Exercice 1 Exercice 2 - Anglais



Exercice 1 Exercice 2 - Anglais
Exercice grammaire anglais: much/many
Exercice 1
Choisissez la bonne réponse: much ou many ?
1. Much / many music
2. Much / many time
3. Much / many eggs
4. Much / many pencils
5. Much / many cheese
6. Much / many pizzas
7. Much / many milk
8. Much / many people
9. Much / many children
10. Much / many toys
11. Much / many rice
12. Much / many chicken
13. Much / many animals
14. Much / many cars
15. Much / many rain
16. Much / many countries
17. Much / many babies
18. Much / many books
19. Much / many water
20. Much / many furniture
Exercice 2
Choisissez la bonne réponse: how much ou how many ?
1. How much / How many oranges have you got?
2. How much / How many milk have we got?
3. How much / How many seats do you need for the barbecue?
4. How much / How many coffee do you drink a day.
5. How much / How many sugar did you put in your tea?
6. How much / How many bottles of beer do we have?
7. How much / How many seasons are there in a year?
8. How much / How many girls are there in your class?
9. How much / How many cars are there in the street?
10. How much / How many people can fit in the bus?
11. How much / How many stars are there in the sky?
12. How much / How many people live in that city?
13. How much / How many monkeys are there?
14. How much / How many water is in this lake?
15. How much / How many money is on your bank account?
16. How much / How many countries are there in the world?
17. How much / How many rice do you eat every day?
18. How much / How many bones are there in the human body?
19. How much / How many sand is in the deserts?
20. How much / How many information is on the internet?
21. How much / How many players are in a soccer team?
22. How much / How many money do you get per month?
23. How much / How many time is left?
24. How much / How many brothers does John have?
25. How much / How many phones have you bought already?
Exercice 3
Too, too much ou too many ? Complétez les phrases suivantes:
1. I have ____________ video games.
2. You’ve put ____________ pepper in the soup.
3. She always wears ____________ make-up.
4. He is ____________ old to play video games.
5. There were ____________ problems to solve.
6. The coffee is ____________ hot for us to drink.
7. I put down the bag because it was ____________ heavy.
8. She asked far ____________ questions.
9. It was ____________ hot outside to go out.
10. I arrived ____________ late.
Exercice 4
Choisissez la bonne réponse: much, many, a lot, a lot of, lots:
1.We have ___________ oranges.
2.We don’t have ___________ apples, and we don’t have _________ fruit juice.
3.Do you have any bread? Sure, there’s ___________ in the kitchen. »
4.How ____________ is this? It’s twenty dollars.
5.How ____________ do you want? Seven, please.
6.He’s very busy; he has ___________ work.
7.Tina has ___________ rice, but Sam doesn’t have _______________ .
8.Paris has _____________ beautiful buildings.
9.They eat _____________ cookies.
10.I watched _______________ movies last week.
11.I have got ______________ money.
12.I visited _____________ Asian cities.
13.Do you like basketball? Yes _____________ .
14.Were there ____________ people at the concert? Yes, there were ___________ .
15.Sarah is popular. She’s got ___________ friends. Kelly does not have ______________ .
Correction exercice 1
Correction exercice 2
1.How many
2.How much
3.How many
4.How much
5.How much
6.How many
7.How many
8.How many
9.How many
10.How many
11.How many
12.How many
13.How many
14.How much
15.How much
16.How many
17.How much
18.How many
19.How much
20.How much
21.How many
22.How much
23.How much
24.How many
25.How many
Correction exercice 3
1.too many
2.too much
3.too much
5.too many
8.too many
Correction exercice 4
1.a lot of
2.many / much
3. a lot
6.a lot of
7.a lot of / much
8. a lot of
9.a lot of
11.lots of
13.a lot
14.many / a lot
15.a lot of / many

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