Il existe plusieurs types de conditions, donc différentes structures de conditionnel
Si If équivaut à when
La situation est toujours vraie
If + situation est réelle et il y a une
forte possibilité qu’un évènement
se produise, l’autre partie de phrase
indique ce qui va se passer comme
résultat logique.
If + hypotheses, situations
imaginaires, il y a petite
probabilité pour qu’une situation
se produise
Par exemple : "If I was President
of the United States, I would
change some laws." But I know
that I'll never be the President of
the USA – I'm just saying what I
would do if I was in his/her
If + évènement ne s’est pas produit
donc il y a peu de possibilité
qu’une situation se présente. Les
Anglais utilise ce type de structure
pour indiquer un regret.
If + present form…… present form
"If (when) you heat ice, it melts."
If + present/past form………will, can or may + verb
"If I am late, I will call you."
"If you need me, you can call me at home."
"If it gets any hotter, we may have a thunder storm."
“If I find her address, I’ll send her an invitation.”
“If he got home late, He’ll be tired when he gets up”
“If she caught the 10 o’clock bus, she will be here
If + past form …………. would, could or might + verb
"If I got a pay rise, I would buy a new car."
"If you left your job, you could travel around the
"If you were nicer to him, he might lend you the
“If I found her address, I would send her an
If + past perfect ……… would/might/could have done
"If I had revised, I would have passed my exams."
"If we had gone out earlier, we might have got to the
cinema on time."
"If you had told me there was a problem, I could have
“If I had found her address, I would have sent her an
1ere série
1. If you read this book,
(you, to be) pleasantly surprised.
2. The boss will be angry if
3. Mary
(to discover) the solution if she reads the final chapter.
4. I will pay Fred 100 euro if
5. The captain
6. If
10. If
(he, to paint) my kitchen.
(to lose) his job if the team don't win the match.
(you, not, to stop) complaining, I'll have to go.
7. Tom will not be disturbed if
8. You
(we, to be) late.
(we, not, to make) a lot of noise.
(not, to be) ready on time, if you don't hurry.
(you, to help) me with my bags, if I pay you?
(you, to pass) your exams, will you get a reward?
2eme série
1. If I had more time,
2. If
3. Fred
(I, to teach) you how to play tennis.
(I, to meet) a rap star, I would ask for his/her autograph.
(to be) rich if he won a million euro.
4. Ibrahim would be very excited if
5. The economy would fail if people
6. People
7. If
(not, to work).
(not, to say) you were lazy if you won the marathon.
(I, not, to have) any friends, I would join a club.
(you, to sing) on TV if you were offered the chance?
9. Would you accept if the President
(he, to find) a treasure.
(to ask) you to be a minister?
(it, not, to be) great if everyone had enough to eat?
3eme série
1. If John
(to go) to the party, he would have met Mary.
2. If I had been here earlier,
3. You would have been amazed, if
(I, to hear) Jack singing.
(you, to see) the goal I scored.
4. You missed the train. You would have caught it if
5. If Mary
(not to fall), she would have won the race.
6. Penny would have been late if
7. If Bob had made a greater effort,
8. You
9. Question:
(you, to be) on time.
(she, not to take) the train.
(he, not to lose) the tennis match.
(not to fail) your exam if you had studied.
(Barney, to be elected) if he had been a candidate?
10. [Sans le mot 'if'] You would have been elected
(you, to be) a candidate
Concordance des temps.
1. If I have money, I ______________________________(go) and see my parents.
2. If we were there, our team ______________________________(win) the match.
3. You will stop looking for a job if the boss ____________________________(call) you .
4. I would have bought this car if I ____________________________(have) much money.
5. You ___________________________(have) good marks if you had learnt your lesson.
6. If we were in rainy season, I ______________________________(not, travel).
7. They would have been in jail if they ____________________________(lose) this ticket.
8. I ______________________________(pass) my exam if I study well.
9. She would have recognised the murderer if she ________________________(see) him.
10. We would break this stone if we ______________________________(be) strong.

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