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From the Private Desk of
Dr. Alan Schreiber
Testimonial Letter for our dream Realtor
Leslie KayE
It is with great pleasure I tell you about Ms. Leslie Kaye and our
experience with her throughout the process of finding and purchasing our
new home.
The first word that comes to mind is “patience.” My wife, two young
daughters, Megan 6, Lily 4, and I began the search for our new home in
late January 2011 and closed on a property in September 2011. It was like
we had a team searching for listings. During this time Leslie would find
listings, I would find listings, my wife would find listings, and my father
would find listings. To weed through the hundreds of homes we all found,
my father, wife, and I would conduct “drive-bys” to see if the property was
even worth the effort of calling Leslie to show it to us. She never gave the
impression that a property was beneath her to show it. Leslie consistently
wanted us to look at every property that interested us. I would estimate
that we investigated about 200 homes. Leslie opened up and showed us
nearly 100 homes for us to evaluate.
Sometimes on a weekly basis she would meet us three times per week,
evening after evening, Saturdays, Sundays…often showing us three
houses at each meeting. Over all those months, sticking with us, that is
She never pressured us to just pick something or convince us that “this is
the right house” just in an effort to make the sale and move on to the next
client. Many realtors are manipulative, cut-throat, see clients as numbers,
and see people as another commission. Leslie never behaved like that.
She always…ALWAYS…saw us as a FAMILY.
More about her patience. There were periods when my wife and I would
be seriously considering a particular house, or even comparing between
two houses. Leslie was happy to return to houses multiple times to let us
really get a feel for the house. We noticed that frequently upon a second,
or third, viewing of the property you would find something that dissatisfied
us, subsequently ruling out the property. Her making the effort to return
multiple times to the same house was extremely helpful to us because I
From the Private Desk of
Dr. Alan Schreiber
believe it truly saved us from moving forward on certain properties which
ultimately would not have been right for us.
Leslie understood that with two young daughters, we were looking for a
home we would stay in for at least 20 years or more…and it had to be
More about her patience. While we were actually at a property, Leslie
never…NEVER…rushed us. She never hurried us along. Leslie never
behaved like her time was more valuable than ours. I can not count how
many occasions we spent more than an hour evaluating a property. Leslie
clearly wanted to give us the opportunity to make the very best decision
Moral support. While finally discovering a property that would eventually
become our home, we ran into an extremely stressful situation getting the
financing in order. It was truly a nightmare that went on for seven weeks.
She was there every step supporting us, encouraging us. If something
didn’t go through, she would be there for us and we would keep
Professionalism. Leslie returned emails, texts, phone calls,
faxes…everything promptly and consistently. She made us feel like we
were the only clients she had to deal with. Never did we feel ignored.
Going the extra mile. Even though my father was never going to live with
us, he was a big part of the search for our next home. When my wife and I
were not available, Leslie even met him at some locations where both of
them would check out the house to see if my wife and I should look at it.
They would rule some out and rule some in. Leslie would patiently return
to those same houses and let us go inside.
While composing this letter I must admit that my eyes welled up a few
times. For many months she became like a member of the family. We joke
now that we are having email withdrawals because we either emailed or
spoke nearly every day. Truly Leslie took care of us like a member of her
family. She is a good person, a joy to be around, smart, honest, and
thoughtful. You will not find a better person to come beside you and be a
partner in your search for your home. She should be the only realtor you
Dr. Alan Schreiber
From the Private Desk of
Dr. Alan Schreiber
Lindsay Schreiber
Megan & Lily