How to stop period pain


How to stop period pain
Stop Period Cramps if someone can follow these tips
The uterine pain can be relieved by dietary changes, acupuncture, and some
exercises can change the pain during menstruation.
Menstrual periods can be light and easy for some teens and young women,
but for others, they can be heavy or accompanied by painful cramps. Period
Cramps can be a major reason why girls are absent from school, why they
miss sport practices, and why they may avoid social events with their friends.
How to reduce menstrual cramps
During this time of the month women can try eating boiled food with less
spice. Definitely a balanced diet can help with no gaps over 3 hours in
between intakes. Empty stomach can trigger pain in abdomen or feel weak
lack of energy so it is important to take healthy food in thick and thin
Avoid Junks
Junk food such as ready to eat food stuffs or fast foods or food with
preservatives can increase the discomfort. Food like pizza, buger, all other
street tummy sudductions with loads of fats can be avoided.
Fresh home made simple food is suggestive now with lots of fresh fruits
containing lots of Vitamins and vegetables with lot of magnesium. Fruits like
kiwi, oranges, watermelon, banana etc can be consumed in great amount
 How to stop period pain
Dark chocolates
Dark chocolates are the rich sources of magnesium, which not only tempers
moods swings, but it also helps regulate serotonin—the happy hormone. To
get the required amount of serotonin, stick with chocolate that's 60% cacao or
What other symptoms do girls have during their periods and during
menstrual cramps?
Girls may have other symptoms, such as:
Nausea (feeling like you want to throw up)
Vomiting (throwing up)
Loose bowel movements/diarrhea
Bloating in your belly area
Lightheadedness (feeling faint)
Sorting out the diet is a great way to reduce PMS symptoms, but sometimes it
just isn’t enough. If it needs a helping hand to manage symptoms, and want
to stick to natural remedies, it is always welcomed to stick to the natural
remedies. This herbal remedy has always been safe for use in relieving PMS
symptoms, including cramps, breast tenderness, bloating, irritability, and
mood swings.
Author is professional gynecologist from Mumbai, India. She create a sense
of awareness against painful periods amongst young & adolescent girls,
spreading the message - periods are normal, period pain is not.

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