Reasons to Hire a Land Surveyor


Reasons to Hire a Land Surveyor
Why You Need a Land Survey
Since your property is one of the most important
investments you will make in your lifetime, it is essential
to protect your investment by ordering a professional
land survey. There are several reasons why you may
need a land survey, including the need to build on either
new property or an existing property. A land survey is
not only successful at protecting your investment, but it
may also be a requirement for certain land-related
projects. Learn more about the top ten reasons why you
need a land survey.
Buying Property
Whenever you are looking to purchase new
property, you should always order a land survey.
This will ensure that the documentation for your
property is accurate and up-to-date, which allows
you, as the buyer, to know exactly what you are
buying. It is not advisable to rely on the previous
owner’s documents as they are likely to be outdated
and inaccurate.
Selling a Property
When selling your property, it is extremely useful to
have your property surveyed. The land survey will
put your buyer’s mind at ease, and many land
transactions will require an up-to-date survey.
Preventing and
Settling Disputes
A land survey is the only guaranteed way to identify
your boundary lines. Being mindful of your
boundary lines can help you to avoid encroaching
on your neighbor’s property. An updated survey will
also allow you to settle any property disputes that
arise, since your survey will support your case by
providing accurate and legally sound evidence.
Building, Fencing or
Adding on to Your Property
Before commencing any type of building project,
you will need a land survey to determine your
boundary lines. The survey will also consider all
applicable local laws and restrictions to ensure that
your project is permitted.
A land survey can provide immensely detailed
information about the topography of your land, and
includes specific details such as pasteurization,
cultivation, foresting, and water features. To prepare
your land for development, you will need to know its
Subdividing or Developing
A land survey will ensure your project is on a legally
subdivided lot and meets all applicable
requirements for development.
Refinancing or
Obtaining a Mortgage
Mortgage lenders typically require a land survey
before lending on a purchase transaction to ensure
that your property is a worthwhile investment.
Expert Witness Survey
As mentioned previously, land surveys are able to
help you resolve land dispute cases. In severe land
dispute cases, your land survey will serve as legal
evidence of your boundary lines, which will
effectively resolve your property dispute if one
actually does exist.
Underground Utilities
In all circumstances, it is crucial to know of any
underground utilities that exist on your property. A
land surveyor will identify any underground cables,
pipes, and drains, so you will be aware of the exact
location of these utilities and what rights utility
companies may have to maintain this infrastructure.
Zoning Classification
Not all parcels of land can be used equally. Your land
survey will report your zoning jurisdiction and
classification, which defines all the specific
restrictions in place that will ultimately influence the
ways in which you can legally use your property.

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