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Language, Interaction & Acquisition
Langage, Interaction & Acquisition
Editor-in-Chief: Maya Hickmann
Editors: Marianne Gullberg and Daniel Véronique
Co-editors: Dominique Bassano, Sandra Benazzo and Marion Blondel
LIA is a bilingual English-French journal that publishes original theoretical and empirical research of high scientific quality at
the forefront of current debates concerning language acquisition. It covers all facets of language acquisition among different types
of learners and in diverse learning situations, with particular attention to oral speech and/or to signed languages. Topics include
the acquisition of one or more foreign languages, of one or more first languages, and of sign languages, as well as learners’ use of
gestures during speech; the relationship between language and cognition during acquisition; bilingualism and situations of linguistic
contact – for example pidginisation and creolisation. The bilingual nature of LIA aims at reaching readership in a wide international
community, while simultaneously continuing to attract intellectual and linguistic resources stemming from multiple scientific
traditions in Europe, thereby remaining faithful to its original French anchoring. LIA is the direct descendant of the Frenchspeaking journal AILE.
issn: 1879-7865 (print) / 1879-7873 (electronic)
Editorial Board
Advisory Board
Anne Baker, Dominique Bassano
Sandra Benazzo, Josie Bernicot
Marion Blondel, Beppie van den Bogaerde
Dominique Boutet, Jean-Marc Coletta
Christine Dimroth, Jean-Yves Dommergues
Ivani Fusellier, Cyrille Granget
Peter Griggs, Michèle Guidetti
Marianne Gullberg, Henriette Hendriks
Maya Hickmann, Nini Hoiting
Dominique Klingler, Monique Lambert
Gary Morgan, Aliyah Morgenstern
Aslı Özyürek, Rebekah Rast
Marie-Anne Sallandre, Elin Thordardottir
Anne Trévise, Marie-Thérèse Vasseur
Eddy Veneziano, Daniel Véronique
Marilyn May Vihman, Marzena Watorek
Sophie Wauquier
Inge Bartning, Ruth A. Berman
Giuliano Bernini, David Birdsong
Geneviève Calbris, Deborah Chen Pichler
Soonja Choi, Eve V. Clark
Jacques Cosnier, Christian Cuxac
Ulrich Dausendschön-Gay, Wolfgang U. Dressler
Michel Fayol, Paul van Geert
Susan Goldin-Meadow, Harriet Jisa
Michèle Kail, Adam Kendon
Wolfgang Klein, David McNeill
Brian MacWhinney, Rachel I. Mayberry
Richard P. Meier, Carmen Muñoz
Elena Nicoladis, Colette Noyau
Simona Pekarek Doehler, Elena Antinoro Pizzuto
Judith Reilly, Suzanne Schlyter
David Singleton, Dan I. Slobin
Christiane von Stutterheim, Laurie Tuller and Virginia Volterra
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