voyageurs, missionnaires dans le Nord


voyageurs, missionnaires dans le Nord
Part VIII: Regional and Local History
Partie VIII: Histoire régionale et locale
Exploration/travel before 1930
Exploration/voyages avant 1930
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French régime
Régime français
Individual biographies
Biographies individuelles
Books, articles, etc.
Livres, articles, etc.
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British regime 17631763-1867
Régime anglais 17631763-1867
Individual biographies
Biographies individuelles
BAYFIELD, Henry Wolsey; DOUGLAS, Thomas; GLADMAN, George; JAMESON, Anna; MURRAY, Alexander;
OBERHOLTZER, Ernest C.; STEWART, Donald Alexander; VENNOR, Henry George
Books, articles, etc.
Livres, articles, etc.
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Northern Ontario 18671867-1930
Nord de l'Ontario 18671867-1930
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82.Colonization, settlement
Colonisation, peuplement
Note: For studies concerning an individual ethnic group, look under name of that group in Section 46.
Note: Les études sur les groupes ethniques individuels se trouvent sous le nom du groupe dans la section 46.
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Regional studies
Études régionales
Northeastern Ontario
Nord--Est de l'Ontario
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Northwestern Ontario
Nord--Ouest de l'Ontario
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Local studies
Études locales
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Katrine Township
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Long Lake
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Manitoulin Island
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North Bay
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Parry Sound
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Pass Lake
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Thunder Bay
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83.Regional and local histories
Histoires régionales et locales
Research aids
Instruments de recherche
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Individial biographies
Biographies individuelles
Books, articles, etc.
Livres, articles, etc.
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Regional studies
Études régionales
Northeastern Ontario
Nord--Est de l'Ontario
Research aids
Instruments de recherche
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Books, articles, etc.
Livres, articles, etc.
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Nord--Ouest de l'Ontario
Research aids
Instruments de recherche
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Books, articles, etc.
Livres, articles,
articles, etc.
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Local studies
Études locales
Research aids
Instruments de recherche
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Books, articles, etc.
Livres, articles, etc.
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Algoma District
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Amethyst Harbour
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Individial biographies
Biographies individuelles
Books, articles, etc.
Livres, articles, etc.
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Bruce Mines
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Instruments de recherche
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Biographies individuelles
SEMPLE, William Campbell
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Instruments de recherche
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White River
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