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About NewsSpotter
About NewsSpotter
Our satellite broadcasting service, NewsSpotter, enables the transmission of real
time, high quality video, images and data from any location across Europe and
the Mediterranean Basin.
Compact enough to be carried in a backpack for fly-away use and small enough to be fitted onto a small
car, NewsSpotter can instantly connect mobile news crews to studios for the transmission of live or
pre-recorded content.
The key benefits of the NewsSpotter service are:
• Available everywhere
Stay connected, even in locations without
ground infrastructure
• Scalable
Services available from 512Kbps up to 10Mbps
• Fast set up
Set up and start broadcasting in just a few
• Lightweight equipment
Compact, lightweight equipment that fits into a
single suitcase
• Seamless integration
Connect to any IP network using state-of-the-art
satellite technology
• Self-booking
Easy to use web-based booking portal for
immediate access
How it works
How it works
KA-SAT marks a new generation of satellite technology. The high throughput
Satellite is configured with 82 spot-beams and connected to a network of ten
ground stations, making it the most advanced multi-spot satellite in the world.
NewsSpotter utilises the KA-SAT technology alongside compact, lightweight equipment to deliver a seamless
broadcasting service.
Pre-recorded or live high
quality video/data content is
transmitted from the KA-SAT
mobile unit’s lightweight kit to
the KA-SAT satellite.
2 Receive
Content is then received by
the KA-SAT satellite, which
allows one signal to be
received simultaneously by an
unlimited number of users.
3 Relay
Signals are relayed to the
KA-SAT ground network
using ViaSat’s SurfBeam®
2 technology, which allows
frequencies to be reused
20 times.
4 Broadcast
Content is then transmitted
to the broadcaster, enabling
real-time, high quality video,
images and data to be passed
on to the end consumer.
“Thanks to NewsSpotter, its easy booking system and immediate access to our IP
network using reliable satellite broadband, our journalists at I-Tele can present the news
in real time and send back their service filmed anywhere in France in no time to our
studios In Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris).”
- The Head of mobile Units at I-Tele
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