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drinks - Albion
We serve ‘natural wine’ that is made by independent producers in small quantities from organic grapes. Natural wines are made with
the least possible use of chemicals, additives and overly technological procedures. This means no pesticides in the vineyards, as well as
leaving out things like sulphur or additives in the winemaking process. We believe natural wine captures the true flavour, the sense of
place and the nature of the vintage.
NATURAL WHITE WINE 75cl125ml 250ml Bottle
Ottavio Rube Bianco, Valli Unite, Piemonte 2013
3.50 6.00 15.00
Les Saveurs, Christian Binner, Alsace 20133.75
Le P’tit Blanc, Clos du Tue-Boeuf, Touraine, Loire 2014
7.50 19.50
Chardonnay Les Follasses, Michel Gahier, Arbois 2012
8.00 22.00
Orange wines are wines where the grape skins are used to give the wine body and tannin rather than being discarded after
the grape is pressed. The wines range in colour – they can be light golden to deep amber; they have complex aromas and spicy,
occasionally bitter textures. They match brilliantly with a wide range of food.
125ml 250ml Bottle
Muscat Viejas tinajas, De Martino, Itata, Chile 2013 04.00 07.50 20.50
Dinavolino Bianco, AA Denavolo, Emilia-Romagna 2013 04.75 08.50 24.50
Iago Chinuri Skin Contact Qvevri 8, Georgia 2013 04.75 08.50 24.50
A Demua, Cascina degli Ulivi, Piemonte 2012 05.50 10.00 29.50
NATURAL RED WINE 75cl 125ml 250ml Bottle
Garnacha Tinto AROA, Navarra, Spain 2014 3.50
6.00 15.25
Raisins Gaulois, Marie Lapierre Beaujolais 2013 3.75
7.00 17.50
Pur Breton, Olivier Cousin, Anjou Loire 2014 4.50 8.00 23.00
Bourgogne Rouge L’Ermitage, Domaine de la Cadette 2013
5.50 10.00 29.00
WINE 75cl Bottle
White: Cuvée Jean-Paul Wines: Pays des Côtes de Gascogne 2011 16.50
Red: Cuvée Jean-Paul Wines: Pays du Vaucluse 201216.50
Besserat de Bellefon Cuvée des Moines, NV 27.50 50.00
Besserat de Bellefon Brut Rosé, NV 30.00 55.00
Albion Pale Ale 500ml 04.50
Fourpure Pale Ale 330ml 04.00
Fourpure Pils 330ml 04.00
SPIRITS 50ml (Large measure)
Haymans Gin | Grey Goose Vodka | Jamaican Rum | Johnnie Walker | Kamm & Sons 06.00

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