Knee-high Socks in Grey


Knee-high Socks in Grey
Ace Your Yoga Classes with the
Tuckkets’ Knee-high Socks in Grey
Regular yoga classes and pilates call for comfy clothing. Tucketts’ knee-high socks
in grey offer comfort and style simultaneously to make exercise a satisfying and
enjoyable activity. These toeless and stretchable knee-high socks enhance
barefoot connection and give greater stability on the floor. The socks are made of
premium-quality material to keep your feet warm and soft.
Ideal for Yoga and Pilates
These toeless knee-high socks give you a superior barefoot grip on the floor
during yoga and pilates. The open-toe design lets you keep your feet secure on
the ground during yoga postures and allows you to switch between poses without
The toe-less feature also ensures a smooth pedicure session. It gives you the
freedom to move your toes freely, while the pedicurist gives you a relaxing
It’s a One-Size-Fits-All
These grey-colored knee-high socks save you the hassle of choosing suitable
workout clothes. The size ranges from 6 to 9.5, perfect for most women's shoes. It
fits like a glove regardless of the shape and size of your feet.
Gentle on Feet
The socks are made of superior cotton, nylon, and spandex, wick away sweat and
keep your feet soft. The stretchable material allows you to roam freely without
anything limiting your movement.
The Tukkets knee-high socks are an apt addition to your workout wardrobe. The
toe-less design lets you keep your foot firmly on the ground doing martial arts,
PiYo, and other exercises. They are breathable and lightweight and add a touch of
style to your appearance.

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