Types of Drilling Bits



Types of Drilling Bits
Types of Drilling Bits
In the drill string, the drill bit plays an important role. It has been selected based on the
formation of what type of drill to be done. Various basis of operating parameters like a weight on
bit, hydraulic efficiency, mud properties and revolution per minute. After work out, drill bits
should check how much damaged take place.
Here’s the list of top ​oilfield drill bit companies​.
1. Schlumberger
2. Baker Hughes
3. Halliburton
4. National Oilwell Varco
5. Varel Oil and Gas Drill Bits
There are two essential useful drilling bits 1. Roller cone bits 2. Fixed cutter bits
1.Roller cone bits
Also known as Tricone bits as its cutting-edge mounts over three rolling cones. These cones
also attached to its main bit body parts.
It will further be categorised into
● Mill tooth Bits
● Insert Bits
Mill tooth bits have steel teeth like structure milled over cones in main body parts. According to
the type of drill to be done, the shape and size of the teeth changed. It varied long &slender to
short & broad.
In insert bits, the teeth should not mill over the cones. Here, tungsten carbide pressed on
cones.it is very strong and last long. Insert bits are found long & chisel shaped to short &round
2.Fixed cutter bits
Fixed cutter bits have no moving parts, i.e., fixed. The cutting elements and bit body rotates one
It has mainly three types
TSP drilling bits has a bonding material which is weakest as it loses their stamina under high
temperature. It further composed on some artificial diamond.
The PDC drilling bits have different strength, i.e., hard to soft.it also has a synthetic diamond,
which is polycrystalline. PDC bonded studs of tungsten carbide under high temperature which
mould over holes on the head of the bit. Due to the hardness of the diamond coating, its
strength calculated.
PDC bits has an essential role in drill industry .it is better than the tricone drill.PDC bit shears
the form but not in the tricone case. Rounded shape helps bottom to hole better, and cutter
performs like jet nozzles.
Diamond drilling bits used in hard abrasive structures. The main advantage is its hardness
and longevity. But the disadvantage is its penetration time, which is very slow. It re4quirs high
RPM to perform efficiently.

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