In Salah CO2 Storage Project: Monitoring Experience


In Salah CO2 Storage Project: Monitoring Experience
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“In Salah CO2 Storage Project:
Monitoring Experience”
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Conférencier : Allan S. MATHIESON, BP Alternative Energy
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“In Salah CO2 Storage Project: Monitoring Experience”
By Allan S. Mathieson
(BP Alternative Energy)
The In Salah Gas CO2 Carbon Capture and Storage project has been operational in central Algeria since August 2004.
The captured CO2 is injected into three wells into a relatively low porosity and permeability Carboniferous saline
aquifer at a depth of around -1950m. The sandstone is the aquifer leg of the Krechba gas field producing as part of the
overall In Salah gas project. The site was selected following an industry standard Capital Management Process and a
monitoring programme designed around the key storage risks identified in the characterisation of the chosen site.
A comprehensive monitoring programme was implemented following the risk assessment and evaluating the cost
benefit of a wide range of technologies. A number of innovative technologies have been deployed but more
importantly co-visualised to assess site performance. Three Quantitative Risk Assessments have been conducted
during operation and these have influenced the forward monitoring programme. The project has also been used to
inform the EU CCS Directive Guidance Documents and if these were applied in Algeria, the project would largely
Ten ‘Lessons Learned’ will be presented including Monitoring Programme Development, role of Quantitative Risk
Assessments, baseline data acquisition, data integration, modelling and co-visualisation, the overarching importance of
geomechanics and regulatory compliance.
Allan S Mathieson Company: BP Alternative Energy
Allan is a Petroleum Geologist by background with over 36 years worldwide experience in
mainly Petroleum Engineering, Production Operations and Field Developments. He has
worked in exploration, field development, reserves evaluations, economics and planning,
asset management, and was also a consultant for many years providing asset evaluation
and risk management services to a wide variety of clients. He has also taught a variety of
petroleum engineering, field development and risk and economics courses during his
time as a consultant.
For the past 7 years he has been deeply involved with managing and co-ordinating all
aspects of the Monitoring and Verification programme at the In Salah Gas (Krechba) CO2
storage project of the in central Algeria. He is currently Programme Manager for the In
Salah Gas Joint industry Programme at Krechba.