Press Release FDJ Scratch game Saphir February 2015



Press Release FDJ Scratch game Saphir February 2015
Boulogne, February 24th 2015
ILLIKO® range of scratchcard games
FDJ launches “SAPHIR €250,000”, the first French
scratchcard game made with glossy ink
On Monday 16 February, La Française des Jeux launched
“SAPHIR €250,000”, the first French scratchcard game made
with glossy or “holographic” ink. This new game offers the
chance to win up to €250,000 on a €5 bet.
Over a duration of around four months, 21 million tickets of
this limited-edition game will be exclusively on sale at the
32,700 FDJ® retail outlets.
“SAPHIR €250,000” is the fourth scratchcard game in the €5
sector to offer a high symbolic maximum payout, and it also has its own important feature: the
highest payout frequency (combining all payout amounts) of all the ILLIKO® range of
scratchcard games, at 1 in 2.99 (compared to 1 in 3.28 for “Astro”, which previously had the
highest payout frequency).
A particularly popular concept
With “SAPHIR €250,000”, FDJ® hopes to attract the largest number of players thanks to a
colourful design evocative of games for “casual gaming” (recreational games for smartphones)
and an attractive prize structure (distribution of prize payout amounts and probability of
winning): 1 in 7.21 chance of winning €5 or €10, compared to 1 in 10 with Jackpot.
Studies* carried out show that 78% of players enjoy the game, 34% of them immensely,
particularly as a result of its design and simple mechanics. The game entails scratching off six
sapphires and 20 precious stones and comparing the results (if one or more of the numbers
revealed correspond to one or more winning numbers, the player wins the associated amount(s);
payouts are cumulative).
The use of holographic ink, or glossy ink, means that the sapphires and precious stones stand out
clearly and guarantees excellent visibility for the ticket at the till.
* StrateGir study carried out for La Française des Jeux – April 2014
“In the US, games launched using the Scratch FX® technique (the official name for this glossy
ink) sold 28% better on average than tickets using similar themes at similar prices but produced
with the standard four-colour process,” explains the printer.
“In 2002, one of the biggest lotteries in the US launched its first ticket
on the theme of precious stones using the Scratch FX® technique:
Diamond Payout. That has been its number one selling ticket since
then,” it adds.
About the ILLIKO® range of games
In 2014, the ILLIKO® range of scratchcard games –(available at all FDJ® retail outlets) reported
€5.744 billion in sales, an increase of 4.8% vs 2013. They represent 44% of La Française des
Jeux’s sales. The range comprises around 20 games within the network and is regularly updated
to respond to the expectations of players, who are avid fans of innovations.
The ILLIKO® range can also be found on, with copies of its flagship retail outlet games as
well as “web exclusives” designed especially for online players.
In a few short years, the €5 scratchcard game sector has become a hit with players, and in 2014 it
represented half the turnover of the ILLIKO® range of games (49.9%). Besides the high
maximum payouts of €100,000, €250,000 and €500,000, the variety of game themes on offer in
this sector has brought success year on year: superstitions are turned on their head with “Coup de
Chance”, “CASH” and “JACKPOT,” which offer a world of wealth, whilst “MOTS CROISES”
provides pause for thought and “MONOPOLY” is a source of pure entertainment.
For more information concerning scratch games, please contact:
Christine da Silva – Market Intelligence & International Relations
La Française des Jeux - [email protected]
Patrick Germain • Julie Salzmann
Tél. : 01 41 10 33 82 • [email protected]
FDJ® est une marque enregistrée au nom de La Française des Jeux
La Française des Jeux est la 4 loterie mondiale avec près de 13 milliards d'euros de mises en 2014. Elle propose à ses 27 millions de clients une offre de jeux de loterie et de paris sportifs grand public,
ludique responsable et sécurisée. Le groupe avec ses filiales (Lotsys, LVS) s’appuie sur plus de 1 700 collaborateurs, un réseau de proximité de 32 700 points de vente et un canal multimédia qui a séduit
1 million joueurs. En 2014, La Française des Jeux a redistribué 95% de ses mises, soit 8,5 Mds€ aux joueurs, 3 Mds€ à la collectivité dont plus de 230 M€ pour le sport pour tous et la solidarité, et plus de
650 M€ pour les détaillants.
LA FRANÇAISE DES JEUX - 126, rue Gallieni - 92643 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex

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