1 Press contact: Anastasia Dina-Boudin – Patricia Goldman


1 Press contact: Anastasia Dina-Boudin – Patricia Goldman
Press contact:
Anastasia Dina-Boudin – Patricia Goldman Communication
[email protected]
Tel. 01 47 53 65 73
Get carried away…
LeCab, the leading Parisian private driver service, is revolutionizing transport in
Paris: it provides an affordable and convenient service of high quality. It is the
missing link between Autolib, Vélib, public transport and taxis, making getting around
Paris easier.
LeCab has the largest standardized fleet in Paris. Bookings are managed and
optimized using state-of-the-art Addison Lee technology, making LeCab a reliable
and fast service.
A Cab will pick you up in less than 10 minutes on average and will take you wherever
you want to go in comfort, at a fixed and surprisingly competitive price.
LeCab in numbers :
2012: founding year LeCab
350: Peugeot 508 make up the LeCab
fleet. Objective end 2014 : 800 cars
125 000: LeCab customers
2000: companies have a priority
Already hundreds of thousands of
rides done
5 million euros: Amount of the most
recent fundraising concluded in
November 2013 with private French investors
37 euros: flat rate for a ride to or from Orly airport from Paris
48 euros: flat rate for a ride to or from Charles de Gaulle airport from Paris
Fixed prices : no matter the time of day or the duration of your ride
7 mins: average waiting time between an immediate booking and the arrival of
your Cab
The identity of LeCab is defined by …
 Carefully selected and trained
drivers to guarantee an excellent
 One type of car: dark grey Peugeot
508 with tinted windows
 Internet
smartphones are available on board
 Every Cab has an iPad on board,
featuring internet, newspapers, magazines
and playlists that fit every mood and passenger
Whatever the traffic conditions or the duration of the trip, whether it is day or
night, weekdays, weekends or holidays, the price remains the same
Possibility to create a bespoke priority account
LeCab is available 24/7 without interruption, via the smartphone app, website
or telephone
Exclusive state-of-the-art Addison Lee technology, which allows LeCab to
calculate the most efficient way to dispatch our cars and redirect vehicles in
real time, not only allowing LeCab to get to the customer as quickly as
possible but also reduces CO2 emissions by optimizing routes.
The philosophy of LeCab is to provide an affordable and
convenient service of high quality.
Questions for Benjamin Cardoso,
founder and president LeCab
Why did you decide to launch this service in Paris?
“During my travels and while I was studying in London, I
was surprised by the quality of service in the private
transport sector. In Paris, the difficulty to find available
transport has always troubled me. I discovered Addison
Lee in London and wanted to offer the same service in
How are you different from your competitors?
“The first point of differentiation is that we have a standardized fleet of Peugeot 508
micro-hybrid e-HDI. Thus, our clients always have the same car and almost feel like
they are in their own car.
We also have an operations center that guarantees the quality of service 24/7.
We propose immediate bookings as well as bookings in advance. Moreover, we offer
an onboard service that is different and innovative.
All our drivers are carefully selected and trained by us. Quality of service, knowledge
of the city, a warm welcome, a smile, clothing, nothing is left to chance.”
In time do you wish to replace the taxis?
“Not at all. We believe that it is possible for VTC companies, such as LeCab, and
taxis to coexist. Our objective is not to reduce the number of taxis in Paris, it is to
reduce the number of individually owned cars! Cities like New York or London have
succeeded in combining the two different forms of transport. London has 25 000
Black Cabs (taxis) and 60 000 Minicabs (VTC), why not in Paris?”
The LeCab app is available in English for Androïd™ and iPhone™
twitter : @LeCab
Facebook : LeCab

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