx 1 ½ hours) On arrival you will walk to the City centre
viewing the ancient ruins and beautiful old buildings and hear the Town Crier
at midday. You can then walk to the riverbank and take a 30 minute river
cruise at 1pm. Afterwards your group will be put in teams and you then decide
which student will take photos on their mobile phone to complete a
competition You will have some free time to explore on your own, or you can
meet up with your leader to walk along part of the walls. Remember to be at
the meeting point in time for the train departing at 4.00.
Day with Host Family- check with your family for the plan for the day.
English lessons followed by International Sports competition- country versus
country, group versus group, strength versus strength. From the egg and spoon
race to the three legged race - who will be the champions? 1.30 - 4pm Princes
or Victoria Park or indoor gym at College
Evening Disco in the Windsor Suite, Royal Clifton Hotel, Promenade (8-10)
English lessons followed by 12pm lunch break followed by half day excursion
by coach*- departing 12.30pm to Blackpool Tower Circus for 2.30 show.
Return to Southport for 6- 6.30pm
English lessons followed by certificates and prize-giving followed by
afternoon sports with your leaders. Then meet at Ocean plaza for 2.45 for
Bowling. - the alley opens at 3pm You will hand over your shoes for a pair of
bowling shoes. Each lane can take 6 persons, so decide who you want to play
with and your game will start at 3pm and finish at 4pm
Evening Disco (with Salsa tunes) in the Windsor Suite, Royal Clifton Hotel,
Promenade (8-10)
Departure of group. Remember your packed lunch. Meet at Southport train
station at 7am
Cher participant,
Bienvenue à Southport!!!
Votre famille d’acceuil vous attendra tous les soirs pour le diner. En Angleterre, il s’agit en général d’un
repas chaud assez consistant, servi entre 17h 30 et 18h 30. Si un soir, pour une raison ou une autre, vous ne
voulez pas prendre votre repas avec votre famille d’accueil, vous devez les avertir la veille, et non pas la
journée même à 17h 30!!
Dans ce centre, les familles d’accueil remplacent vos parents et sont responsables de votre sécurité. Nous
leurs avons dit que vous deviez être rentrés à la maison tous les soirs et ne pas de surtir tout seul.
Pour finir, faites attention, s’il vous plaît, à votre argent. Vous ne devez pas prendre tout votre argent avec
vous. Il serait préférable de la garder à la maison, dans votre valise, si possible. Si non, demandez à votre
famillle d’accueil un endroit sur ou vous pouvez le garder. Ne dépensez pas tout votre argent au début du
séjour car votre famille d’acceuil n’est pas autorisée à vous en prêter.
Bien qu’il y ait beaucoup de règles à suivre, celles-ci sont faites pour votre sécurité pour votre bien- être et
celui de votre famille.
Bon séjour!!!!
Maxine (0) 1704 550922

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