statement of support to president alain richardson



statement of support to president alain richardson
 STATEMENT OF SUPPORT TO PRESIDENT ALAIN RICHARDSON The elected RRR majority members learn with amazement the very severe ruling of the reporter to the State Council against President Alain Richardson, who had been unanimously elected by the territorial council of Saint-­‐Martin on April 1, 2012. The State Council, which was called to attention by the National Commission of campaign accounts which had rejected the RRR Campaign accounts, met on March 27, 2013, and has put its decision under advisement in one month’s period of time.
It is neither the sincerity of accounts, nor the completeness or the traceability of incomings and expenditure of the campaign, nor compliance with the maximum, nor a failure or delay in the filing of the campaign accounts which are put in question, but only the fact that the financial agent has opened, at the same time and in the same bank, two dedicated and fungible accounts one in Euros and the other in Dollars. The Commission considered this contrary to the texts in force, without taking into account the monetary, financial, banking and economic reality of St-­‐Martin, on the one hand, or the constant jurisprudence of the State Council and the Constitutional Council, on the other hand.
The sub-­‐account in Dollars has worked as alternately to the euro account, and this for the single settlement of two bills which the net pay was denominated in Dollars, the primary supplier having wished to be paid in that currency.
Neither the campaign accounts Commission nor even the Reporter of the State Council blame President Alain Richardson for some fraudulent intent.
It should be recalled that Saint-­‐Martin is the only community of France to be located both in the Euro and in the Dollar zone and that most banking and financial institutions locally systematically offer their customers accounts in Euros and in Dollars, to take into account the economic interdependence of the Franco-­‐Dutch island of Saint-­‐Martin, which specificities are totally ignored by a vast majority of the central services of the State.
The elected representatives which form the majority of the territorial Council have confidence in Justice and lend all their support to their President Alain Richardson in this new challenge. They are calmly waiting and looking forward to the conclusions of the State Council in this case, hoping that these conclusions will align on the constant jurisprudence, and this for the proper functioning of our institutions and the general interest of the development of our community.
The elected RRR representatives of the Territorial Council of Saint-­‐Martin

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