carte restaurant anglais 2013



carte restaurant anglais 2013
Cold starters
Green salad Fr. 7,-­‐
Mixed salad Fr. 10,-­‐
Mixed vegtable Plate Fr. 16,-­‐ “La Prairie” salad Fr. 16,-­‐ Fr. 24,-­‐
Salad caprese Fr. 14,-­‐
(tomato, mozzarella, olive oil and basil) Dill marinated salmon Fr. 16,-­‐ Fr. 20,-­‐
Herbed salmon Tartare Fr. 18,-­‐ Fr. 26,-­‐
Warm goat cheese salad Fr. 15,-­‐ Fr. 22,-­‐
Warm starters
Soup of the day Fr. 7,-­‐
Consomme with croutons Fr. 7,-­‐
Mushrooms in puff pastry Fr. 17,-­‐
Snails “Bourguignonne” Fr. 13,-­‐ Fr. 26,-­‐
(6 pieces) (12 pieces)
Fish and Seafood
Perch filets with Tartare sauce Cream and basil salmon Indian gambas Fr. 34,-­‐
Fr. 36,-­‐ Fr. 36,-­‐
Beef entrecote Fr. 34,-­‐
Beef filet Fr. 42,-­‐ “Hell fire “ rump steak Fr. 38,-­‐
Grilled veal scallop with port sauce Fr. 38,-­‐ Grilled lamb “La Prairie” (min. 2 pers.) p.p. Fr. 42,-­‐
Duck magret in orange sauce Fr. 38,-­‐ Steak “Tartare” Fr. 42,-­‐
Morilles mushrooms Fr. 8,-­‐ Maitre D Fr. 4,-­‐
Green pepper Fr. 6,-­‐ Wine Merchant Fr. 4,-­‐
Mushroom Fr. 6,-­‐ House Fr. 4,-­‐
Salmon tagliatelles Fr. 18,-­‐ Fr. 24,-­‐
Penne Lucifer Fr. 20,-­‐
SpagheY Carbonara Fr. 24,-­‐
Les mets du chaudron
Dried meat plaZer Fr. 18,-­‐ Fr. 30,-­‐
Valaisanne plaZer Fr. 16,-­‐ Fr. 28,-­‐
Cheese fondue Fr. 24,-­‐
Cheese fondue with bolet mushrooms and cognac Fr. 29,-­‐
Cheese tomato fondue Fr. 26, -­‐ Cheese shallot Fondue Fr. 26,-­‐
Grilled cheese on bread with ham and egg Fr. 19,-­‐
RacleZe with Valaisanne starter Fr. 34,-­‐
RacleZe without starter Fr. 28,-­‐
Country style roes^ Fr. 18,-­‐
Meat fondues
Chinese fondue (min. 2 pers.) Fr. 41,-­‐
Fondue « La Praire » (min. 2 pers.) Fr. 44,-­‐
(beef, veal, poultry, vegetable and bolet mushrooms bouillon)
Kids corner
Burger Steak, French fries, vegetables Fr.16,-­‐
Chicken nuggets Fr 15,-­‐ French fries plaZer Fr. 7,-­‐
SpagheY with Bolognaise sauce Fr. 15,-­‐
Sorbet with alcohol Fr. 12, 50
Sorbet without alcohol Fr. 9,-­‐
Crème brûlée (custard) Fr. 10,-­‐
Chocolate profiteroles Fr. 10,-­‐
Pie of the house Fr. 5, 50
Up-­‐side down caramel custard Fr. 5,-­‐
Selec^on of ice cream flavors according to our menu
Suggestions of the day
Endive strips with citrus marinated gambas and salmon Fr. 18,-­‐
Warm asparagus with ham and mousseline sauce Fr. 20,-­‐ Grandmother’ cuisinne
Veal “escalopines” roasted with lemon Fr. 38,-­‐
Bourguignon beef Fr. 32,-­‐
Rolled sôle fish with Hollandaise sauce Fr. 36,-­‐
Provençale frog legs Fr. 31,-­‐
Grandmother’s grilled cheese on bread Fr. 22,-­‐

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