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Alex et Zoé
This full-colour primary method is simply
structured and easy to follow. Based loosely
on well-known fairy tales (Perrault and La
Fontaine) and designed in two levels, the
resources offer teachers and students a fun,
yet concrete, approach to learning French
through songs and activities. The cartoons
introduce simple and functional reading,
while the writing is followed up in the
Livre de l’Elève 1
Cahier d’Activités 1
Guide Pédagogique 1
Cassette Individuelle 1
net 20.85
Cassettes Classe 1 (3)
net 153.95
CD Classe 1 (3)
net 124.95
Livre de l’Elève 2
Cahier d’Activités 2
Guide Pédagogique 2
Cassette Individuelle 2
net 18.35
Cassettes Classe 2 (3)
net 168.00
CD Classe 2 (3)
net 124.95
Livre de l’Elève 3
Cahier d’Activités 3
Guide Pédagogique 3
net 25.65
✪ Cassette Individuelle 3
net 132.50
✪ CD Classe 3 (3)
net 223.20
✪ Cassettes Classe 3 (3)
Cahiers de Lecture also available. See READERS section.
Avant Gaston: Cours Préparatoire
Young students will enjoy
this communicative
approach to French with
activities, games, songs
and stickers. Designed for
children aged 6-8, this is a
perfect introduction to the
popular Gaston series.
Student Book
net 31.95
Teacher’s Guide
This 2-volume course is an excellent
introduction to learning French at primary
level. With a strong cultural emphasis
throughout, students discover languagelearning in a fun and exciting way. The
course features Néo, an engaging alien,
through whose adventures pupils learn
about the language, the people and the
Student’s Books 1 & 2
ea 23.95
Workbooks 1 & 2
ea 7.00
Teacher’s Books 1 & 2
Teacher’s Audio CDs 1 & 2
Class Audio CDs 1 & 2
Flashcards 1 & 2
Resource & Activity
Packs 1 & 2
ea net 59.95
ea net 55.00
ea net 110.00
ea net 120.00
ea net 145.00
Exploring French (2nd Edition)
An introduction to French language
and culture for upper primary and lower
secondary levels.
Student’s Book
Activity Book
✪ French with Abby and Zak
This is a fresh and fun
approach to language
learning for children
aged 5-10. It is designed
like a storybook, rather
than a textbook, to give
children a bright and
stimulating introduction
to French. It covers
topics that appeal to young learners, such as
family and friends, school, toys and games,
numbers and colours. There is a CD included
to give children a lively context in which
to practise speaking French. Support for
parents and teachers on effective language
learning is provided, making this course
ideal for use at home or in the classroom.
Book with Audio CD
A 3-level course for beginners. 12 topicbased units, including word games and
puzzles, listening comprehension activities
and songs. Suitable for middle and upper
primary levels.
Student’s Books Levels 1-3
ea 24.75
Teacher’s Books Levels 1-3
ea 35.50
Cassettes Levels 1-3
net ea 45.10
In this course, the
little witch Grenadine
accompanies 6 children
through their adventures
in France. The course is
intended for children aged
7-10 and contains 60 short
lessons that develop basic
communicative skills. The activities provide
excellent structured learning tasks. Simply
presented and in full-colour.
Livre de l’Elève 1
Cahier d’Activités 1
Guide Pédagogique 1
Figurines (Flashcards) (90) 1
Cassettes Classe (2) 1
CD Classe (2) 1
CD Elève (1) 1
Livre de l’Elève 2
Cahier d’Activités 2
Guide Pédagogique 2
CD Classe (2) 2
CD Elève (1) 2
Cassettes Classe (2) 2
net 99.95
net 151.80
net 151.80
net 19.50
net 172.05
net 37.70
net 172.05
Hélico et ses Copains
This course for lower to upper primary levels
is based on the multiple intelligence theory
and on the principles of neurolinguistics.
In cartoon-illustrated stories, Hélico, the
lovable koala, takes students on voyages of
discovery into French language and culture
as he pilots his magic helicopter.
Student’s Books 1-3
ea 26.95
Activity Books 1-3
ea 13.95
Teacher’s Guides 1-3
ea 37.95
Audio CD Level 1
net 28.95
Cassettes 2-3
net ea 30.95
Jojo is the main character in this new
primary course in 2 levels for beginners
aged 8-10. The methodology is simple
and clear to follow and is based on the
multiple learning approaches of young
learners through activities, games, drama,
songs, rhymes and ‘bricolage’. The course
is in full colour, attractive and motivating,
offering learners a rich visual text backed
by workbook and flashcards, as well as
teacher’s material.
Livre Elève 1 & 2
ea 39.95
Cahier d’Activites/Workbook 1 & 2 ea 22.95
Guide Pédagogique + CD +
Photocopy Masters 1 & 2
ea net 79.95
Cartes Illustrées (64) Flashcards 1 & 2
ea net 39.95
Lili, la Petite Grenouille
Following from the
success of Il Etait… Une
Petite Grenouille, this
method for children aged
4-7 is light and fun to
use without an arduous
language program
to follow. Two young
children follow Lili on adventures through
the imagination using computers, TV and
books as the sources. Livre de Contes in fullcolour.
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
Livre de Contes 1
Cahier d’Activités 1
Cahier de Lecture
Cahier de Lecture-Ecriture 1
Guide Pédagogique 1
Cassettes Collectives (2) 1
CD Collectifs (2) 1
Livre de Contes 2
Cahier d’Activités 2
Cahier de Lecture 2
Cahier de Lecture-Ecriture 2
Guide Pédagogique 2
CD Collectifs (3) 2
net 105.55
net 111.65
net 111.65
Petit Pont
Petit Pont is an exciting new package of
materials for Primary French available in
Stages 1 and 2. The interactive software
provides the building blocks of language
learning with a multitude of practice
activities. Children journey through new
areas of language and culture through
games, puzzles, poems and songs.
Pupil’s Book 1 & 2
ea 29.95
Pupil’s Book and Audio CD/CD-ROM
Pack 1 & 2
ea 69.95
Teacher’s Guide 1 & 2
ea 45.00
Primary French
The lessons in this primary French program
are motivating and enriching due to their
simple, sequential style. Includes lots of
simple games and activities on a variety
of topics. Cartoon characters of Australian
characters guide students through the
Workbooks 1-3
ea 10.95
Blackline Masters 1-3
ea 32.95
Flashcards 1&2
ea 32.95
Tatou le Matou
This method for
children aged 5-7 in
two levels is designed
for 30-60 hours of
teaching time. The
text is 64 pages in
full-colour and the workbook provides the
reinforcement of the oral and written skills.
The class audio CDs or cassettes contain
all texts and dialogues, as well as songs
(with voices and instrumental versions) and
stories. The audio CD Chansons et Contes for
the student contains the songs and stories
from the course. The cover booklet has the
words of the nine songs and two stories,
so this CD could easily be used by any
Livre de l’Elève 1
Cahier d’Activités 1
Guide Pédagogique 1
net 65.30
Audio CDs Classe 1 (2)
net 82.50
Audio Cassettes Classe 1 (2)
net 105.55
Audio CD Chansons et Contes
net 30.70
Livre de l’Elève 2
Cahier d’Activités 2
Guide Pédagogique 2
Audio CDs Classe 2 (2)
Audio CD Elève 2
net 63.75
net 131.95
net 32.15
✪ DK Language Learner
French Pack
This kit uses interactive
games to enhance
the foreign language
skills children learn
in school. Heavy on
useful, kid-friendly
phrases, it helps foreignlanguage students to
make conversation in French in no time. It
contains an activity book, picture wordbook,
flash cards and dice, 2,000-word bilingual
dictionary, parent’s guide and CD.
Everyday Words in French
Sticker Book
This entertaining sticker book is designed
to help children develop their French
vocabulary and reading skills.
First Thousand Words in French
Sticker Book
With internet-linked pron unciation guide.
Entertaining talk-about book for children
who are just starting to learn French. Bright
and amusing pictures illustrate a basic
French vocabulary. Contains 500 stickers
and an alphabetical French/English list of all
the words in the book.
Le Français en Vacances
A graded series of colourfully illustrated,
thematically-arranged activity books
suitable for middle to upper primary levels.
Answer key included.
Volumes 1-3
ea 17.95
French Alphabet Coloring Book
French Culture Coloring Book
Young learners can colour and learn about
France, the French and the language.
French for Children
Suitable for school or
home use, this enjoyable
course teaches children
the basics of the French
language and shows
them that learning
another language and
understanding a second culture are
enriching and fun experiences. Includes
80-page full-colour Activity Book, two 60minute CDs and Parent/Instructor CD.
Book & CD Kit
10% DISCOUNT off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except items marked ‘net’)
French Fun
Games, puzzles, crosswords and other
activities for young learners. Themes include
colours, the body, counting.
Book & CD Pack
French Picture Work Book
Thematic colouring book for young
Harry Learns French
Boys and girls in early grades receive a
fun-filled, informal introduction to French
in this picture book, supplemented with
interactive CD-ROM. Kids go along with
Harry and his friends as he visits Brittany
in France. Vivid, full-page illustrations
show scenes at the seashore, the stores, a
family farm and a fancy dress party. Each
two-page spread is filled with recognisable
objects labelled in French and a lift-the-flap
phrasebook in which the words are spelled
Book & CD-ROM
Hear Say French
A combination of
dramatic action, pictures,
sounds, symbols and
learning activities
including flashcards
and stickers. Kids are
introduced to 60 new words that are used in
simple illustrated stories. There are also tips
for parents on how to adapt the material to
their child’s learning style. Ages 4+.
Book & Audio CD Pack
Hide and Speak French (with flaps) 15.95
This is an ‘interactive’ picture word book.
Using special flaps and the tried-and-tested
method of ‘look, cover and say’, it offers a
simple, effective way for children to learn
over 130 useful words in French. The book is
organised into 15 popular themes including
farm, school, family, colours and food.
I Can Read & Speak French
Book & CD
This program makes learning fun with a
combination of dramatic action, pictures,
sounds, symbols and learning activities
including flashcards and stickers. Kids are
introduced to 60 new words that are used in
simple illustrated stories. There are also tips
for parents on how to adapt the material to
their child’s learning style. Ages 4+.
Je Lis et J’Ecris (Les Petits Lascars)
Simple reading and writing workbooks.
Cahier 1 (3-4 years)
Cahier 2 (4-5 years)
Cahier 3 (5-6 years)
Jouons avec Gaston
A graded series of colourfully illustrated
activity books suitable for middle to upper
primary levels.
Volumes 1-3
ea 16.95
✪ Learn Together French
Games, songs and puzzles for learning
simple everyday French. This practical
beginners’ course is designed for children
aged five upwards; it aims to make French
enjoyable through a variety of activities,all
accompanied by lively drawings and a free
CD that allows to hear real French accents
and learn native songs.
The package is structured so that it focuses
on a week in the life of two French children,
Sophie and Pierre.
Book and Audio CD
Let’s Learn French Coloring Book
Ma Famille: Un Cahier d’Activités net 18.45
This simple illustrated title is a wonderful
workbook on the theme of family.
Mots de Némo: Cahier de
This activity book for primary children aged
7-10 practises reading and writing. Each
activity section is one double page and
the 44 lessons teach students strategies for
learning to write in French.
Pen Pals: A Friendship in French
and English
hb 43.95
This beautifully illustrated book shows
how Katy in England becomes pen pals
with Jérôme in France, with a surprise in
store! Overflowing with envelopes, letters,
cards, photos and even a mini phrase book,
this bilingual exchange (with side-by-side
translation) is a unique way to encourage
early reading in a second language.
Play and Learn French
Over 50 fun songs, games and everyday
activities to get started in French. The main
features are keyword illustrations, comic
strips, fun cultural information and English
translations throughout. The 60-minute
audio CD contains all of the book’s songs,
games and expressions.
Book & CD
Salut les Enfants!
These activity books with lots of graphics
are a great help for children aged 6-9
participating in French language studies
during their primary school years.
Book 1
Book 2
Berlitz 1,000 French Words
This fun-filled book presents 1,000 everyday
words through colourful, illustrated scenes,
labelled in English and French.
Includes A–Z index.
✪ Speak in a Week! French for You
Collins First Time French Dictionary 19.95
This dictionary is presented in an easy-touse format which is intended to appeal to
children of primary school age. It provides
lots of simple, relevant examples and tips on
how to remember words, and how to avoid
some of the pitfalls of translation. It also
features key phrases, quiz-type questions,
illustrations and information about life in
Ages 7-12. Full of fun activities with lots of
stickers, this write-and-wipe book provides
learners with hours of fun. The story on the
audio CD is full of key words, plus three
original songs. Includes Activity Book, Audio
CD, Erasable Marker and Stickers.
Tintin: Images en Action
ea 20.95
An attractive hardcover vocabulary series
that provides the meanings of words through
illustrations from the well-known Tintin
comics. Many pages fold out to demonstrate
a series of actions or development of a
concept. Suitable for older learners.
Je Découvre les Actions
Je Découvre les Animaux
Je Découvre les Contraires
Je Découvre les Couleurs
Je Découvre les Emotions
Je Découvre les Moyens de Transports
Je Découvre les Nombres
✪ French Words I Use…
ea Hb 35.95
These books introduce children learning
French to some key words for talking about
the world around them. Simple texts allow
the reader to progress beyond single words
and to learn some useful phrases. Regular
questions encourage children to talk about
themselves and give their own opinions.
Au Parc
En Ville
A l’Ecole
A la Maison
Berlitz Kids French
Picture Dictionary
This bilingual dictionary with humorous
illustrations and sample sentences is now
available in a softcover edition.
Collins First French
Picture Dictionary
This new picture dictionary is fun and easy
to use with big bold words in French and
English supported by bright, colourful
illustrations. Every entry includes a simple
picture to help understanding.
DK First French
Picture Dictionary
hb 29.95
It is easy to learn French with this visual
dictionary that introduces vocabulary
with more than 2,000 words and phrases.
Includes easy-to-follow pronunciation
guides, hundreds of pictures to help make
learning fun, and familiar themes and
objects to develop understanding.
ELI Dictionnaire Illustré Français
Thematic arrangement in this colourful
picture dictionary. Topics include the
kitchen, school, the zoo, numbers, colours
and the seasons. Suitable for upper primary
and junior secondary levels.
ELI Dictionnaire Illustré Junior
Beautifully illustrated, thematically arranged
children’s dictionary introducing over
30 topics relating to the students’ own
experiences. The exercises and games in the
Activity Book consolidate the vocabulary
presented in the dictionary. Suitable for all
primary levels.
Activity Book
Hippocrene Children’s Illustrated
French Dictionary
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
Larousse Picture Dictionary
English / Français Anglais
hb 39.95
For children aged 5+. 250 everyday words
in French and English, covering 14 major
childhood themes, including school, toys and
animals. Includes activities poster and audio
CD with 6 sing-alongs that mime the lyrics.
Milet Mini Picture Dictionary
Colourful, sturdy boardbook for very young
Milet Picture Dictionary
hb 29.95
This simple picture dictionary is beautifully
illustrated and thematically organised. Ideal
for elementary learners or the primary library.
My French-English Talking Dictionary
& Interactive CD-ROM
This unique bilingual picture dictionary
arranges over 750 widely-used words into
30 themes with stunning illustrations. It
has transliteration, a pictorial index and
is remarkably clear. The CD-ROM teaches
children how to pronounce the words, listen
as often as they like and have fun with Drag &
Drop, Roll & Reveal and Find & Play activities.
NTC Beginners French and English
3,500 essential words with pronunciation
and grammatical information in a clear,
easy-to-understand format.
Usborne First Thousand
Words in French
With internet-linked pronunciation guide.
✪ Usborne Flap Books
First Picture French
hb 19.95
This new publication is
ideal for early primary
students covering 8
everyday topics such as ‘A
la fête’ and ‘A l’école’. Each
topic shows a lively scene
with the topic name and
speech bubbles being a lift-up with the text
written in French and the English translation
beneath. A full bilingual wordlist is provided
at the back and there is a link to the Internet
to hear the French words spoken.
Usborne Picture Dictionary French 25.00
Beautifully illustrated picture dictionary
suitable for children aged 5+.
Mon Larousse (Tout-Petits)
hb 45.00
Mon Premier Larousse
en Couleurs
hb 70.00
Popular picture dictionary. 2006 edition.
Larousse des Maternelles
(4/6 Ans)
hb 49.95
Larousse des Débutants
(6/8 Ans)
hb 49.95
Larousse Junior Poche (7/11)
pb 39.95
20,000 words, 2,000 illustrations and 50
pages of thematic and encyclopedic tables.
✪ Oxford First French Words
(2nd Edition)
Beautifully illustrated, thematic word book
including over 400 first words. Ages 7+.
Usborne Everyday Words in French 14.95
Bright and lively wordfinder for young
children, containing 500 simple French
✪ Usborne First Picture Word
Book in French
hb 20.00
Each double page illustrates the words for a
different topic, including animals, vehicles,
homes and the body. Additional pages
show numbers, shapes and colours and the
150 words are arranged thematically and
illustrated with photographs of the always
appealing and charming models.
Cooking the French Way
Tantalising recipes for
crepes, croque monsieur,
chocolate mousse and
many more. A cultural
section highlights the
French people and their
country, holidays, festivals
and, of course, their food.
hb 39.95
✪ France (Festivals and Food)
This book explores the meanings behind
the many different French festivals. It reveals
many interesting facts about the country’s
foods and farming and also includes some
simple recipes of special festival-foods, such
as Crêpes, Lemon Delight and Yule logs.
France (Letters from
Around the World)
hb 34.95
French children introduce their families
and describe their everyday activities
through their correspondence with a
penpal. In doing so, they allow the reader
to understand something of the geography
of the nation, as well as the food, education
system, leisure activities and types of
France (Looking at Countries )
hb 35.95
With maps and large photos, this colourful
publication provides a load of information
showing lower primary students what it’s
like to live in France. Areas explored include
geography, cuisine, climate and festivities.
A small French vocabulary list is given at
the back.
France Live: Country, Culture, People 26.95
Bring France to life in your classroom.
Includes explanations and activities in
English, and relevant cultural information
on France that motivates students. Suitable
for upper primary and lower secondary
Getting to Know France and French 15.95
Paperback version of Countrywise France
and French (see above).
Count Your Way Through France
Count your way from 1 to 10 through France.
France (Countries of the World)
(Times Editions)
hb 33.00
Comprehensive and up-to-date introduction
to the features and character of France. For
upper primary.
France (Country Topics)
This book explores everyday life and customs
in France. It combines key geographical,
historical and cultural facts with related
activities, games and craft ideas. Suitable for
middle primary level. Now in softcover.
10% DISCOUNT off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except items marked ‘net’)
Love France
net 35.95
This is the English version of the full-colour
Aimer la France. It is richly illustrated and
introduces the regions of France chapter
by chapter. It includes a map of France, an
illustrated calendar of events, and a list of
references for further travel information.
Suitable for upper primary and junior
secondary. Ideal for libraries and classrooms.
Families of France
This 30-minute DVD takes children on a
journey to France where they view the
unique lives of two children and their
families. It focuses on the culture, the way
of life, family interaction, foods and even
celebrations. The teacher’s guide contains a
complete script, additional information about
the country, discussion guide, vocabulary
list, photocopiable maps and more.
Teacher’s Guide
Karaoke de Noël Video
net 57.95
Popular Christmas carols with karaoke-style
subtitles presented with colourful and lively
Complete Lyric Language
Learn to speak French with songs and music
for children aged 4-8. Contains 21 fun-filled
DVD & Audio CD Pack
Mon Ami Gu Video
net 57.95
20 minutes of action-packed cartoons.
Berlitz Kids French Flash Cards
These large, durable, easy-to-handle cards
are ideal to teach very young learners
of French to build vocabulary, word
recognition, memory and confidence.
Simple pronunciation and engaging
illustrations make learning easy and fun.
Bingo Images French Game
net 33.95
A bingo game designed to help beginner
students learn the first 100 basic words
in French. Suitable for upper primary and
junior secondary levels.
✪ C’est Français!
A Photocopiable French
Scheme for Primary
Schools. This resource
contains everything
you need to start to
teach French to primary
pupils, even if your own
knowledge of the language is rather rusty.
The book contains lesson plans giving
learning objectives, resources needed,
activities, extensions and key words. The
accompanying photocopiable
pupil sheets provide practice and
reinforcement. The CD is an integral part of
the scheme, modelling all the vocabulary,
phrases and sentences introduced in
the book, together with a selection of
traditional French songs.
Spiral bound A4 text with Audio CD 99.00
✪ Chantez Plus Fort! 20 French Songs
This is a collection of 20 easy-to-learn songs
specifically written to aid in the teaching
of French in the primary school. The songs
introduce and reinforce vocabulary for
numbers, days of the week, family, pets,
classroom instructions and much more. The
two CDs contain the songs and music tracks,
together with short dialogues that can be
used for listening, comprehension and role
plays. The accompanying book contains
words and music to all the songs, together
with English translations and helpful
teacher’s notes. The attractively illustrated
sheets are photocopiable, enabling them to
be used as worksheets or flashcards.
Book and 2 Audio CDs
Easy French Crossword Puzzles
Easy French Vocabulary Games
ELI Class Clock French
net 62.95
Colourful, easy-to-assemble clock. Suitable
for primary and junior secondary levels.
ELI Flashcards – Français
net 115.95
240 full-colour, laminated, thematic
flashcards designed to build beginner
students’ vocabulary. Suitable for all primary
First French Flashcards
There are 50 cards, each with a word and
picture on one side, and the same word,
alone, on the other. They can be used to play
games or just be propped up around the
classroom as a reminder.
Jeux Faciles en Français
Volume 1
Volume 2
✪ Jouons Tous Ensemble
This resource contains
20 easy-to-play
photocopiable games for
use either in the classroom
or at home, which teach
and reinforce essential
French vocabulary. These
tried and tested games
provide children with a fun way of practising
speaking and listening to French and help
them to become more confident French
speakers. The instructions for each game
list the objectives and the key words,
together with a clear explanation of how to
set up and play the game. Extensions and
variations enable the games to be used over
and over again in many different ways.
Milet Flashwords French English
Set of 60 double-sided bilingual flashcards.
Key subjects covered include animals, food,
home, school and clothing.
✪ The Primary French Tool Kit
Photocopy Masters for LOTE classes. This
Tool Kit of Photocopiable masters is an
absolute must in Early and Middle Years
LOTE classes in Primary School. Topics
include Greetings, Numbers, Colours,
Animals, Family, Weather, a student profile
and much more. Worksheets include
research tasks, puzzles, vocabulary exercises,
writing exercises and oral language practice.
Thematic French Volume 1:
Les Saisons/Seasons
In this reproducible thematic workbook
based on the four seasons, teachers will find
entertaining and enriching lessons. Includes
dictations, conjugation exercises, word
searches, crossword puzzles and art projects
incorporating themes teaching about
migration, hibernation, spring, equinoxes,
solstices and more!
Thematic French Volume 2:
Les Fêtes/Holidays
Reproducible French lessons and activities
based on the holidays. Includes dictations,
conjugation exercises, word searches and
art projects incorporated into themes
teaching about Halloween, Thanksgiving,
Ramadan, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa,
Valentine’s Day, Easter and more!
Language Stickers French
ea 4.50
Sets of full-colour reward stickers in packs of
72 stickers. Four sets available.
Bon Travail
Très Bien
Bon Effort
Bien Fait
Language Stickers French
Mixed Pack New Designs
net 6.35
Each pack contains 80 stickers with
appealing brightly-coloured cartoon
designs. 20 each of the slogans Bon Travail,
Fantastique, Trés Bien and Superbe.
LOTE Stamps
Self-inking stamps.
1. Bon Effort
2. Très Bien.
ea net 29.95
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
Brilliant Borders France
net 10.95
Brighten up the LOTE classroom with these
vibrant borders with colourful French motifs
– Eiffel Tower, Napoleon, Tour de France,
French fashion. Each pack contains 10 x 1m
borders (same design on each border).
presented through natural dialog and song
with themes relevant to a young person’s
Booklet with Audio CD
Bilingual Action Songs & Games
Audio CD
Daydream Education Charts ea net 19.95
Large format lightly
laminated charts.
Les Adjectifs
Les Couleurs
Les Lettres Familières
Les Lettres Officielles
Les Nombres
Les Noms
On Pose des Questions
Le Passé Composé, le Présent et le Futur
Le Pluriel des Noms
Les Pronoms Personnels
Les Verbes et les Adverbes
Les Verbes Réguliers au Présent
Les Verbes Irréguliers au Présent
Bilingual Songs:
English/French Vol 1 Book & CD
Learn the alphabet, counting to 10, days of
the week, months of the year, weather and
seasons, colours, food, animals, parts of the
body, clothing and family members. The
music is catchy, the lyrics simple, clear and
repetitive. The CD includes instrumental
tracks and the lyric/activity book is
Chansons de France Kit 1
Book & 2 CDs
The two CDs include 29 songs beautifully
sung by children with full words and music
contained in the accompanying illustrated
hardcover book. Includes La Marseillaise!
One Two Three Soleil (S Husar)
Songs and activities on CD.
Anthologie de la Chanson Enfantine 39.95
Contains songs, nursery rhymes, Christmas
carols, hymns, lullabies and more.
Assimil Sing Your Way to French
The aim of this album and the
accompanying CD is to introduce children
to the French language through songs in
a very entertaining way. Each theme of
the album is divided into an original song,
followed by a translation of the principal
words, the karaoke of the song and audioactive games. The illustrated album contains
the written music, the words of the songs
and their translations. The CD includes
14 original songs with a playback of the
Book & Audio CD Kit
✪ Berlitz DJ French
This dynamic 1 hour
music CD, through 10
original tunes in today’s
musical styles along
with mock news reports,
commercials, listener callins and two radio DJ’s,
spins a delightful bilingual program that
will make upper primary to lower secondary
learners keen to learn. Basic words and
phrases in the target language are
Bilingual Songs:
English/French Vol 2 Book & CD
Hip songs that teach counting to 30,
counting by tens, shapes and sizes,
emotions, places in the community,
opposites and measuring devices.
Chansons de France Kit 2
Book & 2 CDs
A second volume in this beautiful series
with songs sung by the children’s choir of
the Maîtrise de Paris. As in the first volume,
the illustrations are enchanting.
Chansons Thématiques pour
Apprendre la Langue Book & CD
This collection of songs teaches common
expressions, clothing, mealtime, modes of
transportation, weather, parts of the body,
pets and rooms in the house. Exercises are
included in the lyrics/activity book. For
beginners of any age. In French only.
Chante avec Moi
16 traditional French songs for primary level
Book & Cassette
net 39.95
✪ Chantez Plus Fort! 20 French Songs
See under ‘Resources and Games’.
Complete Lyric Language
Learn to speak French with songs and music
for children aged 4-8. Contains 21 fun-filled
DVD & Audio CD Pack
10% DISCOUNT off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except items marked ‘net’)
✪ Comptines à Chanter
Volumes 1-3
ea 45.00
Each of these beautifully illustrated
hardcover books contains 27 nursery
rhymes for young children. The
delightful musical versions with voices
and instruments are presented on the
accompanying audio CDs. Altogether 81
nursery rhymes!
Conjuguons en Chansons
Book & CD
Fun French songs that teach conjugation of
high frequency verbs in the present, past
and future tenses including irregular verbs,
with many exercises in the lyrics/activity
book. In French only.
Contes, Comptines et Chansons de Noel
This beautifully illustrated book contains 16
traditional songs, nine nursery rhymes, one
poem and six stories.
Book & Audio CD
Des Airs de Grammaire
Book & CD
Hip French songs that teach nouns and
pronouns, adjectives, sentence structures
and the conjugation of verbs in past and
present tenses. Activities are included in the
lyrics book. Great for all ages! In French only.
Folies Phoniques et Plus
(Initiation à la Lecture)
Book & CD
Learn French with rap! The alphabet,
vowels, consonants, telling time, days of
the week, months of the year, seasons, the
environment and more. In French only.
Le Français en Chantant Junior
10 songs with fun activities, listening
exercises and illustrations.
Cahier d’Activités
Guide Pédagogique
net 60.45
Français pour Débutants
Book & CD
Catchy tunes to learn the alphabet, farm
animals, counting, family members, parts
of the body, days of the week, colours, fruit,
opposites and shapes. The accompanying
lyrics/activity book has fun assignments and
crossword puzzles. In French only.
Histoires, Comptines,
Chansons d’Animaux
10 traditional songs with
music score, 15 nursery
rhymes, four poems and
five stories.
hb 38.00
Book & Audio CD 49.95
Mon Premier Larousse des
hb 49.95
This beautifully illustrated volume contains
the words and music of 116 of the most
popular children’s songs and nursery rhymes.
Musicontes Book & CD Kit
ea 35.60
Classic fairytales to read and to listen to.
La Belle au Bois Dormant
Boucle d’Or et les Trois Ours
Le Chat Botté
Les Habits Neufs de l’Empereur
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
La Petite Poule Rousse
Trois Petits Cochons
Petites Chansons Pour Tous les Jours
Book & Audio CD Kit
✪ Henri Dés: Les Plus Belles Berceuses
Well known author, composer and
interpreter Henri Dés
sings his six most
beautiful lullabies on
the CD accompanying
a richly illustrated
board book for little
children. The Sandman
is on his way…
Book and Audio CD
✪ Poésies, Comptines et Chansons pour
Tous les Jours
This beautifully illustrated
book contains a selection
of poetry, nursery rhymes
and funny and tender
songs, some well known
and some less known.
The accompanying CD contains the musical
versions with voices and many instruments.
Book and Audio CD
Rock ‘n Learn French
CD/Cassette Pack
net 33.95
Teaches greetings, counting, survival
phrases and more, using fun pop/rock
music with a French flair. 55-minute CD
and cassette, plus illustrated booklet with
instructional guide.
Sing and Learn French! Kit (S Husar) 34.95
Children aged 4+ will enjoy learning French
with catchy songs and groovy beats. The
songbook contains the song lyrics with a
colour-illustrated vocabulary that will help
young learners understand the songs and
remember the words. The CD contains the
songs and their instrumental versions for
Tatou le Matou CD Chansons
et Contes
This CD with text booklet has nine songs
and two stories for children. Excellent for
class or home use, with or without the
Teach Me French
The days of the week, parts of the body,
alphabet and counting songs.
Book & CD
Teacher’s Guide
Deluxe Set: Book, CD & Teacher’s Guide 34.95
Teach Me More French
The seasons, holiday celebrations and
visiting through popular songs.
Book & CD
Teacher’s Guide
Deluxe Set: Book, CD & Teacher’s Guide 34.95
Teach Me Even More French
Includes 21 songs to sing with pen pals.
International pen pals share their lives
through letters, songs and dialogue.
Book & CD
Un Deux Trois: First French Rhymes
Simple songs and rhymes are an excellent
way to familiarise young children with
another language. Un, Deux, Trois, a
collection of 25 traditional nursery rhymes,
is a delightful way to introduce French. An
illustrated vocabulary features simple words
and phrases that are easy to learn and can
be used in games or everyday life. Children
are encouraged to repeat the phrases and
sing along with the rhymes. The CD lets
them know how both should sound. The
lively illustrations and amusing rhymes
make it fun to learn a new language.
Book & Audio CD
Les Amis du Petit Prince
ea 10.95
Little board books for very young readers
to discover the enchanted universe of The
Little Prince.
Le Petit Prince et ses Amis
J’Apprends à Compter avec le Petit Prince
Une Journée avec le Petit Prince
Je Suis le Petit Prince – I am the Little Prince
Babar Series
Babar dans l’Ile aux Oiseaux
Babar en Amérique
Babar à New York
Babar à la Fête de Celesteville
Babar et le Professeur Grifaton
Histoire de Babar
Voyage de Babar
Le Roi Babar
Babar en Famille
See also Lutin Poche.
Babar DVDs are also available.
See DVD section.
ea hb 18.95
Cahiers de Lecture d’Alex et Zoé ea 21.95
These reader/workbooks accompany the
popular primary course, one per level. They
are full-colour with reading stories and
activities for comprehension and writing.
Alex et Zoé à Paris (Level 1)
Alex et Zoé en Vacances (Level 2)
Alex et Zoé font le Tour du Monde (Level 3)
Little stories that entertain and educate, for
very young readers. Nicely illustrated.
ea 9.95
Camille a fait pipi dans sa culotte
Camille a fait un cauchemar
Camille dit des gros mots
Camille et ses amis
Camille ne veut pas dormir
Camille ne veut pas se laver!
Camille va chez le docteur
Camille va au parc
Papa et maman ne sont pas fâchés
ea 12.95
Camille a fait une bêtise
Camille et son drôle de nounours
Camille est amoureuse
Camille ne veut pas prêter ses jouets
Second Language Conversations
Simple songs for pupils and puppets.
Book & CD Kit
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
Le Magicien des Couleurs
Mais où est donc Ornicar?
Le Noël de Madeleine
La Petite Poule Rousse
Le Roi Babar
Le Sauvetage de Madeleine
La Couleur des Oiseaux
Book & CD Pack
hb 36.00
A beautifully illustrated book telling an
Aboriginal fairy tale. The accompanying
audio CD contains the story, as well as an
introduction to Aboriginal instruments
and music.
Gafi en Australie
hb 26.95
Gafi the little ghost and his friend Melanie
discover Australia in this charming
Graine de Lecture (Clé)
ea 14.95
A series of well-known stories for children
aged 6-11 with graded vocabulary levels.
Level 1 (200 words)
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
Le Petit Poucet
Level 2 (300 words)
Merlin l’Enchanteur
Level 3 (500 words)
Le Chat Botté
Histoires pour tous les Jours
Ten stories full of tenderness, humour and
poetry, which can be read to children at an
early stage. Includes 45-minute Audio CD
containing five stories.
Book and CD
hb 49.95
Lectures Enfants CIDEB
Easy stories for reading in three levels. Each
book also contains games and activities and
is accompanied by a cassette or CD.
Level 1
Mon Ami Jérémie (with Cassette)
Level 2
Les Créatures de l’Espace
(with Cassette)
Le Mystère du Grenier (with CD)
Level 3
Nickel et Crado (with Cassette)
Lutin Poche
ea pb 16.50
A series of delightful storybooks for
beginning readers, richly illustrated.
L’Anniversaire de Monsieur Guillaume
Babar dans l’Ile aux Oiseaux
Babar et le Père Noël
Babar en Famille
Babar et le Professeur Grifaton
Devine Combien Je T’Aime
Histoire de Babar
More titles in the series.
Ma Première Encyclopédie
ea hb 26.95
A series of small, nicely illustrated, hardcover
books on non-fiction themes.
Les Animaux
La Campagne
Comment C’est Fait?
Le Corps
Les Dinosaures
La Mer
Les Métiers
Le Temps qu’il Fait
Les Transports
Les Peuples
Les Petits Cailloux
ea hb 15.95
Beautifully illustrated hardback classic fairy
tales with minimal language. Great for
school libraries.
La Belle au Bois Dormant
Boucle d’Or et les Trois Ours
Le Chat Botté
La Chèvre de Monsieur Seguin
Les Musiciens de la Ville de Brêmes
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
Le Petit Poucet
La Petite Poule Rousse
La Princesse au Petit Pois
Les Trois Petits Cochons
More titles in the series.
✪ Max et Lili (Ainsi Va La Vie) ea hb 26.95
This is a delightful series
of cartoon-like stories
with an educational
purpose that lets children
speak of their experiences
and express their feelings.
The authors say they
interviewed at least
100,000 children…
Lili se Dispute avec son Frère
Max et Lili ont Peur
Max et Lili ont Volé des Bonbons
Les Parents de Max et Lili se Disputent
Max et Lili Veulent des Câlins
Le Père de Max et Lili est au Chômage
Le Cousin de Max et Lili se Drogue
Le Chien de Max et Lili est Mort
Max et Lili Aident les Enfants du Monde
Ma et Lili Sont Malades
La Maison de Max et Lili a été Cambriolée
Lili se Fait Piéger sur Internet
Max ne Respecte Rine
Max Aime les Monstres
Max se Trouve Nul
More titles available.
Mes Premières Découvertes ea hb 27.95
This series of small hardcover books has flipover transparencies, stunning illustrations
and simple text suitable for primary learners.
La Baleine
Le Camouflage des Animaux
Le Dauphin
Le Désert
Le Kangourou
La Montagne
Petites Histoires à Raconter
The hardcover illustrated book contains
seven stories that can be read to children.
Audio CD has the stories read by actors and
put to music.
Book and CD
ea 9.95
Little stories that entertain and educate. For
very young readers. Nicely illustrated.
Pierre a Peur des Fantômes
Pierre Joue à Bricoler
Pierre au Jardin Public
Pierre et le Sapin de Noël
Pierre Veut Regarder la Télévision
Pierre va au Supermarché
Plaisir de Lire - Série Verte
ea 23.95
A series of traditional fairy tales rewritten in
simple French for middle and upper primary
levels. Each title comes with an Audio CD.
La Belle au Bois Dormant
Boucle d’Or
La Cigogne et le Renard
Le Costume de l’Empereur
Hansel et Gretel
Le Livre de la Jungle
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
Le Petit Soldat de Plomb
La Petite Sirène
Le Rat de Ville et le Rat des Champs
Les Trois Petits Cochons
Le Villain Petit Canard
More titles in the series.
10% DISCOUNT off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except items marked ‘net’)
Ratus Poche
This entertaining series
of readers can be used to
complement any middle to
upper primary text.
ea 13.95
Les Mensonges de Ratus
Mistouflette Sauve les
Les Monstres de l’Espace
Ralette au Feu d’Artifice
Ralette fait du Camping
Ratus et le Sapin-Cactus
Ratus Raconte ses Vacances
Ratus se Déguise
Le Robot de Ratus
La Cachette de Ralette13.95
Arthur et l’Enchanteur Merlin
Un Chien a l’Ecole
Ralette n’a Peur de Rien
Ratus aux Sports d’Hiver
Secret de Mamie Ratus
La Classe de Ratus en Voyage
Ratus à l’Hôpital
Robin des Bois, Prince de la Forêt
Can I Have a Lamington Please? /
S’il Te Plaît, un Lamington…
Jack was always hungry. He liked a lot of
different foods, but especially chocolate and
cake. Jack was always asking his mother for
lamingtons for afternoon tea after school.
Jack’s mother, however, had other ideas!
ea 14.95
ea 15.95
More titles available on request.
Spot Books
ea hb 32.95
L’Anniversaire de Spot
Où est Spot, Mon Petit Chien?
Le Premier Noël de Spot
Spot à la Ferme
Spot va à l’Ecole
La Première romenade de Spot
Spot chez Papi et Mamie
Spot Sait Compter
T’choupi, l’Ami des Petits
ea hb 14.95
The adventures of T’choupi, the little
penguin who is very curious, open,
enthusiastic and full of energy.
T’choupi a Peur
des Chiens
T’choupi va sur le Pot
T’choupi Fête Noël
T’choupi a une Petite Soeur
T’choupi Joue de la Musique
T’choupi est Malade
T’choupi Veut Regarder la Télé
T’choupi Cherche les Oeufs de Pâques
T’choupi Prend Son Bain
T’choupi Veut Tout Faire Seul
More titles available on request.
Can You Do Anything Special? /
Avez-vous un Talent Particulier?
Mrs Koala asks her friends to tell each
other one special thing they can do. Find
out what special skills the kangaroo, emu,
platypus, echidna, kookaburra, wombat and,
of course, Mrs Koala use as they live in the
Australian bush.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears /
Boucle d’Or et les Trois Ours
This bilingual storybook is designed to
smoothly immerse children in French
by using simple narration and everyday
dialogues to relate the familiar story,
accompanied by illustrations that help
tell the story. The audio CD presents an
engaging reading of the story in both
English and French that will entertain
kids while they hear correct French
Book & Audio CD
I Can Read French
ea 15.95
Language learning storybooks.
I’m Too Big / Je Suis Trop Gros
Goodnight Everyone / Bonne Nuit à Tous
Happy Birthday / Bon Anniversaire
Puppy Finds a Friend /
Le Petit Chien se Trouve un Ami
Hurry up, Molly / Dépêche-toi Molly
Space Postman / Le Facteur Spatial
George the Goldfish /
Georges le Poisson Rouge
Little Red Riding Hood/
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
This bilingual storybook is designed to
smoothly immerse children in French
by using simple narration and everyday
dialogues to relate the familiar story,
accompanied by illustrations. The audio CD
presents an engaging reading of the story in
both English and French what will entertain
kids while they hear correct French
Book & Audio CD
Mantra Bilingual Books
ea pb 27.95
Alfie’s Angels / Les Anges d’Alfie
Buri and the Marrow / Buri et la Courge
The Buskers of Bremen /
Les Chanteurs de Rue de Bremen
Don’t Cry Sly! / Ne Pleure Pas Sly!
Flash Bang Wheee! / Bing, Bang, Boum!
Floppy in the Dark / Floppy dans le Noir
The Giant Turnip / Le Navet Géant
Goldilocks and the Three Bears /
Boucle d’Or et les Trois Ours
Handa’s Surprise / La Surprise de Handa
Hansel and Gretel / Hansel et Gretel
Hare and the Tortoise / Le Lièvre et la Tortue
Mei Ling’s Hiccups / Le Hoquet de Mei Ling
My Daddy is a Giant / Mon Papa est un Géant
Not Again Red Riding Hood! /
Encore Petit Chaperon Rouge!
Pied Piper / Le Joueur de Flûte de Hamelin
Splash! / Eclabousse!
That’s My Mum / Voici Ma Mère
The Three Billy Goats Gruff /
Les Trois Boucs Bourru
Walking Through the Jungle /
Marchant à Travers la Jungle
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt /
La Chasse à l’Ours
What is Peace? /
Qe’est-ce que la paix?
hb 29.95
Je Suis le Petit Prince –
I am the Little Prince
A small board book for very young readers
to discover the enchanted universe of The
Little Prince.
Léo le Chat Comes to Play!
This interactive story introduces simple
French words and phrases that children can
use to communicate.
Bibliothèque Rouge et Or
ea hb 12.95
World literature classics adapted for young
Les Quatre Filles du Docteur March
Contes d’Andersen
La Case de l’Oncle Tom
Robinson Crusoé
Le Dernier des Mohicans
Notre-Dame de Paris
L’Appel de la Forêt
Sans Famille
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
L’Ile au Trésor
Les Aventures de Tom Sawyer
20 000 Lieues sous les Mers
Les Mémoires d’un An
Les Petites Filles Modèles
Le Chat Chapeauté (Dr Seuss)
The famous Cat in the Hat story in a
compact paperback edition with original
Comtesse de Ségur
Les Malheurs de Sophie
La Soeur de Gribouille
Après la Pluie le Beau Temps
Jean qui Grogne et Jean qui Rit
Pauvre Blaise
Les Deux Nigauds
ea 16.95
Le Roi des Ogres au Régime!
Trop Petit!
C’est Qui le Plus Costaud?
✪ Un Petit Kangourou Trop Doudou!
Petite Enfance (6-8 Ans)
ea 16.95
Je Fais ce que je Veux!
Qui es-tu?
Le Loup Qui n’avait Jamais Vu la Mer
Carnet Secret d’une Jeune Sorcière
Le Plus Beau Jour de sa Vie
La Sirène en Maillot de Bain
Maudit Jardin!
Calamity Mamie est une Artiste
Calamity Mamie et le Président
Mademoiselle Zazie Veut un Bébé
Many more titles available on request.
Le Petit Prince
Hardcover edition
Soft cover edition
More titles can be ordered.
3. Le Triomphe de Babar /
Alexandre le Grand
4. L’Arrivée du Bébé Eléphant /
Où est Passée Isabelle?
5. Le Plus Beau Cadeau du Monde /
Un Coup de Main
6. Deux Rhinocéros et un Couffin /
La Grande Histoire d’Alexandre
7. Les Joies du Sport / A Belles Dents
8. La Rentrée des Classes /
Le Chef de Bande
9. Les Anges Gardiens / Babar Fait le Singe
10. Comme au Bon Vieux Temps /
Un Enfant dans la Neige
More titles available.
✪ Loulou et autres loups…
Le Seigneur des Anneaux
(The Lord of the Rings)
Three-volume edition in Folio Junior.
Vols 1-3
ea 19.95
Children are always
fascinated by the figure
of the wolf and this DVD
contains five cartoonstyle stories all about
this intriguing animal.
French with English
✪ La Prophétie des Grenouilles
Les Désastreuses Aventures des Ophelins
Baudelaire (Lemony Snicket)
ea 19.95
1. Tout Commence Mal
2. Le Laboratoire aux Serpents
3. Ouragan sur le Lac
4. Cauchemar à la Scierie
5. Piège au College
6. ✪ Ascenseur pour la Peur
7. ✪ L’arbre aux Corbeaux
8. ✪ Panique à la Clinique
9. ✪ La Fête Feroce
Harry Potter
Harry Potter à l’Ecole des Sorciers
Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets
Harry Potter et le Prisonnier d’Azkaban
Harry Potter et la Coupe de Feu
Harry Potter et l’Ordre du Phénix
Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang-Mêlé
Harry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort
Nathan Poche
Mes P’tites Histoires (3-6Ans)
Arthur et l’Oreiller qui Mord
Lulu-Grenadine est Amoureuse
Lulu-Grenadine en Tutu
ea 17.95
Titeuf (Bibliothèque Rose)
ea 15.95
Join the Titeufmania! Taken from the famous
comic books of the same name, these little
stories tell the gags and misadventures of
Titeuf, the young hero of the playgrounds.
Very funny and a bit irreverent.
1. Même Pô Mal…
2. C’est Pô Croyab’
3. C’est Pô une Vie!
4. C’est Pô Malin…
5. Pourquoi Moi?
6. Les Filles C’est Nul…
7. Tchô la Planète!
8. Le Préau Atomique
9. Ah Ouais
10. Titeuf au Secours
11. Tcheu, la Honte!
12. ✪ Tous des Pourris du Slip
At the end of the world, a happy family lives
in a charming farmhouse on top of a hill. But
at the foot of the hill the world o f the frogs
is in turmoil: all the forecasts predict that
a new Flood is on the way. And so starts a
big adventure where animals and humans
will have to learn to live together. This is an
enchanting fable which revisits the myth
of Noah’s Ark. Cartoon, French with English
Languages for Kids:
Claudine Teaches French
Mac/Win CD-ROM
(Smarty Pants)
Great cartoon-based course for young
learners aged 5+. Comprises elements key
to keeping their attention – bright colours
and plenty of games and activities. Teaches
over 700 basic words and phrases through
a series of activities, including alphabet
and word recognition, and picture and
word association. Australian-designed, this
program is also relevant to the national
curriculum. Excellent introduction to the
language. Parent notes included.
ea 32.00
The wonderful Babar stories are now
available on DVD (Region 2 – Multi-zone
player required). Each DVD has two stories.
1. Les Premiers Pas de Babar /
Babar à la Ville
2. Retour de Babar /
La Cité des Eléphants
10% DISCOUNT off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except items marked ‘net’)
✪ Mia’s Big Adventure
Collection French
ea 29.95
With exceptional 3D graphics and storybased game-play format, Mia makes
learning fun. Developed by an awardwinning team, every minute of play is
designed to spark children’s interest and
stir their imagination, a successful mix of
entertainment and quality education. Each
adventure puts the child in full control, free
to lead Mia the little mouse on an exciting
escapade. Each pack contains 2 CDs,
suitable for ages 6+.
Mia’s Reading Adventure
Mia’s Language Adventure
Mia’s Science Adventure
Mia’s Maths Adventure
Talk Now! French
Mac/Win CD-ROM
(Eurotalk Interactive)
Game-based program teaching simple
words and phrases, such as food, shopping,
numbers and time. Includes a record facility
to compare pronunciation against a native
speaker, as well as progress quizzes and onscreen help.
Vocabulary Builder French
Mac/Win CD-ROM
(Eurotalk Interactive)
Nine animated and lively games for children
aged 4-12. Teaches basic words through an
interactive flashcard system. Learners can
also record words and sentences.
10% discount
off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except for items marked ‘net’)
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3 weeks to allow time for closer inspection and discussion with
colleagues. (Return postage payable by customer).
Shelf-ready Supply
We can provide as much cataloguing and processing as
you require.
We also produce a 100-page Secondary & Tertiary LOTE catalogue.
Please ask for a free copy to be mailed to you or download it in PDF
format from our website.
10% discount off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except for items marked ‘net’).
Higher discounts may be negotiated for bulk quantities
(class sets).
All prices are correct at time of publication, but unfortunately are
subject to change.
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