Lesson 18, French 2 Quel temps fait


Lesson 18, French 2 Quel temps fait
Lesson 18, French 2 Quel temps fait-il? (How’s the weather?)
Naming seasons and months. Using weather expressions. Naming sports and relating to seasons.
0. Devoir verific
Writing exercises ”C’est l’heure du…” and “J‘ai mal a …”.
Tonque twister: Lulu lit la lettre lue a Lili et Lola alla a Lille ou Lala lie les lilas.
1. Séance cinématique Muzzy scènes 45 - 48 (attached)
2. Explic du lexique
summer été
autumn automne
winter hiver
spring printemps
January janvier
February février
March mars
April avril
May mai
June juin
July juillet
August août
September septembre
October octobre
November novembre
December décembre
The weather is good
(bad) Il fait beau
It’s hot. Il fait chaud.
It’s cold. Il fait froid.
It’s windy. Il fait du vent.
It’s sunny. Il fait soleil.
It’s raining. Il pleut.
It’s snowing. Il neige.
the fog
le brouillard
jouer au tennis to play
jouer au foot,
au basketball
faire le ski go skiing
patinage skating
Faire un bonhomme de
neige to make a
nager to swim
Regarder la Tele to
watch TV
la piscine
the swimming pool
Une chemise
Une robe
Un pull
Un pantalon
Une culotte
Des chaussettes
Des chaussures
Des bottes
Un chapeau
Un manteau
Ramasser les feuilles mortes
Dégager la neige shovering
3. Règles grammatiques
General questions. Es-tu fatigue? Est-ce qu’il fait beau? Muzzy grammar Part 4 (attached)
4. Exos ludiques
Describe an activity from a season until they determine what the activity is (in English) and which season
with which it is associated (in French).
Examples: This is an activity done in the mountains with boards on your feet and poles in your hands. You
wear warm clothing. (skiing – hiver). You do this activity in water with a bathing suit. (swimming - été) You
have to gather up all the dead leaves. (raking – automne) Your dad asks you to remove the snow from the
driveway. (shoveling – hiver) You help your mother plant seeds and bulbs (planting flowers and vegetables
– printemps), slide on ice, put up three cold white balls on top each other with a hat and a face, etc.
Write up the months of the year on colored strips of paper. Tape them all mixed up on the board and see if
the kids can put them in order. Ask which months are in été. Ask the students to repeat each weather
related sentence after you. Ask them what the weather is like in été.
5. Travaux pratiques (HW)
1. Watch and listen: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryfrench/pf2/weather/cartoon_flash.shtml
2. Virelangue (Tonque twister): Qui sont ces six singes suisses? (Who are those six Swiss monkeys?)
3. Interactive exos: Quel temps fait-il?
4. Writing Muzzy exercises 1, 2, 3 (Part 5) http://www.earlyadvantage.com/pdf/MUZZY_Activities_Level_I_French.pdf