Postdoctoral Research Position Openings



Postdoctoral Research Position Openings
Postdoctoral Research Position Openings
Two temporary research positions are available for highly qualified researchers at the Institut
de Recherche en Chimie Organique Fine (IRCOF) of the University of Rouen for a period of
twelve months (beginning: mid-July 2016 at the latest), renewable for a second year upon
mutual consent.
The programs will focus on the preparation of stable nucleotide analogues, possibly including
the development of new synthetic methodologies, aiming at the preparation of modified
oligonucleotide analogues. The program will be developed in full cooperation with a major
industrial partner and may lead to patents and/or publications.
The laboratory is located on the second floor of a well-equipped, eighteen-year old building
and provides an international environment. IRCOF is located on the main campus of the
University in a suburb of Rouen, 90 miles north of Paris. Net stipend 2,000 euros/month. The
candidates will have a Ph. D. in organic chemistry, and prior experience of standard
analytical techniques, including GC, GC-MS and 1D/2D NMR spectrometry. Candidates who
are interested are invited to contact Serge Piettre by mail, phone or email.
Pr Serge R. Piettre
Université de Rouen, Faculté des Sciences
COBRA - UMR 6014 CNRS - rue Tesnières
F - 76821 - Mont Saint Aignan (France)
tel: +33 (0)235 52 29 70
email: [email protected]
Bâtiment IRCOF
1, rue Tesnière
76821 Mont Saint Aignan
Tél. : (+33)
Fax. (+33)
Email : [email protected]