Languages Introduction PDF


Languages Introduction PDF
Modern Foreign Languages
Year 7 introduction - Page 1
Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages Department!
Who we are
Mr Jordison, Mrs Holdgate, Mr Karran, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Morley, Mr Orme, Mr Perks, Mrs McIvor,
Mrs Soderberg, Miss Stavri, Mrs Duncan
Year 7 outline
In your first year at Chellaston Academy, you will study French for 6 lessons a fortnight. Over the
course of the year, you will look at a number of vocabulary topics such as:
1, Family and friends
2, Clothes and fashion
3, School and opinions
4, Sports and free time
5, Where you live
Through these topics you will develop the skills to become good listeners and readers of the
language and learn how to communicate accurately in speaking and writing. In addition to
becoming more confident with the French language, you will also look at some of the cultural
aspects of French life.
In preparation for studying French at Chellaston you could try to familiarize yourself with the
1, The map of France including towns and surrounding countries.
2, Famous landmarks in Paris. Try looking at Paris through It will give you a
fascinating insight into the Parisian way of life.
3, French food and drink.
4, Other countries around the world where French is spoken.
You will be expected to have the following equipment in all lessons;
Pen, pencil, ruler, glue stick, coloured pencils.
If you can work out what this means, you’re already on the right path to developing good
language learning skills!
Bienvenu à la section de langues à Chellaston Academy.
A Chellaston Academy on parle français, espagnol et allemand.
Il y a 11 professeurs. Ils s’appellent Monsieur Jordison, Madame Holdgate, Madame Lloyd,
Madame Duncan, Madame Morley, Madame McIvor, Madame Stavri, Madame Soderberg, Monsieur
Karran, Monsieur Orme et Monsieur Perks. Les professeurs sont fantastiques!
Il y a 8 salles de classe dans la section de langues, F14, F15, F16, F17, F18, F19, F20, F21.
On adore le français. Le français, c’est cool!
You will be given 2 lots of homework a week. This will generally be one learning homework and
one written piece. A deadline will be given for when the homework should be handed in and you
will be expected to note this down in your journal.
We hope you’re looking forward to learning new language skills!

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