Free SMS receive


Free SMS receive
Best way to receive SMS online using FreephoneNum
Many of us often feel a need for a disposable phone number to receive SMS
online. Sometimes to bypass a registration process on some website. Or to create a
WhatsApp number using a different countries phone number.
The reason can be many, but when it comes to getting a disposable phone number.
Well, most of the time it becomes a tough job to do.
However, to help you out, we have handpicked this website called
the FreePhoneNum.
Now you must be thinking what this website is about and how it can help you to
get a disposable phone number?
Well just to answer this question, we are going to share our FreePhoneNum
review. However before we go ahead and talk about the website, let’s just talk
about why you need a temporary number. So you can understand it in a better way.
 SMS receive free
 free SMS receive
Why You Need A Temporary Number?
Well sharing your personal contact information on different websites or to
strangers is not a good idea. Hence just to protect yourself from them, you can use
temporary or disposable numbers. Disposable numbers basically add double
security on your personal details.
Hence, as a result, your private details will not be compromised by someone else.
Or someone will be able to misuse your details.
If you are creating a social media account or trying to contact a stranger.
Alternatively, if you are listing something online for selling. Then a temporary
number can be really useful for you.
Anyway, now that you know why a temporary number is Important. Let’s just go
ahead and talk about the FreePhoneNum service.
For More Information Visit Here :-
Starting with the introduction, Well FreePhoneNum is one of the best websites to
receive SMS online. The site offers around 113 numbers from different countries.
These countries include the United States,
United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden and many others.
Even using the website is a super easy task. Moreover, the site is completely free to
use, and you do not need to download an app for this. It is a complete web-based
service which can help you to receive SMS online.
It also lets you choose a number from a bunch of numbers of a specific country.
Even you can use different numbers at the same time as a particular location.
This means if you can sign up on a website with a specific number and at the same
time you can use another number for a different site. Even you can manage both of
these numbers at the same time which is a really amazing feature of the
Also on the website, you will find the old verification number of a specific
location. Another useful feature of the website is that it even lets you send free
But the sad part is that as of now you can only send a free SMS to USA and
Canada Numbers. However, it is mentioned that they will soon allow users to send
a free SMS to other locations as well.
So that was a small introduction to the FreePhoneNum website. Now to give you a
better idea about this web-based receive SMS online service. Let us talk about
some of the top features of the website. So here we go:
Top Features of FreePhoneNum:
Disposable Numbers:
First of all, the website offers disposable or temporary numbers to anyone on the
internet. The website generates new numbers on weekly basis and makes sure that
you are getting the top notch services. FreePhoneNum’s system automatically
generates free numbers on the basis of their user base.
Receive SMS online:
FreePhoneNum is one of the best ways to Receive SMS online. You can easily
receive an SMS on one of the listed numbers on the website.
Even you can use the number to verify for any services online. Such as you can use
the numbers for Facebook, Google, Gmail, WhatsApp, Viber, Line and other
But, as of now, the website is not offering a bunch of numbers from a different
location. However, they are going to expand their database for other countries as
Send Free SMS
Another feature that offered by this website is the send free SMS. There are often
times when we do feel a need of sending a free SMS. Maybe we are going to text a
stranger with whom we do not want to share our personal number.
In such cases, the send free SMS feature of FreePhoneNum comes in handy.
Simply go to their website and type the receiver’s phone number and the text that
you wish to send and you are done.
So those were the top features that FreePhoneNum is offering. Now Let’s just go
ahead and talk about how to use FreePhoneNum for receiving and sending SMS.
How to receive SMS online using FreePhoneNum
First of all, go to the FreePhoneNum website.
After that, you will get to see different country names. Simply click on your
preferred country.
Then on the next page, you will find a list of a bunch of numbers. Simply
click one of the numbers from then.
After that simply copy and paste the number wherever you to use.
Once done, you will find an SMS under that number window. Then follow
the screen instructions and get done with your job.
How to send free SMS using FreePhoneNum
At first, go to the FreePhoneNum site.
 Then from the navigation menu select Send Text.
 After that, you need to enter a phone number along with the country code.
(Make sure it’s a Canada or USA number)
 Then type the text that you wish to send.
 In the end, simply fill a captcha and click on the send button. Also over here,
you will find a view replies option which you can use to see the replies to
your texts.
So that was all for the tutorials and FreePhoneNum review. Now it’s your call to
give the website a try to receive SMS online. Also for any questions, you can feel
free to leave a comment below, and we will surely reply to you.

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