Check yor vocabulary A. 1. During a TV quiz show /game, a



Check yor vocabulary A. 1. During a TV quiz show /game, a
Check yor vocabulary
1. During a TV quiz show /game, a supercomputer outdid some tough human
2. The TV viewers were astounded to see that Watson could solve tricky / difficult
3. Little by little, robots have replaced men on assembly lines.
4. Nowadays, computers rival men in all fields.
5. So far no machine has managed to surpass human abilities / skills.
6. Throughout the world, researchers hailed / saluted these significant advances.
1. Les champions furent déconcertés quand ils se sont rendu compte / ont réalisé qu’une
machine pouvait se mesurer à eux.
2. Comment une machine peut-elle réaliser un tel exploit?
3. Néanmoins, je ne comprends pas comment une machine peut se montrer plus maligne que
des joueurs aussi érudits.
C. enigmatic – sophisticated
Check your vocabulary
1. In the society imagined by Aldous Huxley, the lower classes are conditioned into being
submissive and obedient.
2. It is a totalitarian society in which repressive laws are enforced.
3. The score of clones they managed to create were predestined to belong to the upper classes.
4. The author wants to warn us against reproductive cloning.
5. In this country, the ruling class has decided to talk down the proletarians.
6. He did not dare to point at the famous actress.
7. He is haughty and only buys custom-made suits.
8. She can’t stand cats which purr too loudly.
9. House sales show faint signs of improvement.
1. wave – 2. solve – 3. underline – 4. motto
1. elite: /i:/ – 2. standardized: /aI/ – 3. satire: /aI/ – 4. therapeutic: /i/