Innovations 2015



Innovations 2015
Innovations 2015
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For 38 years, Goulibeur has been producing its family recipe of “Broyé du Poitou”- a
pure butter shortbread - in different sizes & different packagings, in order to fit
customer trends.
In 2015, Goulibeur launches 2 new offers in an innovative tube packaging, unique in
biscuit industry:
Croc Sucré et Croc Salé in tube box:
A new gourmet, smart & modern snacking range of 4 sweet & savory shortbreads in
eco-friendly mini-tubes:
Croc Sucré Tradition, pure butter mini shortbreads
Croc Sucré Lemon, lemon & ginger mini shortbreads
Croc Salé Tomato, savory crunchy tomato basil
Croc Salé Cheese, savory crunchy ewe cheese
This new refined snacking offer is mostly dedicated to hotel mini-bars, airway/railway
catering as well as upmarket snacking/take away shops.
Product features:
- 4 flavours available: pure butter, lemon, tomato, cheese
- Net weight: 35g
- Tube size: Ø 60mm / 60mm high
- Shelf life : 8 months
10 rue Victor Grignard – 86000 Poitiers France – [email protected] -
Goulibeur shortbreads in tube box:
A new range of gourmet shortbreads in 2 eco-friendly tubes:
Cardboard tube 15 pure butter little shortbreads
Cardboard tube 15 lemon & ginger little shortbreads
This new offer is dedicated to gourmet food shops.
Product features:
- 2 flavours available: pure butter & lemon
- Poids net : 150g
- Tube size: Ø 60mm / 120mm high
- Shelf life : 8 mois
Quality product:
Our original recipe includes only 5 ingredients, of French origin: wheat flour, butter,
fresh eggs, sugar & sea salt. The quality of our ingredients is the guarantee of our
taste steadiness / unchanging taste.
Our products are 100% natural; they contain neither preservatives nor coloring, nor
additive nor yeast.
The dough preparation involves a manual savoir-faire passed down from generation to
10 rue Victor Grignard – 86000 Poitiers France – [email protected] -
An innovative packaging:
This sustainable packaging made in France is a unique concept in biscuit industry. It is
Eco-friendly, Easy to use & Efficient at the same time.
Eco-friendly: this box enables to reduce the plastic content of this range of products
by 60%. After using, the box is 100% recyclable.
Easy to open & close thanks to its cap, you can take it everywhere and have a snack
at any time.
Efficient: high UV, oxygen & humidity barrier qualities; it enables to extend our
natural shelf life.
About Goulibeur:
Goulibeur is a small company (less than 20 employees) located in western France. For
38 years, we have been producing a local, traditional product according to our family
recipe: the Broyé du Poitou – a large pure butter shortbread.
All Goulibeur products are 100% natural. They are made of quality ingredients without
preservative or coloring.
They are split into 3 ranges in order to fit each business requirement:
Traditional range: suited to local distribution (in Poitou-Charentes region,
western France)
Gift range: made for gourmet food shops/delicatessen shops
Catering range: savory & sweet snacking and small sizes for hotel & food
services industry
Goulibeur won SIAL Innovation Award 2012 for the French Pie Kit;
Croc Sucré Lemon & Croc Salé Tomato products - in their classic packaging – were
distinguished within SIAL Innovation Selection 2014.
In July 2014, Goulibeur has been awarded ISO 22000 by NSF Certification.
10 rue Victor Grignard – 86000 Poitiers France – [email protected] -