C`est parti ! Bonjour et Bienvenue !


C`est parti ! Bonjour et Bienvenue !
C'est parti ! Bonjour et Bienvenue !
Dire Bonjour ! - Saying Hello !
Bonjour !
Hello !
Bienvenue !
Welcome !
Salut !
Hi ! Or Bye ! (used for both!)
Coucou !
Hi ! (used with children, close friends and family.
Also used as peekaboo in hide and seek games !)
Au revoir !
Bye bye !
A bientôt !
See you soon !
A demain !
See you tomorrow !
Bonne nuit !
Good night !
Ma Journée – My Day
Un1 nounours
a teddy
Une poupée
a doll
Un bisou
a kiss
des bisous – kisses
un bisou pour papa – a kiss for Dad
Un câlin
a hug
un câlin pour maman OR
je fais un câlin à maman – I give Mum a hug
J'ai2 faim !
I'm hungry ! Or literally, I have hunger !
Je mange
I eat
C'est bon !
It's good !
J'ai fini !
I've finished !
Je joue
I play
Hide and seek
je joue à cache-cache – I play hide and seek
Je suis3 fatigué !
I'm tired !
1 Unfortunately, every noun in French is either masculine or feminine! Un (a) and le (the) are the masculine articles,
Une (a) and la (the) are the feminine. Des (some) and les (the) are the plural forms. Although spelling can
sometimes help decide whether a noun is masculine or feminine, you really just have to learn them as you go along.
2 J'ai = I have. Tu as = You have. This is the verb avoir (to have). We'll be seeing this verb a lot !
3 Je suis = I am. Tu es = you are. This is the verb être (to be). We'll be seeing this one lots too !
Bonjour ! Bonne nuit !
Saying goodnight or hello to familiar objects and people with your
child can be a soothing activity to transition into or from sleep. It can
also be a great language activity for little ones !
If your child is already familiar with this « game », try to translate the
words you normally use into French. If not, take a look around your
child's bedroom and see what kind of things you could say
goodnight to en français ! It's a great exercise to get parents
remembering some French vocabulary (and using that dictionary if all else fails!).
Here are a few basic words to get you started :
La maison
the house
La porte
the door
La fenêtre
the window
Le lit
the bed
La chaise
the chair
La chambre
the bedroom
Les livres (le livre)
the books
Les jouets
the toys
Toddler Talk – On y va ! Let's go !
S'il te plaît !
Merci !
Thank you
Bravo !
Well done
C'est super !
That's great
Doucement !
Attention !
Viens ici s'il te plaît.
Come here please
Sit down.
Stand up.
Tu as fini ?
Have you finished ?
Tu as faim ?
Are you hungry ?
Tu veux …
Would you like to …
manger ?
eat ?
jouer ?
play ?
Tu es fatigué ?
Are you tired ?
Dors bien !
Sleep well !