Exercice 1 Pour les prases suivantes, remplacer l`élément souligné


Exercice 1 Pour les prases suivantes, remplacer l`élément souligné
Exercice 1
Pour les prases suivantes, remplacer l'élément souligné par un pronom personnel.
1. Put the bottle on the table.
Put it on it.
2. Brian did not come yesterday.
He did not come yesterday.
3. Listen to James.
Listen to him.
4. I sometimes speak to his wife.
I sometimes speak to her.
5. He likes books.
He likes them.
6. I am going to phone the doctor.
I am going to phone her/him.
7. She told her mother about the joke.
She told her about it.
8. Are you interested in maths ?
Are you interested in them ?
9. I went shopping with Aunt Jane.
I went shopping with her.
10. Mrs Hay is sitting here with her son.
She is sitting here with him.
Exercice 2
Remplacer les mots soulignés par des adjectifs possessifs.
1. John's bag is empty.
His bag is empty.
2. You can use the neighbours' phone.
You can use their phone.
3. Harry's wife heard everything.
His wife heard everything.
4. We went to the headmaster's office.
We went to his office.
5. Ann's sister lived in Alaska.
Her sister lived in Alaska.
6. John and Mary's trip was very long.
Their trip was very long.
7. And here is her Majesty's ship.
And here is her ship.
8. Lyn's hair is always clean.
Her hair is always clean.
9. I do not like George and Mary's friends.
I do not like their friends.
10. Margaret's car is older than mine.
Her car is older than mine.
Exercice 3
remplacer les mots soulignés par des pronoms possessifs.
1. She has taken Kate's copy-books.
She has taken hers.
2. He drove Dad's car.
He drove his.
3. This is Aunt Joan's purse.
This is hers.
4. Look at that singer's big teeth.
Look at his.
5. And this is our school.
And this is ours.
6. They said their car was more convenient.
They said theirs was more convenient.
7. Why did you say it was your game ?
Why did you say it was yours ?
8. He is Uncle Tom's son.
He is his.
9. These are the drinks of the supporters.
These are theirs.
10. I told her she could use our trays.
I told her she could use ours.
Exercice 4
transformer les phrase suivantes de manière à utiliser un génitif saxon.
1. Give me the English book of Mike.
Give me Mike's English book.
2. This is the house of the headmaster.
This is the headmaster's house.
3. I know the wife of the farmer well.
I know the farmer's wife well.
4. Did you hear the question of Phil ?
Did you hear Phil's question ?
5. Look at the garden of the Cooks !
Look at the Cooks' garden !
6. The library near the house of the Simpsons is very big.
The library near the Simpsons' house is very big.
7. It is the meal of your father.
It is your father's meal.
8. Mr Bryan is taking the friend of his daughter too.
Mr Bryan is taking his daughter's friend too.
9. Was it the idea of your sister ?
Was it your sister's idea ?
10. Don't touch the dog of Mrs Tucker !
Don't touch Mrs Tucker's dog !
Dans les deux exercices qui suivent, remplacer les éléments soulignés par des pronoms
personnels (sujet ou complément)
Exercice 5
1. Theresa likes going dancing with her friends.
2. Does Andrew often go out with Helen ?
3. Do you think Mummy will bring her books ?
4. Richard asked his uncle to help his sister ?
5. Grandma and grandpa phoned Mum and Dad.
6. The other lady was very nice.
7. The address is in London.
8. John went to the party with Jane.
9. Potatoes are good too.
10. Pupils never learn their lessons.
Exercice 6
1. Does Mary love children ?
2. I think you and me are not doing the right thing.
3. Jim says Richard does not know Bob and Jean.
4. We need matches.
5. Come and sit down with Maggy and me.
6. He has a present for his wife.
7. The weather was too cold for my parents.
8. A ball hit Mike on his head.
9. There was a rat near the dustbins.
10. Our car is expensive.
Exercice 7
Transformer les phrases suivantes de manière à utiliser un génitif saxon.
1. She always talks to the daughter of her friend.
She always talks to her friend's daughter.
2. This lady is the mother of Linda.
This lady is Linda's mother.
3. Mum is washing the sweater of Phil and the blouse of Margaret.
Mum is washing Phil's sweater and Margaret's blouse.
4. Mr and Mrs Nelson are the parents of John and Kate.
Mr and Mrs Nelson are John and Kate's parents.
5. Which is the ring of Mummy ?
Which is Mummy's ring ?
6. Where did you put the dictionary of James ?
Where did you put James'(s) dictionary ?
7. We had a drink with the parents of Mike and the grandparents of Eileen.
We had a drink with Mike's parents and Eileen's grandparents.
8. The scarf of Libbie is very dirty.
Libbie's scarf is very dirty.
9. Give me the balls of the players please.
Give me the players'(s) balls please.
10. He is wearing the trousers of his brother.
He is wearing his brother's trousers.
Exercice 8
Remplacer les éléments soulignés par un pronom ou un adjectif possessif.
1. Bob and Anna 's mother is a secretary.
2. Give a bone to William's dog!
3. Does Diana's sister speak Spanish?
4. This is my teacher and Mark's as well.
5. Is Bill's house green?
6. How old is Mary's son?
7. Mary and Jane's cars are blue.
8. Amanda's bike is very expensive!
9. My family's house is too small.
10. Brian's favourite sport is tennis.

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