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Other services in Teleroute Freight Tools
Teleroute Freight Tools contains a quick way to delete the offers you have
posted on the system.
T e l e r o u t e
Freight Tools
Right click on the Teleroute logo at the bottom of your screen and select
“quick deletion”. You’ll then see a list of your live offers.
Simply click on one of these to quickly delete it (confirmed by a pop up).
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Teleroute Freight Tools is an installed software component for
the Teleroute Freight Exchange that lets you perform essential
functions without being permanently logged on.
• Receive real-time offers from your Search Agents
direct to your desktop.
For more information:
Call - 0870 774 9922
Teleroute UK, 100 London Road, Kinston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6SR
• Quick access to the freight exchange from your
system tray.
• Delete postings quickly direct from your desktop.
What is it?
How to update it?
Teleroute Freight Tools is a set of enhanced tools for multi-tasking
users. Complimentary to the Freight Exchange, it is a piece of installed
software that allows you to receive real-time offers from the Search
Agent as a small visual alert on the bottom right of your screen without
having to be logged onto Teleroute.
This means that once Freight Tools is running you can disconnect from
Teleroute and close your browser, but still receive and delete offers in
real time.
In addition, Teleroute Freight Tools gives you quick access to the freight
exchange straight from your system tray and allows you to delete
postings directly from your desktop.
Teleroute Freight Tools is kept updated through an automated process,
ensuring that your software is always up-to-date.
How to use it?
Once Teleroute Freight Tools is installed and
started, launching an “automatic refresh” will
automatically activate the alert functionality.
Any offer posted on the system matching your
criteria will be displayed in a pop up on your
screen. Of course you can still
receive offers using other media.
(sms, email or fax).
What’s the price?
Teleroute Freight Tools is FREE. You only pay for the offers you decide
to unfold.
How to install it?
Installation is very simple and shouldn’t take more than a minute. Surf
to the minisite to download the software, choose ‘Run’ when prompted
and then follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
If prompted, fill in your Teleroute Login and Password in the form and
click on OK.
Teleroute Freight Tools is now installed and will start up automatically
each time you start your PC.
If you experience any problems with the launch, please contact the
helpdesk on 0870 774 9922.
How to launch it?
Teleroute Freight Tools will start up automatically by default when your
computer is turned on.
At any time you can access the freight exchange by double clicking on
the Teleroute logo in the systray at the bottom of your Screen.
When a matching offer is posted,
you will see a pop up on the
bottom right of your screen. If
you click on it, you’ll be able to
buy (unfold) the offer.
If you didn’t see the offer appear
as a pop up, you’ll know there’s
an offer because the Teleroute
logo in the toolbar at the bottom
of your screen will show an
If you right click on it, and select
‘freight alerts”, you’ll see the list
of the last offers matching your criteria. From this
list you’re able to unfold directly the offer
(by clicking on the trolley) or to go to the
appropriate search results in the freight exchange
(by clicking on the departure/arrival information)

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