Rare Books Catalogue - John Innes Historical Collections



Rare Books Catalogue - John Innes Historical Collections
2nd Revised edition, November 2003
Kenneth Dick, Acting Librarian
John Innes Centre
This catalogue is a revised edition of “The John Innes Special Collection: A
catalogue of selected books from the Library of The John Innes Institute” compiled
by Elizabeth Atchison in 1978. This earlier catalogue by the then Librarian and
later Curator of the Rare Books Collection has proved invaluable to the staff and
many researchers visiting the John Innes Centre to consult the Collection. With
this 2nd revised edition the Rare Books Reference Collection has been added to
the catalogue providing a more complete guide to the resources available within
the collection.
It is important to note that the subtitle of the earlier publication, “Selected books”
remains the case for this new edition as the special collections received as
bequests have not been included. It is hoped that this new edition proves as
useful and enjoyable as its predecessor.
I would like to acknowledge the contribution all current and previous colleagues in
the Library have made to this project. Particular mention should go to Elizabeth
Stratton for providing the first revised edition of this catalogue.
Kenneth Dick,
Acting Librarian,
John Innes Centre.
Abbot, Charles
Flora Bedfordiensis: comprehending such plants as grow wild in the county of
Bedford, arranged according to the system of Linnaeus, with occasional remarks.
Bedford: W. Smith, 1798.
xii, 351 p., plates. 8vo.
Abercrombie, John
Abercrombie's practical gardener. 2nd ed., rev., with considerable additions by
James Mean. London: T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1817.
xxiv, 680 p. 12mo.
Account of the different flower shows held in Lancashire, Cheshire Yorkshire, etc.
for the year 1820…
Manchester: R. Leigh, 1820.
102 p. 6to.
Adams, Brian
The flowering of the Pacific being an account of Joseph Banks' travels in the South
Seas and the story of his florilegium
Sydney, William Collins and British Museum (Natural History), 1986
Alecto Historical Editions
Banks' Florilegium Prospectus
London, Alecto, 1980
Algemeene Vereeniging voor Bloembollaecultuur
Florilegium Harlemense.
Haarlem: Erven Loosjes, 1896-1901.
20 v. in 2, col. plates. fol.
André Èdouard
Plantes de terre de bruyères.
Paris: Librairie Agricole de la Maison Rustique, [ca 1870].
iv, 388 p.; illus. 12mo.
Annales de pomologie belge et ėtrangère. Bruxelles
Commission Royale de Pomologie, 1853-60.
col. plates. fol. v.1-8.
Ansell, Charles
On the rate of mortality at early periods of iife…
London: National Life Assurance Society, 1874.
[4l, ii, 89 p.; charts. 8vo.
Antoine, Franz
Abbildungen von 51 Pfirsich Sorten, nach der Natur.
Wien, 1817.
22 p., col. plates. fol.
Antropov, V
Rye in the USSR and the adjoining countries
Leningrad, 1929
Arber, Agnes
Herbals their origin and evolution a chapter in the history of botany, 1470-1670
3rd. edition
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1986
Arber, Agnes
Herbals their origin and evolution a chapter in the history of botany, 1470-1670
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1912
Arnold, Frederick Henry
Flora of Sussex; or, A list of the flowering plants and ferns found in the county of
Sussex, with localities of the less common species.
London: Hamilton, Adams, 1887.
xxiii, 118 p.; map. 8vo.
Association pour la protection des plantes
Bulletin de l'Association pour la protection des plantes, fondee a Geneve le 29
janvier 1883
Geneve: Imprimerie Vve Jules Carey,1883-94
ill.; 22cm
Atchison, E. A. and John Innes Institute
The John Innes Special Collection a catalogue of selected books from the Library
of the John Innes Institute
Norwich, John Innes Charity, 1978
Autentrieth, Hermann Friedrich
Disquisitio quaestionis Academiae, de discrimine sexuali jam in seminibus
plantarum dioicarum apparente, praemio regio ornata. Additis quibusdam de sexu
plantaram argumentis generalibus. Tubingae: H. Laupp, 1821.
61 p. 4to.
The art of * Ghent Floralies (memorial book)
AVBS, 1995
Avoine, Pierre Joseph d'
Eloge de Rembert Dodoens…Suivi de la concordance des espèces végetales
décrites et figurées par Rembert Dodoens…par le meme auteur et par Charles
Morren…Malines: Typ. de J. F. Olbrechts; Bruxelles: Decq, 1850.
146 p.; port. 8vo.
Babington, Charles Cardale
Flora Bathoniensis; or, A catalogue of the plants indigenous to the vicinity of Bath.
Bath: E. Collings, 1834.
vi, 62 p. 8vo.
-- Primitiae florae Sarnicae; or, An outline of the flora of the Channel Islands of
Jersey, Guernsey, Aldernay and Sark.
London: Longman, 1839.
xvi,132 p. 12mo.
-- Manual of British botany: containing the flowering plants and ferns, arranged
according to the natural orders.
London: J. Van Voorst, 1843.
xxiv,400 p. 12mo.
-- -- 7th ed., corr. throughout.
London J. Van Voorst, 1874.
Ixiii,473 p. 12mo.
-- Flora of Cambridgeshire; or, A catalogue of plants found in the county of
London: J. Van Voorst, 1860.
Ivi, 327 p. 12mo.
-- The British Rubi: an attempt to discriminate the species of Rubus known to
inhabit the British Isles. London: J. Van Voorst,1869.
viii, [4],305 p. 12mo.
Baines, Henry
The flora of Yorkshire.
London: Longman, Orme, 1840.
xvi,159 p.; map. 8vo.
Baker, John Gilbert and Nowell, John
A supplement to Baines' Flora of Yorkshire; with a map. Pt lst: The flowering plants
and ferns, by John Gilbert Baker. Pt 2nd: The mosses of the county, by John
London: W. Pamplin,1854.
viii,188 p., plate. 8vo.
Baker, John Gilbert and Tate, George R.
A new flora of Northumberland and Durham, with sketches of its climate and
physical geography; with a map.
Newcastle: J. Bell, printer, 1868.
316 p.; map. 8vo.
Baker, Margaret
Discovering the folklore of plants Reprint of 3rd edition
Bucks, Shire Publications, 1999
Balfour, Bayley
Primula Obconica and its Microforms Volume 26, Part IV Reprint
Transactions and Proceedings of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, 1913
Balfour, John Hutton and Sadler, John
Flora of Edinburgh: being a list of plants found in the vicinity of Edinburgh, by John
Hutton Balfour, assisted by John Sadler.
Edinburgh: A. and C. Black,1863.
vii,174 p., plate. 8vo.
Balfour-Paul, Jenny
London, British Museum Press, 2000
Balls, W. L.
The development and properties of raw cotton
London, Black, 1915
Baltet, Charles
L'art de greffer les arbres, arbrisseaux et arbustes, fruitiers, forestiers ou
d'ornement . . .
Paris: V. Masson,1869.
320 p.; illus. 12mo.
-- L'horticulture en Belgique: son enseignement, ses institutions, son organisation
Paris: V. Masson,1865.
184 p., plates. 4to.
Barillet, J.
Les pensees: histoire, culture, multiplication, emploi.
Paris: J. Rothschild, 1869.
xli, 52 p., col. plates. Iarge 4to.
Barker, Nicolas
Hortus Eystettensis The bishop's garden and Besler's magnificent book Reprint of
1st ed.
New York, Harry N Abrams, 1995
Bartlet, John
The gentleman's farriery; or, A practical treatise on the diseases of horses . . . 2nd
London: J. Nourse and J. Pote, 1754.
xxiv,357 p., plates (some fold). 8vo.
Bary, Heinrich Anton de.
Comparative anatomy of the vegetative organs of the phanerogams and ferns;
translated and annotated by F. O. Bower and D. F. Scott.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1884.
xvi, 659 p.; illus. 8vo.
-- Comparative morphology and biology of the fungi, mycetozoa and bacteria. The
authorized English translation by Henry E. F. Garnsiey, rev. by Isaac Bayley
Oxford: Clarendon Press,1887.
xviii, 525 p.; illus. 8vo.
Bastelaer, M. D. van.
Herborisatign dans un coin des Ardennes belges.
Bruxelles: G. Mayolez 1864.
37 p. 8vo.
Baur, Erwin.
Einfűhrung in die experimentelle Vererbungslehre.
Berlin: G. Borntraeger, 1919.
viii,410 p.; illus. 8vo.
Bavay, Xavier Seraphin de
Cours pratique de la culture et de la taille des arbres fruitiers . . . 2. ed., corr. et
Vilvorde, 1861.
184 p. 6to.
Baylis, Edward
A new and compleat body of practical botanic physic from the medicinal plants of
the vegetable kingdom. . . Vol. 1.
London: Stace and Maids, 1791.
viii, 352 p., col. plates. 4to.
Bazin, Gilles Auguste.
The natural history of bees... translated from the French.
London: J. and P. Knapton, 1744.
[16], 452 p., plates. 8vo.
Beames, R. O. and Whitehill, J. A. E.
Some historic gardens in South Australia based on the South Australian Historic
Garden survey...
Adelaide, National Trust of South Australia, 1981
Beatson, Alexander.
Neues Ackerbausystem, ohne Dűunger, Pflug und Brache . . . ins Deutsche
űbersetzt, und mit Anmerkungen versehen, von Gustav Heinrich Haumann.
Ilmenau: B. F. Voigt, 1828.
iv, 108 p., plates. 8vo.
Beck, Thomasina
The embroiderer's garden with line decorations by Sarah Siddall
Newton Abbot, David & Charles, 1988
Beijerinck, Martinus Willem
Beobachtungen und Betrachtungen űber Wurzelknospen und Nebenwurzeln.
Amsterdam: J. Muller, 1886.
iv, 150 p., plates. 4to.
Bell, Thomas
A history of British reptiles.
London: J. Van Voorst, 1839.
xxiv, 142 p.; illus. 8vo.
Benary, Ernst
Album Benary.
Erfurt: G. A. Koenig, 1876-86.
8 v. in 1, col. plates. fol.
--Erfurt: G. A. Koenig, 1876~93.
9 v. in 1, col. plates. fol.
Bennett, Sue
Five centuries of women & gardens
London, National Portrait Gallery, 2000
Bentley, Robert and Trimen, Henry
Medicinal plants: being descriptions, with original figures, of the principal plants
employed in medicine, and an account of the characters, properties and uses of
their parts and products of medicinal value.
London: J. and A. Churchill, 1880.
4 v., col. plates. 8vo.
Berge, Henri
Abolition de l'impot sur le sel . . .
Tournai: Typ. de H. Casterman, [ca 18551.
20 p. 8vo.
Berry, Henry
Improved shorthorns, and their pretensions stated: being an account of this
celebrated breed of cattle . . . 2nd ed.
London: J. Ridgway, 1830.
81 p. 8vo.
-- A prize essay on improving the breed of cattle, presented to the Manchester
Agricultural Society.
London: C. Roworth, 1830.
10 p. 4to.
-- Prize essay on the breeding and management of cattle, and the most approved
system of farming …
Liverpool: J. F. Cannell, 1831.
16 p. 4to.
Besler, Basilius and Ayomin, Gerard G.
The Besler florilegium plants of the four seasons with an introduction and
commentaries on the plates by Gerard G Ayomin
New York, Harry N Abrams, 1989
Biffen, Rowland H.
The Auricula the story of a florist's flower
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1951
Bisgrove, Richard
The gardens of Gertrude Jekyll
London, Frances Lincoln, 1992
Bishop, David
Causal botany; or, A treatise on the causes and character of changes in plants,
especialIy of changes which are productive of subspecies or varieties.
London: H. and W. Wright, 1829.
viii, 184 p. 4to.
Black, David
Carl Linnaeus Travels
London, Paul Elek, 1979
Blair, Patrick
Botanic essays: in two parts, the first containing the structure of the flowers . . .
and the second the generation of plants . . .
London: Printed byW.andJ. Innys, 1720.
xxxiv, 414 p., fold. plates. 8vo.
Blunt, Wilfrid 1901-1987 and James, Philip and Society of Herbalists
An exhibition of flower books from the Library of the Society of Herbalists
Foreword by Philip James Introduction by Wilfred Blunt
London, Arts Council, 1953
Blunt, Wilfrid 1901-1987
Tulipomania 1st
London, Penguin Books, 1950
Blunt, Wilfrid 1901-1987
Tulips & Tulipomania with sixteen plates from paintings by Rory McEwen
London, The Basilisk Press, 1977
Blunt, William
Flower books and their illustrators An exhibition arranged for the National Book
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press,
Blunt, William and Stearn, William T.
The art of botanical illustration New edition, revised and enlarged
Woodbridge, Antique Collectors' Club, 1994
Boccone, Paulo.
Icones et descriptiones rariorum plantarum Siciiiae, Melitae, Galliae et Italiae . . .
Oxford: E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1674.
[16] 96 p. illus. 4to.
Bock, Hieronymus
Strassburg: J. Rihel,1560.
ccccxiii, 38 p.; illus. fol.
Bögeln, Canarien
Grűndliche Anweisung alle Arten Vogel zu fangen einzustellen, abzurichten, zahm
zu machen . . . Nurnberg: G. P. Monath 1768.
[14], 696 p., plates. 8vo.
Bonafous, Matthiou
Histoire naturelle, agricole et économique du maïs par Matthieu Bonafous...
Paris: Madame Huzard, Turin, Bocca, 1836
ii],182p,19 leaves of plates; ill (engr. plates, some printed col.); vignettes; 54 x
-- Traité de l'éducation des vers à soie et de la culture du mûrier. Suivi de divers
mémoires sur l'art séricole. 4. ed.
Paris: L. Bouchard-Huzard,1840.
x, 547 p., plates. 8vo.
Bonaparte, Josephine and Redoute, Pierre-Joseph
Roses for an Empress
London, Sidgwick and Jackson, 1983
Bonheur, Gaston
L'herbier des Pyrenees
Editions Princesse, 1974
Boniface, Priscilla
In search of English gardens the travels of John Claudius Loudon and his wife
Wheathampstead, Lennard Publishing, 1987
Bonnet, Charles
Recherches sur l'usage des feuilles dans les plantes et sur quelques autres sujets
relatifs à l'histoire de la végétation.
Gottingue: E. Luzac, 1 754.
vii, 1, 343 p. 4to.
Botanical Cabinet: consisting of coloured delineations of plants from all countries
London: J. and A. Arch,1818-1833.
20 v., col. plates. 8vo.
Botanical prints from the Hortus Eystettensis selections from the most beautiful
botanical book in the world introduction by Nicolas Barker with scientific
commentaries by Gerard G Ayomin
New York, Harry Abrams Inc., 2000
Boulanger, Louis
Le iardinage des oeillets.
Paris, 1647.
[8], 149 p. 4to.
Boutcher, William
A treatise on forest-trees . . .
Edinburgh: J. Murrav, 1775.
4, xiviii, 259, [3] p., plate. 4to.
Bowden, Jean K.
John Lightfoot his work and travels with a biographical introduction and a
catalogue of the Lightfoot Herbarium
Kew, The Bentham-Moxon Trust, 1989
Bowers, Fredson
Title: Principles of bibliographical description
Publisher-info: Winchester St Pauls' Bibliographies 1994
Bradley, Richard
New improvements of planting and gardening, both philosophical and practical. 5th
ed., with very large additions
London:Mears, 1726
plates. 8vo.
-- New improvements of planting and gardening, both philosophical and practical.
7th ed., with an appendix.
London: A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch,1739.
[16], 608 p., plates. 8vo.
Braun, Alexander
Betrachtungen über die Erscheinung der Verjüngung in der Natur, ins besondere
in der Lebens -und Bildungsgeschichte der Pflanze.
Leipzig: W. Engelmann, 1851.
xvi, 364 pages., plates. 4to.
--Über Polyembryonie und Keimung von Caelebogyne: ein Nachtrag zu der
Abhandlung über Parthenogenesis bei Pflanzen.
Berlin: Konigl. Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1860.
110-263 p., plates. 4to.
Bréhaut, Thomas Collings
The modern peach pruner: treating on the long and close system of pruning the
peach … To which is added, Notes on variation from seed, by Thomas Rivers.
London: Journal of Horticulture and Cottage Gardener Office, [1866]
178 p.; illus. 8vo.
Brewer, James Alexander
A new flora of the neighbourhood of Reigate, Surrey: containing the flowering
plants and ferns of the district . . .
London: W. Pamplin, 1856.
viii, 194 p.; fold. map. 8vo.
Brewer, James Alexander, ed. & Salmon, John Drew
Flora of Surrey; or, A catalogue of the flowering plants and ferns found in the
county, with the localities of the rarer species; edited from the manuscripts of the
late J. D. Salmon by J. A. Brewster].
London: J. Van Voorst, 1863.
xxiv,367 p.; map in pocket. 12mo.
Breyne, Jakob.
Exoticarum aliarumque minus cognitarum plantarum centuria prima. . .
Gedani: David-Fridericus Rhetius,1678.
[36],195 p. fol.
Bridson, D. R. and Wendel, Donald E.
Printmaking in the service of botany 21 April to 31 July 1986 catalogue of an
Pittsburgh, Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation Carnegie-Mellon University,
Briggs, Thomas Richard Archer
Flora of Plymouth: an account of the flowering plants and ferns found within twenty
miles of the town . . .
London: J. Van Voorst,1880.
xxv, 432 p.; fold. map. 8vo.
Brookshaw, George
Pomona Britannica; or, A collection of the most esteemed fruits at present
cultivated in Great Britain . . .
London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown,1817.
2 v., col. plates. 4to.
Brown, Robert
A manual of botany, anatomical and physiological.
Edinburgh: W. Blackwood,1874.
xviii,614,16 p.; illus. 8vo.
Brown, Thomas
The book of butterflies, sphinxes and moths . . . Vol. 1.
London:Whittaker, Treacher, 1832.
216 p., plates. 12mo.
Browning, Frank
Apples the story of the fruit of temptation
London, Penguin, 1998
Bruckner, John
A philosophical survey of the animal creation: an essay
London: J. Johnson and J. Payne, 1768
xxiv,166p; 15cm
Buchoz, Pierre Joseph
Plantes nouvellement découvertes,
représentées en gravures . . .
Paris: Debure l'âine, 1779.
52 p., plates. fol.
Bunyard, Edward Ashdown
A handbook of hardy fruits more commonly grown in Great Britain Apples and
London, John Murray, 1920
Burnat, Emile and Association des Naturalistes de Nice et des AlpesMaritimes
Botanistes qui ont contribue a faire connaitre la flore des Alpes-Maritimes 2nd
Association des Naturalistes de Nice et des Alpes Maritimes
Burnat, Émils and Gremli, August
Les roses des Alpes maritimes: éetudes sur les roses qui croissent spontanéement dans la chaîne des Alpes maritimes et le département français de ce
Genève: H. Georg, 1879.
[6], 136 p. 8vo.
-- Supplement.
Geneve: H. Georg, 1882-83.
84 p. 8vo.
Burnett, M. A.
Plantae utiliores; or, Illustrations of useful plants employed in the arts and
London: Whittaker, 1842-45.
2v. 4to.
Burvenich, F.
La culture potagère à la portée de tous.
Gand: A. Hoste, 1877.
309 p.; illus. 8vo.
Buxbaum, Johann Christian
Plantarum minus cognitarum centuria: complectens plantas circa Byzantium et in
oriente observatas.
Petropoli: Ex Typ. Academiae, 1728.
3 v. in 1; illus. 4to.
Caius, John
De canibus Britannicis liber unus. De rariorum animalium et stirpium historia liber
unus. De libris propiis liber unus. De pronunciatione Graecae et Latinae linguae
cum scriptione nova libellus. Ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recogniti a S. Jebb.
Londini: C. Davis, 1729.
xvi, 249 p. 8vo.
Calmann, G.
Ehret Flower Painter Extraordinary An illustrated biography
Oxford, Phaidon Press Ltd, 1977
Campbell, Susan
A calendar of gardener's lore revealing the secrets of the walled kitchen garden
being an unrivalled collection of useful directions and observations with the
addition of curious facts and fantasies relating to the history, planning, planting
and management of walled kitchen gardens
London, Century Publishing, 1983
Campbell-Culver, Maggie
The origin of plants the people and plants that have shaped Britain's garden
history since the year 1000
London, Headline Publishing, 2001
Camus, Émile Gustave
Les bambusées. Paris: Lechevalier, 1913.
215 p.; illus. Large 8vo.
Candolle, Alphonse Pyramus de
Monographie des campanulées.
Paris: Veuve Desray,1830.
viii, 384 p., col. plates. 4to.
Candolle, Augustin Pyramus de
Plantarum succulentarum historia: ou, Histoire naturelle des plantes grasses; avec
figures dessinées par P. J. Redouté et décrites par A. J. De Candolle.
Paris: Didot l'aîne, 1799.
2 v. in 1, col. plates. fol.
Carpzov, Christianus Benedictus
Kattologia; das ist, Kurze Katzen-Historie . . .
Leipzig: Lanckischens Erben, 1716.
[8], 96 p.; illus. 8vo.
Carr, D. J.
Sydney Parkinson artist of Cook's Endeavour voyage
Canberra, National University Press, 1983
Carrière, Elie Abel
Production et fixation des variétés dans les végétaux.
Paris, 1865.
iii, 72 p., plates. 8vo.
Catalogue des arbres fruitiers de la pépinière institutée par le comité de premier
district agricole du Brabant . . .
Bruxelles: A. Labroue, 1851.
17 p. 6to.
Cauwenberghe, Edmond Van
Les cerises monographie standardisation et culture
Bruxelles, Imprimerie de Breuck, 1946
Chambers, Neil
The letters of Sir Joseph Banks a selection 1768-1820
London, Imperial College Press, 2000
Chaptal Jean Antoine Claude, comte de.
Traité théorique et pratique sur la culture de la vigne . . . 2. ed.
Paris: Delalain, 1801.
2 v. 8vo.
Charas, Moise
Nouvelles expériences sur la vipère' où l'on verra un description de toutes ses
parties, la source do son venin . . . 2 ed.
Paris: D'Houry, 1694.
xii, 367, t22] p., foid. plates. 8vo.
Charlesy, William
Flax and its products in Ireland.
London: Bell and Daldy, 1862.
32 p., plate. 8vo.
Chatto, Beth and Lloyd, Christopher
Dear friend and gardener letters on life and gardening
London, Frances Lincoln, 1998
Chavannes, Édouard
Monographie des antirrhinées
Paris: Treuttel & Wurtz, 1833.
x, 190 p., plates. 4to.
Cheeseman, Thomas Frederick, ed.
Illustrations of the New Zealand flora
Wellington (N.Z.): Mockay,
2v. plates. 4to.
Chenciner, Robert
Madder red a history of luxury and trade
Curzon Press, 2000
Chittenden, F. J.
Cherries and soft fruits varieties and cultivation in 1935
London, Royal Horticultural Society, 1935
Cirinus, Andreas
De natura et solertia canum liber singuloris . . .
Panormi: J. Bisagni,
[8], 347 p.; illus. 4to.
Clare ontdeckingh der dwaes heydt der ghener die haertegenwoordigh laten
noemen floristen Gestelt in forme van t'samensprekinge tusschen de bloemen
ende flora, d'eene haec klachten doende ende d'ander antwoordende Met
annotatien onder aen tot verclaringhe van't gene sy te samen handelen edruckt na
de oprechte copye 1636
Haerlem: Johannes Marshoorn, 1734
24p; 16cm
Clark, George H. and Fletcher, James
Farm weeds of Canada 2nd edition
Ottawa, Canada Department of Agriculture, 1909
Clark, George H. and Malte, M. Oscar
Fodder and pasture plants
Ottawa, Department of Agriculture, 1913
Clinton-Baker, Henry
Illustrations of conifers
Hertford, 1909-13.
3 v. plates. fol.
-- Illustrations of new conifers
Hertford, 1935.
iv, 75 p. fol.
Clokie, Hermia Newman
An account of the Herbaria of the Department of Botany in the University of Oxford
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1964
Clut, Theodor
Van de Byen . . .
Amsterdam: De Groot, 1705.
112], 217, [23] p. 8vo.
Cobbett, William
The English gardener; or, A Treatise on the situation, soil, enclosing and laying out
of kitchen gardens . . .
London, 1833.
[3], 338 p., fold. plate. 8vo.
-- Cottage economy . . . 17th ed.
London: A. Cobbett, 1850.
197 p. 12mo.
Cochrane, Archibald, Earl of Dundonald.
A treatise shewing the intimate connection that subsists between agriculture and
chemistry . . . London: J. Murray and S. Hoghley, 1795.
viii, 252 p. 4to.
Collins, Minta
Mediaval herbals the illustrative traditions
London, The British Library, 2000
Collins, Samuel
Paradise retriev'd: plainly and fully demonstrating the most beautiful durable and
beneficiat method of managing and improving fruit-trees.
London: J. Collins, 1717.
[2], vi, [4], 106 p., fold. plates. 8vo.
Columella, Lucius Junius Moderatus
Of husbandry, in twelve books, and his book concerning trees; translated…with
several illustrations from Pliny, Cato, Varro, Palladius….
London: A. Millar, 1745.
xiv, 600 p. 4to.
Combles, de
L'école du jardin potager . . .
Paris: A. Boudet, P. A. Le Prieur, 1749.
2 v. 12mo.
--Traitée de la culture des pêchers. 2. ed.
Paris: Delaguette Le Prieur 1750.
xvi,198 p. 12mo
Conard, Henry Shoemaker
The waterlilies: a monograph of the genus Nymphaea.
Baltimore: Lord Baltimore Press, for the Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1905.
xiii,279 p.; illus. 4to.
Conder, Josiah
The flowers of Japan and the art of floral arrangement.
Tokio: Jakubunsha, Ginza, 1892.
xii, 136 p., plates; illus. fol.
Condillac, Étienne Bonnot de
Traité des animaux . . .
Amsterdam: Jombert,1756.
vii, 200 p. 12mo.
Congrès International d'Horticulture, Bruxelles, 1864.
Bulletin du Congrès International d'Horticulture
Gand: A. Annoot-Braeckman, 1864.
473 p. 4to.
Congres International de Botanique at d'Horticulture, Amsterdam, 1865.
Bulletin du Congres International de Botanique at d'Horticulture
Rotterdam: Mostert,1866.
524 p., fold. plates. 8vo.
Connoisance et culture parfaite des belles fleures . . .
Paris: De Sercy, 1696.
[24],142 p. 12mo.
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Index Kewensis - supplementum II (1896 - 1900)
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Index Kewensis - supplementum IV (1906 - 1910)
Index Kewensis - supplementum V (1911 - 1915)
Index Kewensis - supplementum VI (1916 - 1920)
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100 selected images from INRA Mensuel (Newsletter of L'Institute National de la
Recherche Agronomique) specially chosen for the 100th issue (Jan-Mar 1999) 100
selected images from INRA Mensuel (Newsletter of L'Institute National de la
Recherche Agronomique) specially chosen for the 100th issue (Jan-Mar 1999)
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Memoirs of the celebrated persons composing the Kit-Cat Club with a preparatory
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Natural science books in English, 1600-1900
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viii, 36 p., col. plates. fol.
-- Beschrijving van vruchtboomen en vruchten ...
Amsterdam: Allart, Holtrop, De Leeuw and Krap, 1790
87 p., col. plates. fol.
-- Beschrijving van plantagie-gewassen
Amsterdam: Allart, Holtrop, De Leeuw en Krap, 1790
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Kredel die Hand-Kolorierung besorgte Emil Wollner, die Namen der Blumen
bestimmte Dr. Hans Heil
Mainz: Mainzer Presse, 1929-30
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Vorläufige Nachricht von einigen das Geschlecht der Plfanzen betreffenden
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Leipzig: Gleditsch, 1761.
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72, [i] p. 8vo.
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Tabingen: Verlag der Laupp' schen Buchhandlung, 1861.
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Abbildungen und Beschreibung aller bis jetzt bekannten Getreidearten, mit
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Leipzig: Baumgartner, 1835.
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Paris: C de Secry,1678.
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The Flora Graeca Story Sibthorpe, Bauer and Hawkins in the Levant by H Walter
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Plain and full instructions to raise all sorts of fruit-trees that prosper in England. ..
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Wild flowers worth notice a selection of some of our native plants which are most
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A plain and easy account of the British ferns, together with their classification,
arrangement of genera, structure and functions, and a glossary of technical and
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London: R. Hardwicke, 1859.
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Paris: C. Barbin, 1695.
2 v in 1; illus., port. 4to.
Lasteyrie Du Saillant, Charles Philibert, comte de.
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lavage et le commerce des laines, les causes qui donnent la finesse aux laines . . .
Paris: Impr. de la Feuille du Cultivateur, [1799].
xvi, 356 p., fold. plate. 8vo.
-- Histoire de l'introduction des moutons 3 laine fine d'Espagne dans les divers
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Lacking continuous page numbering but amounting to about 750p, ill (woodcuts),
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Antwerpia: C. Plantinum, 1576
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A short treatise on several improvements recently made in horticulture…
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London: J. Van Voorst, 1868
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Zur organischen Formenlehre
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Traite philosophique et physiologique de l'heredite naturelle dans les etats de
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Nouveau traite des oeillets: la fagon la pius utile et facile de les bien cultiver . . .
Paris: C. de Sercy, 1689.
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Companion to flowers
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Between two gardens the diary of two Border gardens
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The new and improved practical gardener and modern horticulturalist…
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A pioneering plantsman A K Bulley and the great plant hunters
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Scots Roses of hedgrows and wild gardens
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His Majesty's Bark Endeavour the story of the ship and her people
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De Pyreneeenbloemen en hare bevruchting door insecten|beene bijdrage tot de
bloemengeographie door J. Mac Leod... met vijf platen
Gent: Drukkerij Victor van Doosselaere, 1891
[ii],226p,10 leaves of plates, ill, 22cm
-- Over de bevruchting der bloemen in het kempisch gedeelte van Vlaanderen
door J. Mac Leod mit 125 figuren
Gent: J. Vuylsteke, 1894
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Ferdinand Bauer the nature of discovery
London, The Natural History Museum, 1999
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The plant-book a portable dictionary of the vascular plants
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Gilbert White a biography of the naturalist and author of The natural history of
Mabey, Richard
The flowers of Kew 350 years of flower paintings from the Royal Botanic Gardens
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The florist's directory: a treatise on the culture of flowers…A new ed., improved by
Samuel Curtis
London: J. Harding, 1810.
viii, 271 p., col. plites. 8vo.
Maddock James
The florist's directory: a treatise on the culture of flowers…A new ed., improved by
Samuel Curtis. And an appendix on the culture of the Dahlia…by Samuel Curtis
London: J. Harding, 1822.
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Main, James
A treatise on the breeding, rearing and fattening of poultry; with additions and
woodcuts. 4th ed. London: J. Ridgway, 1847.
340 p.; illus. 12mo.
Malpighi, Marcello
Anatome plantarum. Cui subjungitur appendix…de ovo incubato observationes
Londini: J. Martyn, 1675
15, [6] ,82, 20, 93 p. fol
-- Opera omnia, seu thesaurus locupletissimus botanico-medico-anatomicus...
Lugduni Batavororum:apud Petrum Vander, 1687
ill 4° 2 tom.
Malthus, Thomas Robert
An essay on the principle of population; or, A view of its past and present effects
on human happiness . . . New ed. London: J. Johnson, 1803.
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Flora of Dorsetshire; or, A catalogue of plants found in the county of Dorset...
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On the Musci and Hepaticae found within twelve miles of Liverpool and Southport.
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Thirty-eight plates, with explanations|bintended to illustrate Linnaeus's system of
vegetables and particularly adapted to the letters on the elements of botany by
Thomas Martyn...
London: J. White, 1799
vi, 72, 38 leaves of plates, ill (engr. plates, hand col.), 22cm
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Essays in memory of Robin Rider
University of Wales, Lampeter Trivium Publications, 1997
Rosiers, violettes - pensees - primeveres - auricules; balsamines; petunias pivoines – verveines, especes, variéetées, culture par Marx-Lepelletier
Paris: Librairie agricole de la Maison rustique, 1859
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Pomologie generale suite de la publication periodique Le Verger
Bourg, Mas, Paris: Librairie de G. Masson, 1872-84
12 vols. in 6, 27cm
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Le vignoble; ou, Histoire, culture et description…des vignes à raisins de table et à
raisins de cuve…
Paris: G. Masson, 1874-79
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Vegetable teratology: an account of the principal deviations from the usual
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On naval timber and arboriculture; with critical notes on authors who have recently
treated the subject of pianting.
Edinburgh: A. Black, 1831.
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Indications theoretiques et pratiques sur le travail des vins . . .
Paris: V. Masson, 1858.
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Maurer's Stachelbeerbuch uber die besten und verbreitetsten Stachelbeersorten
Stuttgart, Verlagsbuchhandlung von Eugen Ulmer, 1913
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A monograph on the genus Crocus; with an appendix on the etymology of the
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London: Dulau, 1886.
viii, 326 p., col. plates. 4to.
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The complete gardener: being a gardener's calendar and general directory . . .
[New ed.], enl. and improved, by R. Forsyth.
London: n. pub., 1823.
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Mawe, Thomas, and Abercrombie, John
Everyman his own gardener: being a new, and much more complete, gardener's
kalendar . . .7th ed. corr. enl. and very much improved. London: S. Crowder &c.,
2, 486 p., plate. 12mo.
Meader, James
The planter's guide; or, Pleasure gardener's companion…
London: G. Robinson, 1779.
obl. plates. 4to.
Merian, Maria Sibylla
Erucarum ortus alimentum et paradoxa metamorphosis . . .
Amstelaedami: Apud JoannemOosterwyk, 1718
[x],64p,150 leaves of plates, ill (engr. plates), engr. frontis, port,armorial vignette,
Merian, Maria Sybilla and Wynne, Christopher
New book of flowers with an epilogue by Thomas Burger translated from the
German by Michael Ashdown Reproduction of the original edition, 1680
Munich, Prestel Verlag, 1999
Metzger, Johann
Europaeische Cerealien.
Heidelberg: C. F. Winter, 1824.
[6], 74 p., plates. fol.
Micheli, Pietro Antonio
Nova plantarum genera; juxta Tournefortii methodum disposita . . .
Florentiae: Typ. B. Paperinii, 1729.
[22], 234 p., plates. 4to.
Midland Florist and Suburban Horticulturalist
London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1847-9
v.1-10, 12mo
Midland Florist and Horticulturalist
London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1857 -9
New ser. v. 1 -3, 12mo.
Millais, J. C.
London, Longmans, Green and Co Ltd., 1927
Millais, John Guille
Rhododendrons . . .
London: Longmans, Green, 1917
267 p., plates. fol.
Millardet, A.
Histoire des principales varietes et es,peces de vignes d'origine americaine qui
resistent au phylloxera.
Paris: G. Masson, 1885.
2 pts. in 1 v., fold. plates; illus. 4to.
Miller, John
An illustration of the sexual system. of Linnaeus. Vol. 1.
London: [Published for the author], 1799
8, xvi, 106 p. col. plates. 4to.
-- An illustration of the termini botanici, of Linnaeus. Vol.2.
Lambeth: [Published for the author], 1789
88 p. col. plates. 4to.
Miller, Philip
Catalogue plantarum . . . a ctalogue of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, both
exotic and domestic, which are propagated for sale in the gardens near London . .
. by a Society of Gardeners.
London: Printed for the Society of Gardeners, 1730.
xii, 90 p., 21 col. plates. fol.
-- The gardener's kalendar: directing what works are necessary to be done every
month in the kitchen, fruit and pleasure-gardens . . . 7th ed.
London: J. Rivington, 1745.
341 p., plate. 8vo.
-- Figures of the most beautiful, useful and uncommon plants described in The
gardener's dictionary . . .
London; 1760.
2 v., plates. fol.
-- Figures of beautiful, useful and uncommon plants described in The gardener's
dictionary . . . London: F. C. and J. Rivington,1809.
2 v., col. plates. fol.
-- The gardener's and botanist's dictionary: containing the best and newest
methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit, and flower garden . . . [New
ed.], newly arranged, with the addition of all the modern improvements in
landscape gardening . . . and the principles of botany, by Thomas Martyn.
London: F. C. and J. Rivington,1807.
2v.in4. fol.
-- The gardener's kalendar directing the necessary works to be done every month
in the kitchen, fruit and pleasure- gardens...7th ed. Reprint of 16th ed. (1775)
USA, National Capital Area Federation of Garden Clubs, 1971
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L'art de procréer les sexes à volonté. 3 ed.
Paris: Migneret, imprimeur, 1802.
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A botanical dictionary; or, Elements of systematic and philosophical botany. 2nd
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Nathaniel's nutmeg how one man's courage changed the course of history
London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1999
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Arthur Young and his times
London, Macmillan, 1975
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On the genesis of species
London: Macmillian, 1871
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Miyoshi, Manabu
Iris Laevigata Fisch.or book of iris paintings
Kyoto: Geiso-Do,1921.
5 v., col. plates. fol.
-- Japanese cherries.
Kyoto: Geiso-Do,1921.
3 v., col. plates. fol.
Moellenbrock, Valentin Andreas
Cochlearia curiosa; or, The curiosities of scurvygrass . . . written in Latine by Dr.
Valentinus Andreas Molimbrochius; Englished by Thos. Sherley.
London: Cademan, 1676.
xiv,195 p. 8vo.
Moet, Valentin Andreas
Traité de la culture des renoncules, des oeillets des auricules, et des tulipes.
Paris: Saugrain fils, 1754.
xxxviii, 447 p. 8vo.
Moggridge, John Traherne
Contributions to the flora of Mentone and to a winter flora of the Riviera...
London: L. Reeve, 1864-71
4 pts in 1 v., col. plates. 8vo.
Monardes, Nicolao
Simplicum medicamentorum ex novo delatorum, quorum in medicina usus est,
historiae liber tertius . . .
Antverpiae: Ex officina C. Plantini, 1582.
47 p.; illus. 8vo.
Montague, George
Ornithological dictionary of British birds. 2nd ed., with a plan of study, and many
new articles and original observations, by James Rennie.
London: Hurst, Chance,1831.
Ix,592 p.; illus. 8vo.
Moore, Andrew and Garibaldi, Christopher
Flower power the meaning of flowers in art with an introduction by Anna Pavord
London, Philip Wilson Publishers, 2003
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Contributions towards a cybele Hibernica: being outlines of the geographical
distribution of plants in Ireland.
Dublin: Hodges, Smith, 1866.
Iv, 399 p. 8vo.
Moore, John
A treatise on domestic pigeons: comprehending all the different species known in
England . . . Carefully compiled from the best authors. To which is added a most
ample description of that celebrated and beautiful pigeon called the Almond
London: C. Barry, 1765
xvi,144 p., plates. 8vo.
Moore, Thomas
The ferns of Great Britain and Ireland, text by T. Moore, printing by H. Bradbury,
preface by John Lindley
London: 1856
51 leaves of plates, with descriptive text, 55 x 37cm
Moore, Thomas and Jackman, George
The clematis as a garden flower Being descriptions of the hardy species and
varieties of clematis or Virgin's bower, with select and classified lists, directions for
cultivation and suggestions as to the purposes for which they are adapted in
modern gardening
London, John Murray, 1872
Moquin-Tandon, Horace Bénédict Alfred
Eléments de tératologie végétale . . .
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fortgafuhrte Ausgabe
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-- Thesaurus literaturae botanicae omnium gentium|binde a rerum botanicarum
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Editionem novam reformatam...
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Paris: Chez P. Dufart, Librarire,1828-9
3 vols ill (engr.plates, hand col) 2 ports 24x16cm fol.
-- Facsimile published in 4 v Antwerp.
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Cabbages & kings the origins of fruit and vegetables
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Oekonomisch-botanische Beschreibung der . . . Ab und Spielarten der Rosen...
[part 1 only]. Leipzig: Kleefeld, 1799.
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Traité des Plantes les moins fréquentes, qui croissent naturellement dans les
environs des villes de Gand, d'Alost de Termonde et Bruxelles…avec…Ies noms
Francois et Flamands de chaque Plante . . .
Bruxelles and Paris: Lemaire and Bossange,1792.
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Letters on the elements of botany addressed to a lady…translated into
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A catalogue of the fruits cultivated in the garden of the Royal Horticultural Society
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London: Royal Horticultural Society, 1842.
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Mémoire sur les cucurbitacées, principalement sur le melon…
Paris: Huzard, 1826.
60 p. 8vo.
-- Deuxième mémoire…
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-- Réflexions physiologiques sur la culture de la patate . . . et sur les moyens de
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De plantis hybridis sponte natis
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Measuring the invisible world the life and works of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek F R S
with a biographical chapter by Maria Roseboom
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Ueber Verbascum-Hybriden und einige
M.B. Cassel: Theodor Fischer,1886.
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Histoire naturelle de la reine des abeilles, avec l'art de former les essaims…Ie tout
traduit de l'allemand ou receuilli par J. J. Blassidre.
La Haye: F. Staatman,1771.
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Principles of scientific botany or Botany as an inductive science…translated by
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London: Longman, 1849.
viii, 616 p.; illus. 8vo.
-- La plante et sa vie: leçons populaires de botanique à I'usage des gens du
monde, traduit de l'allemand . . . par M. Scheidweiler et M. Royer.
Paris: Schulz and Thuillie, 1859
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Icones Plantarum rariorum. Delineavit…H. Schwegman; edidit et descriptiones
addidit G.V. Schneevoogt; scriptionem inspexit S. J. van Geuns. Afbeeldingen van
zeldzaame en fraaje Bloem - en Plant - Gewassen...
Haerlem: C. Plaat,1793.
48 col. plates with text. fol.
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Travel diaries of a naturalist Australia, New Zealand, Africa, The Galapagos
Islands, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands ... photographs by Philippa Scott
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Flower drawings
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The art of improving the breeds of domestic animals, in a letter addressed to…Sir
Joseph Banks. London: J. Harding, [1809].
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A passion for plants contemporary botanical masterworks from the Shirley
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Oxonii, Typis Academicis, 1794.
xxiv, 422 p. 8vo.
-- Flora Graeca; sive, Plantarum rariorum historia, quas in provinciis aut insulis
Graeciae legit, investigavit et depingi curavit Johannes Sibthorp…Characteres
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Flora Japonica, sive Plantae, quas in imperio Japonico collegit, descripsit, ex parte
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Digessit J. G. Zuccarini.
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On the improved beet root, as winter food for cattle. 2nd ed.
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A history and description of the different varieties of the pansey, or heartsease,
now in cultivation in the British gardens; illustrated with twenty-four coloured
figures, of the choicest sorts.
London: Effingham Wilson, 1835.
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A catalogue of rare or remarkable phaenogamous plants collected in South Kent...
London: Longrnan, 1829.
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La coltura del cieglo
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Flowers and gardens fourteenth annual exhibition of the Society of Botanical
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Society of Gentlemen
The complete farmer: or, A general dictionary of husbandry…by A Society of
Gentlemen, Members of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures
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London: The Authors,1766.
[unpaginated], plates. fol.
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Butterflies of the British Isles
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The moths of the British Isles series 1 comprising the families Sphingidae to
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Expériences pour servir á I'histoire de la génération des animaux et des
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The principles of line illustration with emphasis on the requirements of biological
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Index Londinensis Vol. I AA to Campanopsis
Stapf, O.
Index Londinensis Vol. II Campanula to Dysphania
Stapf, O.
Index Londinensis Vol. III Earina to Justicia
Stapf, O.
Index Londinensis Vol. IV Kadsura to Pedicellia
Stapf, O.
Index Londinensis Vol. V Pedicularis to Sapium
Stapf, O.
Index Londinensis Vol. VI Saponaria to Zymum
Stapf, O.
Index Londinensis Supplement A - H
Stapf, O.
Index Londinensis Supplement I - Z
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John Lindley 1799-1865 gardener, botanist and pioneer orchidologist Bicentenary
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Botanical Latin history, grammar syntax, terminology and vocabulary Third
Newton Abbot, David and Charles, 1980
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dem Dänischen ũbersetzt von Dr. C. F. Hornschuch
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xvi, 130 p., fold. plates. 4to.
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The book of the farm: detailing the labours of the farmer, farm-steward ploughman,
shepherd, hedger, cattle-man, field-worker, and dairy maid
Edinburgh: W. Blackwood, 1844.
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Sterbeech, Francis van
Citricultura oft regeringhe der uythemsche boomen te weten oranien, citroenen,
limoenen, granaten, laurieren en andere . . . 2. druck verbetert.
Antwerpen: Huyssens,1712.
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Snowdrops and snowflakes a study of the genera Galanthus and Leucojum
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The gentleman gard'ner instructed in sowing, planting . . . 3rd ed. with many
London: S. Austen,1748.
x,312 p. 12mo.
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Thomas Baines an artist in the service of science in Southern Africa
accompanying the exhibition held at Christies, September 1999
London, Christies, 1999
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Handbook of the Torquay flora: comprising the flowering plants and ferns growing
in and around Torquay . . .
Torquay: E. Croydon, 1860.
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A flora of the north-east of Ireland: including the Phanerogamia, the Cryptogamia
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John Lindley Praefectus Horti and Professor of Botany at Chelsea Physic Garden
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London: James Ridgway, 1825-1830.
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choicest flowers cultivated by florists . . . with their descriptions.
London: James Ridgway,1827-1832.
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-- The ornamental Flower Garden and Shrubery, containing coloured figures and
descriptions of…Flowering Plants and Shrubs cultivated in Great Britain, selected
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Flora Bristoliensis . . .
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The rocks Birthplace of the Australian nation a restoration project by the Sydney
Cove Redevelopment Authority
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Culture des Pelargonium.
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Monographie des greffes; ou, Description technique des diverses sortes de greffes
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[Paris: n. pub., 1821.]
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A treatise on the origin, nature and varieties of wine: being a complete manual of
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London: MacMillan,1872.
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An Oak Spring flora flower illustration from the fifteenth century to the present time
a selection of the rare books, manuscripts and works of art in the collection of
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bibliographical descriptions by Julia Dupuis Blakely
Upperville, Virginia (USA), Oak Spring Garden Library, 1997
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Lambeth neer London by John Tradescant
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Hortus nitidissimis omnem per annum superbiens Floribus, sive amoenissimorum
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das ganze Jahr hindurch in schönsten Flor stehende Blumengarten, oder
3 v. [in 2], illus col. fol.
-- Uitgezochte planten…Na't level getekend door den beroemden Georgius
Dionysius Ehret. In't koper gebracht en natuurlyk gekoleurd…door…Joh. Jacob
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-- Supplement. . .
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Ontogenia y senilidad en plantas
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Modo di allevare di versi Uccelli da Gabbia, conoscere li maschi dalle femmine,
quali cibi mangino, quanto tempo campino, e loro medicamenti appropriati|bIl tutto
Firenze: Per il Vangelisti,1685
48p, 15cm, paperbound
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Natuerlyke historie: een volksleesboek.
Antwerpen, 1864.
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-- Merckwurdigkeiten der Natur und der Kunst in Zeugung Fortpflanzung und
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Victoria and Albert Museum
Portraits of plants Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues (1533-1588) with a biographical
foreword by Lionel Lambourne
London, Victoria and Albert Museum
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Wilhelm Hofmeister the work and life of a nineteenth century botanist with a
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Traité sur la jacinte: contenant la manière de la cultiver suivant l'expérience qui en
a été faite . . . 3. ed. Harlem: N. Beets,1773.
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The voyages of Captain Cook
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Eine Methode zur Analyse der Turgorkraft von Dr. Hugo de Vries
Berlin: Druck von G. Bernstein, 1884
[iv]p,p427-601 25cm
-- Intracellulare pangenesis.
Jena: G. Fischer, 1889.
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The Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society
The English florists' tulip
Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society, 1997
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On the Phenomenon of variation and geographical distribution as illustrated by the
Papilionidae of the Malayan Region
Published in the Transactions of the Linnean Society, Vol. XXV, 1864
-- The Malay archipelago, the land of the orang-utan and the bird of paradise: a
narrative of travel, with studies of man and nature. London: Macmillan, 1869.
2v. 8vo.
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The shaping of Cambridge botany a short history of whole-plant botany in
Cambridge from the time of Ray into the present century published on the
occasion of the sesquicentenary of Henslow's New Botanic Garden, 1831-1981
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1996
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Flax: its cultivation and preparation with practical suggestions . . .
London: W. S. Orr, [ca 1854].
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Plantae Woodfordienses: a catalogue of the more perfect plants growing
spontaneously about Woodford in the county of Essex.
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On the cultivation of flax, the fattening of cattle with native produce, box-feeding
and summer-grazing. 2nd ed.
London: J. Ridgway, 1847.
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Wanderings in South America the north-west of the United States and the Antilles
in the years 1812, 1816, 1820, & 1824 with original instructions for the perfect
preservation of birds, etc. for cabinets of natural history by Charles Waterton, Esq.
with one hundred illustrations
London and New York: Macmillan & Co., 1893
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The art of promoting the growth of the cucumber and melon . . .
London: Harding, 1824.
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Botanical notes on trees of the British forests
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Topographical botany . . . 2nd ed., corr. andenl.
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Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, 1997
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George Caley 19th century naturalist a biography
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of Leyden University 1587-1937
Harlem, 1938
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Duidelyke vertoning Eeniger Duizend in alle Vier Waerelds Deelen wassende
Bomen, Stammen, Kruiden, Bloemen, Vrugten, en Uitwassen…doorJohan
Wilhelm Weimann...
Amsterdam: Z. Rombers, 1736-1748.
4 v., lilum. plates. fol.
-- Taalryk Register der plaat-ofte
Amsterdam: Z. Romberg, 1736-1748.
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100 flowers and how they got their names
North Carolina, Algonquin Books, 1997
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Two essays; one upon single vision with two eyes; the other on dew. A letter to the
Right Hon. Lloyd, Lord Kenyon and an account of a female the white race of
mankind...with a memoir of his life...
London: Archibald Constable, 1818
Weston, Richard
The gardener's and planter's calendar: containing the method of raising
timber-trees, fruit-trees, and quick, for hudges . . .
London: T. Carnan, 1773.
[8], 298 p. 8vo.
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The natural history of Selbourne . . . To which are added, The naturalist's
calendar, miscellaneous observations and poems. New ed.
London: C. and J. Rivington, 1825.
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The district flora; as compiled by the Ashton-under-Lyne Linnean Botanical Society
. . . To this is added, The Hepaticae of the district around Manchester. . .
Ashton-under-Lyne: J. Andrews, 1888.
83 p. 8vo.
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On the transmission from parent to offspring of some forms of disease, and of
morbid taints and tendencies.
London: J. Churchill, 1851.
x, 351 p. 8vo.
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An inquiry into the original state and formation of the earth; deduced from facts
and laws of nature
London: W. Bent, 1786
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Die Bastardbefruchtung in Pflanzenreich, eridutert an den Bastarden derWeiden.
Breslau: E. Morgenstern,1865.
iv, 95 p., plates. 4to.
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Natuerlyke histoire een volksleesboek
Antwerp: Drukkery Schotmans, 1864
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Remarks on the improvement of cattle, etc., in a letter to Sir John Saunders
Sebright…3rd ed., with an appendix.
Nottingham: H. Barnett, 1820.
71 p. 4to.
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Choice stove and greenhouse ornamental-leaved plants.2nd ed.
London, 1873-76.
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The genus Rosa: drawings by Alfred Pearson.
London: J. Murray, 1914.
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China mother of gardens by Ernest H. Wilson, M.A., V.M.H., ... with map and sixtyone illustrations from photographs taken by the author
Boston, Mass., The Stratford Company, 1929
Winch, Nathaniel John
An essay on the geographical distribution of plants throughout the counties of
Northumberland. Cumberland and Durham. 2nd ed.
Newcastle: E. Charnley, 1825.
54p. 8vo.
-- Flora of Northumberland and Durham.
[Newcastle: T. and J. Hodgson, 1836].
159 p. fol.
Wollaston, Thomas Vernon
On the variation of species, with special reference to the Insecta; followed by an
inquiry into the nature of genera.
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Medical botany containing systematic and general descriptions, with plates of all
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supplied by G. Pratt...
London: John Bohn, 1832
5 vols ill (engr. plates, hand col.), 26x19cm, boxed set
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The natural history of the earth, illustrated, and inlarged|bas also defended, and
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