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Essential Oil Benefits
Essential Oil Benefits &L’orpur Products Range
How are we different from the offerings of our competitors?
Would it not be ironic if while offering products and information that restores balance
to the body, we were to follow an unbalanced business approach?
So, the team at Essential Oil Benefits decided that we had to walk our talk, and that is
exactly how we run our company.
No cutting corners for the lowest price: We don’t offer the lowest prices because we
don’t believe in compromising on quality just to slash our rates. L’orpur values the
trust that you have placed in our products and in our company. We will not resort to
unscrupulous means just to rake in the sales.
 essential oils for vaginal dryness
 essential oils for vaginal itching
No inflating the price to increase profit margins: L’orpur is a Fair Price Company,
which means that our profit margins are reasonable enough to allow us to continue
while allowing our customers to buy top-quality products at prices they can afford.
Quality all the way: Nothing matters more to us than the quality of our products!
L’orpur has one of the strictest quality control procedures in the sector. So, every
purchase you make will be just as great as the last one.
Customers call the shots: Right up there along with our commitment to product
quality is our commitment to customer satisfaction. At L’orpur, we only want you to
pay for products that you want and like, so customer service is a priority for us,
whether you need a refill or a refund.
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What can you buy from the L’orpur e-store/shop?
1. Pamper your skin with the L’orpur Antioxidant Toner and slough off those
dead skin cells with the Purifying Volcanic Exfoliator.
2. Give your face the luxury treatment without laying a foot outside your home
with L’orpur face masks.
3. Handle all your dermal concerns with the Problem Skin Relief Cream and
L’orpur’s Oil-Free Balancing Moisturizer.
4. Hold on to that youthful glow with L’orpur Hydrating and Revitalizing Serums
and the proprietary blend of precious Age-defy oils.
5. Get easy and effective skin care with L’orpur Gentle Cleansing Lotion and
Rejuvenating Moisturizer.
6. Keep those peepers looking like a million bucks with L’orpur Eye Serums.
7. Stop the chills from harming your skin with the super easy to use L’orpur
Jumbo Moisturizer Stick.
8. Kick pain out of your life with L’orpur Pain Relief Blend, a proprietary mix of
highly effective analgesic essential oils.
9. Get the purest essential oils from the L’orpur Range for when you value quality
above all else.
10. Smell great naturally with the “No Alcohol, No-Allergy” L’orpur line of
Perfume Oils.
11. Get a grip on your emotions and take back the charge of your mind and body
with the L’orpur Pure Essential Oil Blend Kit.
12. Handle all your feminine problems with the ultra-popular L’orpur Vaginal
Moisturizer and L’orpur Menopause Relief Cream.
13. Soothe your ravaged nose and throat with the natural Sinus Spray and L’orpur
Soothing Throat and Gum Drops.
14. Breathe easy with L’orpur Vapor Rub and the Lung and Bronchial Relief
15. Supercharge your workouts with the Muscle Rub from L’orpur
Skincare, healthcare or buying essential oils has never been easier and more reliable
than what it is with the L’orpur Products.

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