How to Raise a Successful Child



How to Raise a Successful Child
How to Raise a Successful Child
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. What Your Child Doesn’t Need to Succeed?
3. What Your Child Needs to Succeed?
4. Conclusion
One of the amazing things that anyone alive can
do is to raise a child, which is also a life-long
commitment. It is the drive of many parents to
watch their kids outperform them in their life
somehow. Despite whether it is with an ability, a
developed passion or their own specific way of
living. Children ought to have the capacity to
combine what they learn from us, our life lessons
with the lessons they explore themselves and
gather them to succeed.
To raise a successful child, we have to make a
childhood that breeds success. What’s best
about this is it doesn't cost you much of money
to spend in private school fees or in a lot of
extracurricular activities. Indeed, with only a little
time, some listening and a lot of talking, you can
beat those things in most parts undoubtedly.
What Your Child Doesn’t
Need to Succeed?
Some children who have grown up to be
successful had often come across broken
childhoods. They may have been from a broken
family lived in poverty or just never fitted into
school. There are many variables that happen to
our children that we have no control over. Also,
these things, rather than being a negative
impact, can pivot and turn out to be a piece of
what makes success for them. Shortly
speaking, being perfect is not required.
Indulgence is likewise not a mandatory part
to your child's success. Children who
experience childhood in luxury, have all their
physical needs met, can't build up the cravings
they need to go out and make it all alone.
They have no compelling reason to all goals
and purposes they have already got. Some
exceptionally rich individuals bring up their
children modestly and simply to give them a
motivation to make their own way to success.
Your child doesn’t need a helicopter parent. A
helicopter parent is one who hovers around their
child to avoid their child from facing failure or to
ensure they are on their best behavior. They are
students who bring the most amazing science
projects to the school, which are mainly done by
the adults at home. Helicopter parents prevent
their children from seeing what they can do
themselves, learning to enjoy their own
independence because they are doing
everything for them instead.
What Your Child Needs
to Succeed?
Boundaries, Rules and
Making great boundaries are important.
Boundaries are not obstacles, instead these are
the laws governing your home. The main
boundaries essentially come down to three
critical elements: Respect for self, respect for
others, and respect for things.
All rules come from the boundaries we have
created. Rules are much more inclined to be
followed if children can see the return of doing
so. Work out the consequences for rules not
being obeyed and stick to them consistently right
from the beginning.
Boundaries, Rules and
If your child is continuously disobeying the rules,
review the rules. Do the rules you set sound
reasonable to your child? Do you make your
child confused when one day you make your
rules mandatory but the next day you don't?
Keep it clear, keep it consistent.
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Cultivate sense of responsibility in your
children. Parents nowadays used to raise
children to be little princes and princesses.
Sometimes it is great to check how much you
are doing for your children, which may be
preventing them to develop their independence.
It is great to ensure they have their own
responsibilities in your family. Home is their best
training platform. Once they get used to it, they
will grow to be more responsible in different
aspects of life.
A Journey of Self-Education and
One of the most powerful tools in nurturing a
child striving for success is to create a desire
to learn or explore knowledge. This can be
done with just a regular visit to your local library.
Perhaps make it a weekly family activity.
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kids? Get it here.
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During the visit, discover what are the topics that
interest your children and encourage them to
find books related to their interests to explore
further. No doubt, school teachers do a great job
by teaching our children, however successful
children have parents who are willing to spend
time in providing the children the big “why” and
“how” questions that a teacher of a large group
may not be able to do. When they are old
enough, Google obviously is a great web search
tool to fulfill their curiosity.
The Power of Role Models
Find people around you that have
comparable interests as your children and
encourage your children to connect with
these people. You may not have any sense of
creativity, but your kid may love to draw. Let your
child participate in drawing class to unleash their
talent. It also causes them to take their interests
further and see if it is something they feel worth
To be honest, most successful adults are no
accidents. It is the accumulated works of
parenting, education and time that create
someone who wants to make the best of them.
One of the best flow on effects of wanting to
have a successful child is you learn along
the way too. And should you become a little
more successful as well? Well that is going to be
ideal right?
Improving Social Skills
It is vital to give our children a lot of opportunities
to find what they are good at, so they can pick
what they can focus on. But there is one
aspect of skills which is very important to
your child no matter what field they involve,
which is undeniably the social skills.
In order for children to succeed, they should
have the ability to work with a wide variety of
individuals, have good people management and
leadership abilities, to be able to distinguish an
issue and to likewise have a thought of how they
can solve it. Having great social skills can
help build the resourcefulness of your
children and subsequently turn them to be
better problem solvers.
Wise Financial Planning
Wise financial planning encourages wise
spending and saving for the future. Learning
smart ways of managing money can
profoundly affect a young child's life. The
money-related lessons children learn today will
last well into adulthood.
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Begin little. Give your children some
allowance as their rewards of their
contributions to the household. You can also
give them pocket money that has no job
attached to it as well if you like. This can be an
awesome chance to demonstrate to your child
the nuts and bolts of gaining, spending and
saving. Parents can utilize this opportunity to
share with children the difference between
the “needs” and the “wants”, in order to help
children to avoid overspending on goods under
the “wants” categories.
Wise Financial Planning
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Show kids to constantly shop with a
shopping list. Shopping with a shopping list
helps children understand how preparation can
avoid unnecessary spending. Besides, convey
the ideas to kids that the selection of goods
during shopping should be based on the
quality-versus-cost factor instead of purely
looking at the brand.
Sharing with your child the idea of investing
their money is important. This idea can be
shared once they grow to be more mature.
Sharing with your child that investment can
make money grow faster rather than just purely
saving the money in the bank. Get your children
a set of CASHFLOW investing game,
developed by renowned entrepreneur and
motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki, author of
Rich Dad Poor Dad here.
Wise Financial Planning
Allow your children to involve in the process
of running a business such as being a seller at
the food fair stall in charitable events. This is an
effective way for children to learn how to set and
achieve sales targets, understand the profit and
understanding about mathematics.
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investing game, CASHFLOW,
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In summary, providing your child a good
education in money is one of the key preparatory
steps to success.
The Ultimate Key to Your Child’s
Have you ever pondered what makes certain
individual a good competitor? Or a good
businessman? Or why does a child with the most
talents in a group not become the star player?
What is the difference? It is the mental
strength, or popularly known as “grit”.
Research is starting to uncover that our
mental durability or "grit" has a more
essential impact than whatever else for
achieving our goals in health, business, and
life. You have probably heard the word “grit” said
a few times in the present years concerning
raising children who proceed to fulfill their
The Ultimate Key to Your Child’s
As per psychologist Angela Duckworth, the key
to exceptional accomplishment isn't all about
ability. Rather, it's a unique mix of perseverance
and enthusiasm that she calls "grit." How do
you help your child utilize "grit" in their life?
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Angela Duckworth’s book,
GRIT, here.
First of all, help your child to discover a
passion—or conceivably a connection with an
activity. One of the traits of "gritty" people is that
they are "particularly inspired to look for
satisfaction through centered engagement and a
feeling of importance or reason," (Duckworth Lab
Research Statement), so allowing a child to
find their own specific excitement is crucial
in the long term.
The Ultimate Key to Your Child’s
The thought is to educate your child to
concentrate on something and buckle down.
If children are motivated to improve at something
that they are interested in, then the struggle will
have no effect at all and accomplishment will be
its own particular reward.
Get New York Times bestseller,
Angela Duckworth’s book,
GRIT, here.
Besides, it is vital to educate your child not
to give up easily. Give them a chance to
confront their fear of disappointments. Make
your child realize they may be facing some
negative experience and disappointments in life.
Without that, they won't be sufficiently ready to
start aiming for their goals. It is fundamental to
train your kids that disappointment is not the
No more yelling, no
more nagging, or
losing control.
Join Positive
Parenting Solutions
to become the
parent you’ve
always wanted to be
You came into parenting with zero knowledge.
You are polishing parts of your identity as you
raise your child. By parenting, you are
developing and growing into a new person.
However, your child is not destined to repeat
your own personal mistakes. They are destined
to make their own. You may not have wanted to
look at it that way, but the mistakes did happen.
So, you started to think of possible ways to
correct your children’s mistakes. But trust
yourself. You have the potential to raise your
child successfully.
It is important to learn first what your child needs
and what his abilities are. At that point, use the
strength of the love you feel for him to guide him
toward his goals. Happy parenting!

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